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Medinah/Auryn - 2018 Q3 General Discussion


Perhaps I’m overthinking this a bit trying to connect what we know to what we can only speculate. Originally on the MASGLAS site it was stated that AURYN was a wholly owned subsidiarity. In 2015 the Altos de Lipangue was promoted as the most advanced project for MASGLAS among a pipeline of other mining claims/projects. There was detailed exploration and announcements on progress and results. The other MASGLAS projects at the time included:


Now, the list of wholly owned subsidiaries and options include:

Projects 100% owned by MASGLAS:
• Platón
• Mali
• Poseidón
• Q’Inti *Note 1
• Aguilucho
• Cóndor
• Triskelion
• Fortuna
• Llano
• Teseo
• Aquiles
• Maite
• Colla Kananchiari *Note 3
• Princesa Caballo
Mining options for acquiring 100% ownership:
• Los Azules *Note 2
• San Nicolas (Ag-Au-Cu mine in Cajamarca, Peru)
• Colpayoc project (Cajamarca – Peru)

The link in my previous post described the “Distinction Between Subsidiary and Wholly Owned Subsidiary” that clarifies a few points:

Therefore looking at both the advantages and disadvantages of a subsidiary company and a wholly owned subsidiary the researcher feels that he can safely conclude that a subsidiary company is more profitable than wholly owned subsidiary.

AURYN is a subsidiary somewhere in the complicated corporate structure of MASGLAS, a foreign privately owned corporation. How does MASGLAS plan to monetize all of it’s projects, but more importantly, where do shareholders of MDMN (Cerro and AUMC) fit into the overall plan?

The archived/recovered Q 3 2016 thread contained some very significant posts referring to announcements by AURYN. MASGLAS had acquired a pipeline of other mining claims/projects very cheaply, and one has to take into account the expenses involved in maintaining, and eventually developing them into an asset that nets a positive cash flow instead of a cash drain. AURYN was releasing a great amount of information prior to the filing of the Okanadian lawsuit. This lawsuit precipitated a noticeable change in direction for the progress reports by AURYN that became very apparent. The Okanadian lawsuit was filed in January 2016. One has only to look at the SHAREHOLDER UPDATE of December 28, 2015 to see what I’m talking about and review updates after.

The Informational meeting held by AURYN in October 2016 was meant to inform shareholders at a time of great uncertainty. It appears AURYN and management have significantly removed much of that uncertainty to a large degree. It would be a very pleasant surprise if the detailed information shown by AURYN before the “great unraveling” and silence can once again begin to flow … sooner, rather than later. One has to wonder the path forward to build on previous results by AURYN and MASGLAS.


Hi EZ,

I think you just hit it out of the ballpark in regards to your comment about especially the Okanadian lawsuit but also in regards to the other lawsuits. I’m in the middle of an embarrassingly long paper on Medinah and the ADL Mining District. Here is a snip-it that touches on your thesis.

“The overall Medinah/ADL Mining District story is complex beyond description. The reality is that circumstances have masked the bona fides of the deposit. During the past legal phases, especially regarding the Okanadian lawsuit, management was HIGHLY incentivized to downplay the merits of the deposit. IMO, the proper strategy to implement was to sit on good news and provide the impression that Medinah was on its deathbed. From a promotional point of view in regards to AUMC, what is going to be interesting is to study the transition from tapping on the promotional brakes to stepping on the accelerator once the share price of AUMC becomes the “corporate currency” that might be used to fund some of the development efforts. From a geoscientific point of view, the promotional bullets are there but until recently their use was contraindicated.”


dude you wasted way to much time on this investment!


That is where I sit as well!


Hi Geoly,

I have to admit, the ADL Mining District had me hooked from the get go. I’ve studied a ton of porphyry deposits but I just have not seen a “package” like this before with so many disparate deposit types with promise especially one within spitting distance of the Santiago airport. That’s insane. In my experience there’s always been an Achilles heel with the porphyry being too deep, partially eroded or located within a geopolitically risky area. As far as having a well-preserved intact epithermal system telescoping out of the porphyry-no way.

Although the past corporate governance miscues have clearly put us through the ringer the deposit itself always seems to keep giving. To me the Hochschild deal was very revealing especially the negotiated option price of $23 million for an incremental 9% stake. That aspect of the deal was negotiated by two parties with an immense amount of knowledge about the LDM skarnified area over and above what we’ll ever know. Since Hochschild is an underground epithermal vein specialist, I’ve got to assume that they ran into some epi’s over there that we haven’t heard about yet.

What I’m currently wrestling with is trying to estimate the value of the Pegaso Nero versus that of the LDM. I’m assuming it is going to be many, many times the LDM’s value. Hang in there. Whenever I see your name I recall all of the work you did in feeding the survivors of that hurricane in your area-Sandy? You’ve earned a nice payout.


