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MDMN - 2016-03-28 Weekly Discussion


Cash dividend


Give the man a chance - how do you know he’s not busy with something right now? How do you know he’s not MORE angry and emotional than you? You don’t. Brecciaboy will never lose credibility with me, as he is by far the most informed person on this board - with a nice strain of genteel to go with it. Now, is management taking his advice? I don’t know, but they should. The other side of that is we don’t know exactly what kind of leverage management has at this point. 20 years and a bunch of failed deals - that tends to reduce your credibility. Go back and read brecciaboy’s posts - you will see that he mentions management’s issues - he just doesn’t repeat it in every post, as he undoubtedly believes people of sufficient enlightenment already get it.


Not to pile on here but the good Doctor, on many occasions, lashed out at posters, like myself who, for many years, accused the BOD of the gross mismanagement and obvious self dealings. Accusations of defamation, “anger itches”, lack of proper due diligence, ignorance, ulterior motives, etc., etc. etc…As it turns out some of us who slammed the BOD were probably way to “genteel” in retrospect and, as predicted, they have contributed to dramatically lower prices. Soooo, if someone decided to ignore this blatant stain while only focusing on the mountain and hyperbolic upside scenarios they deserve a little flack. Especially when you consider how many people, over the decades, bought on this unbridled optimism and have subsequently suffered great financial loss.

For the remaining suffering souls still invested in this stock there is still room for significant upside from these levels. However, if you are still under the illusion that 20 cents is unacceptable, you are simply not paying attention to some of the posters who have managed to keep a foot in reality while we wait to purge our existing, self-dealing, directors. The root of most of our problems past and present. The wait is almost over. Enjoy the weekend!


CHG - If we get a deal can you put up a new time clock when we should all be able to move on from the bickering. I’d think it shouldn’t be too long a time frame.


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Why AMC lend the cash? Why don’t you or Doc or anyone else? Good grief.


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Maybe from Medinah yes but I’m sure Auryn will come out with the details then Karra will do his copy paste


You never stop showing us your stupid.


Once Auryn gains control of the ADL what happens to MMC? Do they have any other assets?


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We need to FINALLY get some momentum going our way. I would hope we are back to trading above .02, by the end of next week. Enough already. No updates in two months. No more excuses. Let’s get this train wreck back on track. ALL ABOARD!!!


Haha chooo choooooo!!!


Ahhhhh Migueliiiii when are we going out for some drinks? You got my number


you guys see update


What are you referring to? Which update?


lett resigning from board



Yikes…What does that mean??? Good or bad. I guess no way of knowing, and I am sure there will be lots of speculation over the weekend. Either way, it makes me nervous. Not the update I was hoping for…


And you know for certain what Is not going to happen! Wow, glad I don’t have that crystal ball, it must be very dark in there…
Why should he adopt your view point just because you say so? Until proven otherwise, it could go either way.
You nor anyone else here knows what is in the new deal. Let’s see what it is before we set it aflame and send it down the river. Being a realist does not mean believing in the worst case scenario before it happens, it means not pre-judging.