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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 1st Quarter General Discussion

I don’t think we’ll hear anything else until the share transfer takes place.
I’m in HR camp and not investing another penny in this until we know more.
I would think we’ll hear more about Phase 3 when shares are in accounts.
Based on last update on others optimism for 1st quarter, I’m expecting this to happen by end of March.
I really don’t want to be disappointed for the millionth time!!


Nice to see the bid moving up and the ask as well. Also it has been a long time since I have seen a big spread between the bid of .0026 and .0038 ask. Hopefully it is a good sign!

Could it just be :thinking:

And just like that some mamaluke sells Into the bid

just peeked at iHub for the first time in a long while. egads! Glad to see chiledog still bashing away…

The irony is that ever since we hit .16 at what feels like a million years ago, the bashers have always been right, and the rest of us dead wrong. And here we are today at .0023…

Had we listened to the bashers a long time ago we would of all saved a lot of money. They were right! Still Auryn has yet to prove them wrong.


I remember…thinking do I sell! Well I’m still here but now with a constant reminder of what a fool I was. With even more shares.
I always believed in the mountain but never realized how crooked the game was.


Even the well run junior miners with enviable assets are struggling in this environment. We are six years into a bear market in precious metals. There are almost zero institutional investors still in the space. Liquidity is terrible, price discovery is broken (all things that I love as a contrarian).

AUMC/MDMN on the other hand weren’t just run poorly they were run “criminally”. Investors suffered from massive dilution (through Les) on top of a previous decade of dilution (through Chain, Les, JJ) and then, with no working capital, the company had to enter into another deal which further reduced shareholders’ percentage of the core assets (finally with a legitimate entity but the terms reflect the same).

The net result, even at these prices: AUMC/MDMN are overvalued vs. comparable mines with more attractive risk profiles. Hard to justify a lot of posts or excitement given the above realities.

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It’s not that bashers are right it’s that they get paid to drive down the prices of stock regardless of whether they’re going to be successful in the long run or not. They have an agenda and they make money doing it whether it’s mdmn or another stock they try to drive the price down end of story

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A strong case for Gold:

The analysts noted that for the gold market, two important measures are at levels not seen since the World War II – global debt is at record highs and central banks are buying gold at unprecedented levels.

According to data from the World Gold Council, central banks bought 651.5 tonnes of gold last year, the largest increase in global reserves since 1971.


Nice to see MDMN back over .003!!!


The world economy is going to collapse with 1-2 years. EM’s already in the crapper the only country that was on footing was US but with 22 trillion in debt and Poor December US retail sales looks like they are going to join them soon enough, then gold will really take off. Our time is coming our patience will pay off on the long run.

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And back at .0022 we go. Need some news already! None of this “near future” crap!


There has been some buying as of late maybe something is coming, if so it will not take much to move the needle by the looks of it.


Yes there have been some fairly large orders on the bid like today with 4,804,612 shares @ .0022, which is encouraging. Just wish we could put bids below .003 in the rear view mirror.


Will we be disappointed if the the first quarter passes and the conversion has not happened yet? I guess there are no longer any expectations whatsoever anymore…

Have any of the Principles or Officers of Auyrn ever filed a Form 4 or a SC 13G declaring their share holdings in the company?

Those filings apply to fully reporting companies. There is no obligation for directors to disclose their holdings in non-reporting companies.

Nice to see Gold at 1343

Our only hope, and maybe what they are waiting for. Lol