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Medinah/Auryn - 2018 Q4 General Discussion

Had an order in at .0018 and they gave me 5000 shares and then moved me behind another order and back and forth. Games. Our time will come and the mountain will prove itself out with the LOI being signed and work going forward IMHO. Everyone have a very Merry Christmas.


Wishing everyone a Very Merry Xmas/Holidays with Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Joy throughout the New Year!


Off Topic… If anyone wonders why I/we moderators spend the time and energy on a daily basis protecting and monitoring this site, for me it is because of the wonderful people I have met and come to respect and enjoy over the year’s. From mineral deposits to weather reports, charting to new endeavors the analysis never ends and I even enjoy the occasional bickering and venting that occurs (Thank you all for letting me do that :yum:). There are literally to many great mind’s to even try to mention by name, we really have some real talent on this site in every direction, and we want to thank everyone of you for your contributions, even if it’s just reading and enjoying the site.

Please remember the reason for the season, keep those who protect us and keep us safe and sound in your hearts and prayers.

I am sure all the Mods share my feelings, so from all of us to you… Stay safe and healthy, and Have a Very Merry Christmas


Thanks, GC, too. Back at ya!


Thanks to all of the mods and I hope every one has a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year!!! Be safe all.


Merry Christmas to all and hope this starts some great changes for everyone coming into 2019.
Thank you to everyone that has kept this board alive, it has help many shareholder hold a little faith and that they are not alone in this ever lasting journey, I believe everyone here have shared there best intentions and I thank you for that.


Not a good close for the markets today as the Dow down 600, but has the price of gold moving up. See what happens here going into the new year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

  1. Definitely 2019. Please make it 2019!

I am confident that a year from now we will all be looking back with 2020 hindsight at the astonishingly phenomenal year that 2019 is sure to be.

Cheers and warmth…

— madmen


Let’s hope this is our year…


Post over on Ihub

not only is there no activity, the last corporate update in nevada was 10/31/17 and the registered agent resigned on 11/13/18 this means they are no longer have a licence to do business and could soon be stricken from the nevada records and dissolved as a corporation no legal means to get the shares from auryn if goodin and maurizio ever decide to distribute them

If this really happens how do the shares get transfered?

Well…At least I will NOT have to hear about year end tax selling excuses for another 11 months…

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