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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q2 General Discussion ⛰

I appreciate the objective view you’ve provided here over the years. Even if it stung a bit.


No, not at all.

gold is getting ready to make a major run again. Heads up. you will see 8000 this time



Didn’t you also make a prediction about Medinah ? :joy: :wink:

Hope you’re right.


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Hey George, can you share your source for this (I’d be interested in taking a look)? Or, if it’s just your own speculation that’s OK with me too. I’m not offended, but there are people lurking who just might get real mad at you for not being grounded enough for their taste.

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even a broken clock is right twice a day

my friend was the youngest chairman of the NYMEX. He predicted gold from 800 to 3000 last time came damn close if gov didnt mess things up

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I’ve heard that Goldman was keeping a lid on it after that last prediction and hopefully not on the next run?

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Twenty years - this month!

What, Medinah or them predicting gold is going to go ballistic :wink:

We can only hope and pray that this has been their strategy. Somehow, I don’t think it is…

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Medinah! I never dreamed this stock would occupy such a significant time period of my life!


18 years for me…hoping I live long enough to see PM’s go ballistic. Even rotten logs float on a rising tide :wink:


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.:rofl:


A certifiable nut after all these years.
At this point, I’m lucky to find mine.

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I believe that Masglas has added more properties on their website or am I going mad with all this waiting?

Did Masglas add more? If so it might be the properties on bottom but I don’t know for sure

Does anyone know the drop dead date for Cerro to put out Q1 financials? June 15th?

There’s no “drop dead” date. They were required by May 15. Thus the Yield sign (“limited information”) was applied after that date. It will remain until they bring filings current.

I have inquired and been told Cerro still intends to file Q1 information.


Thanks for the DD Corn. Much appreciated. U…
“I have inquired and been told Cerro still intends to file Q1 information.”