Regarding the PN, one has to wonder if FCX is still in the mix for future announcements.

Representatives from Freeport-McMoRan visit the ADL

At our informational meeting we indicated that we entered a Confidentiality Agreement with Freeport-McMoRan. In the middle of January representatives from Freeport-McMoRan spent several days on the property to begin their evaluation of the project. This involved touring all known targets for the entire project and taking samples. Freeport-McMoRan will evaluate their findings over the coming weeks.

Although we are encouraged by Freeport-McMoran’s interest in evaluating the project, shareholders should not assume this will lead to a joint-venture agreement. There is still much work to be done, and other companies have also expressed interest in visiting the project as AURYN continues its exploration efforts.


Not saying I’d necessarily be buying now, but I can’t help but think how lucky some investors are who stumbled upon this now. They aren’t in the hole by any significant or irrecoverable percent. They’re getting in at the ground floor that many of us thought we were getting in years and decades ago. They havent suffered any opportunity cost regrets. They aren’t completely jaded by the past mistakes and abuses of MDMN, JJ and Price. And they probably have a healthy marriage.


I admit that I’ve been one of those buying since the price has been sub-penny. I just don’t see how I can lose in this particular situation of the stock price being so thoroughly depressed (I know there are some who disagree on this point), I have in fact lost my rear-end before - dealing with International KRL and Plexmar Resources, so don’t trust my judgment …

And thanks brecciaboy for coming out of your hole!


Hey OZ,
You still here checking in by any chance? Did Merill actually force you to sell all your shares? If so, and you still like what you see is going on with the ADL, you may be in a much better position to buy back mid-September. Many shareholders with trading accounts (not IRAs) did not take advantage of the tax loss write-off. There may still be a silver lining to the actions Merrill put you through! As you said, it’s only fitting.


Hi Easy,

I’m really just beside myself. Yeah, they pretty much gave me a month or two to get out or lose it. I’m generally pleased with them but this was a low blow and I let thr guy have it. I understand that they want to change their policy of offering low level pinks, low threshold, whatever they called it but again they should have said any FUTURE trades, not existing holdings.

Anyway, then this news comes out. So I don’t know what I’m going to do if anything but watch you guys finally make out which would please me a lot!

I really don’t feel like opening another account somewhere so I’m just going to take the loss and put it against some gains I had in other stocks. It wasn’t like it’s an amount like what you guys would have but being forced to take any kind of loss is crap as far as I’m concerned. I still may call their management and complain. At least I’ll feel better.

Thanks for reaching out and for your previous post, and Mike’s! Good luck you guys. I’ll be watching.



Thank you for the compliment I think if you were in my spot you wouldn’t have hesitated to do the same. There is a few thousand left in my account cause of the criminals in our past but I am like you I am waiting for the fat lady to sing. I always believed despite them we will get our share. It might not be as much as the past but we still hold a piece of the pie. HOPE the time you spent on this investment earns you 1/10 of the time you committed here for all and you’ll come out great.


Hothschild just signed another LOI for another mining property in Chile:

The details released for this LOI are a lot more interesting than for the LDM so worth the read as some of the details might be similar for the LDM but not released. FYI…this project appears not to be as nearly well established as the LDM. For instance, at this point only weakly anomalous gold values have been found there.


Will be nice seeing cdchd trading over a dollar soon


I’m a little shocked at where MDMN is trading now, I would have thought if it were that low there would be more share’s changing hand’s


I think somebody pointed out that at this point we have only entered into a LOI, and that the Agreement would be executed within a couple weeks (meaning any time now) - and that once the Agreement is actually executed more people will know about this.

Notice of a JV with another major on the eastern half of our property might be of help too, especially since it is thought to be with a company like Freeport.


I just glad to see it trading over a couple million shares per day. For a while it dit did not even trade .5 million per day. Since the announcements it actually has been picking up on volume.


Just an interesting point, the other Mod’s and I have noticed a sharp increase in growth on this site. We’ve been researching new user’s from Canada to Texas and California to Washington DC. So the word is reaching new ears somehow…


I think currently the site isn’t visible unless one is a member. Might it make sense to let the site be view able without being a member? There doesn’t appear to be an obvious reason not to as there is nothing but publicly available information discussed here with Les’s rumor mill having been shutdown. Plenty of people don’t like the bother of any type of registration process.


there is so much bitching complaining and shoulder chips here from the longevity of investment time endured. I would not open the kimono unless we cleaned up the soap opera


my td ameritrade account wont allow my morgan stanely account to transfer in my MDMN and CDCH has anyone been able to get them to do it? Im trying but they refuse to allow them to be transfered and this is not fair. excuse it the risk is to high. LOL yes I know this but the risk is over I bought them.