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Only 15 trades today. After an initial 15 minutes of someone selling into the new higher price and taking the Bid down to $.0125, the rest of the day was flat until the last 16 minutes when two trades involved a raise of the bid. Good day


CHG-Thanks for that interesting daily trades summary.


I agree Brad, and would like to add the new CDCH (AURYN/Medinah) management team has earned an A-plus-plus. In the words of Maurizio A Cordova, CEO, "…we now finally turn the page on the old and look forward to a very bright future for those who have invested in the Altos de Lipangue mining district."
Just noting the writeup of one of our new Directors on the website for anyone that might not have seen it:

Walter Casquino
Mr. Casquino is a mining engineer from Lima, Peru with extensive experience as a manager of private operations and projects, and also in civil service where he chaired the Geological Survey of Peru. He is a results-oriented individual and a specialist in developing natural resources projects, with proven ability to lead high performance multicultural and multidisciplinary teams to meet and exceed strategic project goals and operational efficiency. He strongly believes in a combination of personal attributes and team work as key indicators of business performance. During his + 30 years’ experience, Mr. Casquino has committed himself to fulfill business vision and mission through the integration of private gain with public responsibility, academia and manual work, economic and social goals, local and regional opportunities, organizational structure and state of the art technology, training and creativity. Mr Casquino has followed his college education at the Engineering University of Peru and his postgraduate studies at the University of Science and Technology of Rolla, Missouri.


Anyone else showing 27.5M shares on the bid at .0115?



Interesting, must be a glitch of that 273000 bid. TDA is showing a multiple of 10 on that bid (at least on CDCH screen)


That data is from my TDA account. Maybe you need to refresh?


I’m not fancy enough to screenshot it, and it’s not L2, just from the CDCH page at TDA.

B/A Size


I’m using TDA Think Or Swim I see 273000 @ .0117


Odd. Maybe my computer is screwing with me. I copied that directly from the page.


Should have been 273000.00x80000.00?


Sounds much more reasonable.

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