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Auryn/Medinah - 2020 - 1st Quarter General Discussion

PDAC 2020 – Come Visit Us

Jan 22, 2020
March 1 – 4 Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada ::: Photo from PDAC 2019 ::: Greetings. Our Board of Directors and management team will be in Toronto this attending PDAC 2020 and conducting business. We cordially invite you to…

I used to go 2 years ago, when access to the Investors Exchange was free. NOW they want $25/day.

Definitely not worth it, for me anyways.


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Was there a Reverse split of MDMN for Auryn?

I just got this issue of the Mining Play…reading about a reverse split…I did not receive any notification of a split from my broker. What are the facts and details…please?

There was not a reverse split for MDMN.

Cerro Dorado, Inc. Announces Reverse Split, Name Change, and Symbol Change

Aug 13, 2018

Cerro Dorado, Inc. (OTC: CDCH) is pleased to announce that pursuant to FINRA Rule 6490, FINRA has processed our request for a reverse split, name change, and symbol change. Full details are available on FINRAs Daily List page (

Effective August 14, 2018, we will trade as AURYN Mining Corporation with the ticker symbol, CDCHD, for a twenty-day period. After that we will trade under our new symbol on the OTC Pinks, AUMC . The new CUSIP is 05208V100.

With the implementation of a 100-to-1 reverse split, AURYN Mining Corporation has 70,000,000 common shares authorized and issued, and 5,000 preferred shares authorized and issued.

Further announcements are pending and will be posted on our new website,

The allocation of MDMN for AUMC shares will incorporate the 100:1 RS, as well as a prorata exchange rate applied. It was reported that MDMN has received it’s restricted AUMC shares, but the restriction has not yet been lifted and allocation to individual sharesholders is awaiting distribution.

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Did anyone see this? Not sure how to read the numbers.

Medinah Minerals Inc, Inst Holders, 4Q 2019 (MDMN)
3:25 AM ET 1/22/20 | Dow Jones

The following table shows the largest shareholders in MEDINAH MINERALS INC COM (MDMN) for the quarter ended December 31, 2019, listed by holding size. The list represents up to 50 of the largest holders in the company.

Note: Unless otherwise mentioned the reporting date is 12/31/2019

Institution Shares Shares % Last

Held Changed Held Report

FineMark National Bank & Trust 74,500 0 0.008 09/30

Fisher Asset Management LLC 15,993 0 0.002 09/30

IFP Advisors Inc. 0 (60,000) 0.000 12/31

13F data provided by: Factset Research Systems Inc.;

Please send questions to

Copyright, Factset Research Systems, 2020. All Rights Reserved.

I hadn’t paid attention or seen it before, but it seems to be of relatively small importance. There are virtually no institutional investors in MDMN. The results are stated as a % of shares. Assuming this is correct, for FirstMark, 0.008 x 2.8 B shares in the OS yields approximately 2.4 M shares at an average of 0.031 per share (assuming the other figure represents dollar value). Just back of the envelope figures. Anyone else have a different takeaway?

All I care about is these clowns give us our Auryn shares unrestricted and news as to what’s happening at the LDM! We are almost in March and still No word as to what is happening.

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Got it and Thanks!

I see it as the column headings:


Finemark….…74,500…... 0…__…0.008…___…9/30

So not 2.4 million, so few shares that they don’t even register as a proportional percent.

My guess is they own just a few shares to get access to shareholder information or just to track it for their analysis- pure speculation on my part as to the reason.

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You are quite right Cabezon, simply formatting column headings properly sorts this puzzle out easily.
Viewing on a smart phone is prone to leave out information. Take out the guesswork and it appears fairly straight forward as you have presented. Nicely done!

The information on institutional shareholders is not shown in the Quarterly or Annual reports on the OTC Market filings. I don’t think we’ll hear anything directly from Medinah until AUMC actually has something significant to report that brings value and interest to the market, and importantly, to shareholders. At the present time there is nothing that would bring a tangible dollar value to the ADL concessions. It is possible Hochschild may find something to report, but expenditures in greenfield projects are not high on their priority list this year. Although showing a list representing up to 50 of the largest institutional holders in a company is appropriate for larger and profitable companies, it really isn’t very useful information to have for a company such as Medinah that is no longer reporting.

Somebody really wants to invest 16 million shares at .0007 into this POS :joy:

“Somebody really wants to invest 16 million shares at .0007 into this POS”

Hi DD,
My other half saw your post and called it to my attention this morning. Her comment was: “Tell me that’s not your bid!”. Immediately my life flashed in front of me and all of those questions through the years asking me if this new dress made her butt look big came to mind. I said a quick prayer for guidance and bleated out “less than half of the 16 million was mine”. She then asked me for my password to my main brokerage account. I gave it to her while dashing for the door. I’m typing this message from under a table at a local McDonald’s. I’ve been very good to the homeless community in my little town over the years and I have a feeling that it’s time for them to return the favor.


Sounds like many of us here LOL

B-Boy, you obviously have a belief that things are moving along - that’s a huge chance you’re taking with your lady. I have to admit, .0007 is lower than my average cost per share (mine is about 1.8 cents), and I’m tempted too. But, Hochschild has FOUR more years under the agreement? Maybe I should wait 'til it hits .00007?

Breccia B you’ve done it again to me. I have to remember not to sit down to a meal or drink
and read ;“from Breccia Boy” … Again, I almost choked on a mouth full of food, laughing at your posting ! I can still see the crumbs on my key board from years of reading your posts through the years , Also glad I have switched to tea instead of coffee nowadays, it looks better on my screen. Nice to hear from you.
As for buying in at .0007??? I think I have one more gold filling I could have them pullI, and cash in at the pawn shop… . MMMM?

true to me.


FYI…Former Medinah Director Paul Jones has passed away at age 91 per his Facebook page.

I found him to be the most charismatic , likable individual of any of those that I met associated with Medinah. His life’s story was amazing as chronicalized in a book he wrote. I still fondly recall spending time with him at a bar in Vegas discussing some of his mining escapades in various parts of the world.

It was the best of times when Paul was still involved. Its been downhill ever since.


Isn’t Auryn obligated to provide info to their shareholders within a certain time frame? The last update had no mention of Hochschild seems a little strange. If they walked they should say so not that it would matter anyways as the SP is already in the toilet.

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Hysterical – thank you, Brecciaboy!

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So I peeked in here to see if anything new has happened in the last week or two?
And popped up ff to the right of where I’m typing this, was this notice. ??.
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This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 12% of the replies here.

*It could be even better if you got other people space to share their points of view, too. Can you invite them over" ??
****OH"!!!, Ok!. So I better invite any of you over to the conversation.
If anybody still have any of the pictures of the good old days please repost some of them. Like the old backhoe trenching on top of the mountain. Or the skid loader tunnel leading into the side of the mountain shaft, bringing out material a bucket at a time. Or some of the wall sampling they did inside those old tunnels.
They were fun to look at back then. Might be a bit cheerful seeing some of those again. So thats it for now. I’d better get off here and let somebody else share this space… LOL

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WItnessing another gold run over 1640 this morning. Cordoba what’s the word??

Anyone going to the PDAC Match 1-4 to see if these guys will be present?