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MDMN - 2016-03-28 Weekly Discussion

Mike the man still owns the majority shares so I’m sure he will do anything to look out for himself. Now if he would of sold those shares to Auryn then I would have to agree with you


? No he doesn’t. His company ownership is down to 8.2%. All of his shares are no longer in his possession in any case.

As long as Les has any influence on this company expect to be screwed. The other AMNP transports are only as good as the company they keep and have yet to accomplish anything at any company they have overseen.

As soon as the ADL is restructured/completed the cap on the shares will be lifted. I have no doubt you will continue your daily ritual of calling Les for the weather forecast and he will tell you “all is well” while exploring how he can grab more shares. “Fool me once…” You know how the saying goes. Shareholders should remain vigilant until the trash is taken out. You can and will do as you please.


I’m sure Les would be flattered to know that you still think he is the man in charge at Medinah or he is still hitching plots to screw us all over. As I mentioned before, he only has one more role to perform for Medinah-that is to thumb print the final sales agreement for the Alto at the end of April.

FYI-I haven’t spoke with Les this year. I only rarely get an email answer from him about things that aren’t even particularly relevant and nothing at all recently.

Mike, come on. We both know that for years most all of the information (accurate and inaccurate) that you and I posted came from LP through others. LP still has signing authority for MMC. Until the deal is signed in Chile, it is not done.


After the new deal is done with Auryn and they start production on any part of the mountain that MDMN has a percentage of ownership in. Wouldn’t those monies paid to MDMN still be at the discretion of MDMN BOD? Couldn’t they still pay themselves, buy new properties, etc, rather than pay out a dividend to us shareholders? As a shareholder in the company MD MN and not AURYN how do I ensure the BOD of MD MN pays a dividend and increases our Stock price?

One step at a time. Let’s get a deal finished. Our concerns were far greater with the property in MDMN’s hands than they are with it in AMC’s hands. The way things have gone, how would you ever ensure that shareholders benefitted from anything done with the property?

I think it’s all being done right this time. First let’s get the property into the hands of a competent minor and tie ourselves to its successful development. I don’t think GC, VK, or GG will do anything inappropriate or unethical.

There will be no more AMNP’s, Medinah Gold’s, dilutive dividends with preferred shares at the same time, or other side deals or antics that have been in MDMN’s history. Those days are done. It’s time for this to be done right. It cost us significantly and AMC has been our major ally in getting it cleaned up.

I hate to use the words, “trust me”, but AMC is our friend, not our foe. They won’t operate anything like you’ve seen MDMN operate. There will be real transparency built upon an ethical foundation and a desire to see all succeed. Masglas and affiliates have 210 million common shares of MDMN. Anecdotally friends of Masglas hold a significant chunk as well. Masglas / AMC are on the side of the common shareholder and want a REAL company to be developed and REAL profits to be delivered to shareholders.

That is going to take time. Mining is not an overnight business. But the exploration results are living up to the mountain’s billing. We will be rewarded.


And what will happen to all those AMNP shares that we have sitting around at Apex Law Group Seattle Wa.?? Good luck unraveling this one.
From the “informational meeting” 8/29/2012
Medinah Minerals----------------10,000,000
Juan Jose Quijano Fenandez----8,342,400
Larry Regis------------------------4,100,000
Steve Kleen----------------------- 3,000,000
Then per the 10/02/2014 Corporate News Release, fold JJ and Claro into the mix AGAIN for interest and shares AMNP. Sound familiar?

Well. They aren’t worth anything.

As one of the more astute posters just relayed to me, JJ gave one of his family members 2m shares and they promptly sold them into the market and in the process destroyed the stock. Sound familiar?

Oh I guess I’m still stuck on the past. Must be that “anger itch”. It’s unfortunate that the past keeps biting us on the arss b/c JJ, who I consider a commom criminal,still has influence over what we own. And MikeGold, remind me who sits on the BOD of AMNP while these shares were allocated and sold amongst he Quijano clan? Yup, the same puppets who are sitting on MDMN’s BOD. We should all assume they will make the right decisions. Sound logic.


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I’m telling you, you’re crazy if you think this is going to do worse than what we’ve been through to get where we are today. You should be far more uneasy of the status quo.

If AMC wanted to do what you’re talking about, the way to do so is simple. Don’t exercise the option, let MDMN hang in the wind for the next 24-36 months. Let it and die and pick it up the claims for nothing with no percentage in AMC.

Remember what I wrote: “We are in far better shape than some people realize and we were in far worse shape than some people were told. That has always been a problem for MDMN.”

We were (and are until this is closed) far worse shape than you realize. You don’t have to believe me, but most of what we think we deserve or what we think was happening or is supposed to happen has not been based on reality.

I can’t express this enough. What I don’t get is your or anyone else’s concern with this. We are in the crapper. You really think staying with things the way they are and the way they’ve been conducted for the last 18 years is the way to go? You really have confidence and think we’ll win this way? That’s nuts!!!

It’s like Stockholm Syndrome has set in with some of you.

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Pot, meet kettle.


There are still others out there who are very interested in this property. Have to keep in mind the big picture, which is that there aren’t a whole lot of WCD’s out there anymore and it’s appearing as time goes on that we’re sitting on one. Probably the only intelligent thing JJ has ever done in his life.


Is it Monday or Mondayish ?



Wow Mike…“BALLSY PREDICTION”…I like it …

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TradeRich…What is your take on Letts resigning??? Thanks!!!

Agree that it’s big news but, just to set expectations, I wouldn’t assume it to be a market moving event. Giving up $100M for more of AMC isn’t going to be a catalyst for the stock. Fortunately, we’re already trading so low that the news won’t be a negative catalyst. It would have been negative if the market incorrectly discounted the 7 cent floor.

For those looking to learn from this investment, remind yourself of some of the posters on this board who defiantly claimed that prices were low b/c the “the market didn’t get it” and/or people didn’t do enough due diligence. The market is quick to make fools out of people with hubris. Yes, there are always inefficiencies which allow sophisticated investors (and machines) to create alpha BUT the market is still an unbelievably efficient discounting machine. FWIW

I’m guessing our “discounting machine” (higher prices) will come into play several weeks BEFORE we hear specifics on the near-term production opportunities.