The Mining Play

Auryn/Medinah - 2020 - 1st Quarter General Discussion

I’m at least 15 years I don’t remember or care to


Yes, George it’s been that long for many here. Your twins must be full grown by now.

Somebody took a nice chunck of shares at the end of the day on MDMN. Let’s see if it continues tomorrow.


Narrator voice: It won’t.

Yes D-Deal. … It is always nice to see that happen. Ive done it myself at times.

We have this crazy past time here in the winter. That of finding a frozen lake, and drilling holes in it, in which to fish through. Crazy right? On these trips out onto the ice, while huddled in a little canvas house, killing time… I get asked by my frozen friends “how’s that investment in that gold laden mountain in that warm country coming along”?
Well it’s a lot like this fishing I say. You know there’s fish there, and the possibility’s you’ll get a strike from them are there also. You also know you might suffer through some long cold, frozen, time to get there. But…!.. when you start to get a nibble on your line, and that bobber starts to move up and down some. You come alive again … you forget about the numbness of waiting in the cold, your blood starts to warm your reflexes, your interest come back on line,
you start to envision the possibility’s. …
… to my friend I say: …
…there’s been some nibbles.the last few days…?


I love it. Know exactly the feeling.