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Medinah Minerals (MDMN)- 2017 Q4 General Discussion

As far as I can tell ( and please feel free to correct my math ).

CDCH outstanding shares now = 6,984,714,286

(I’m assuming the Depository Trust Company Common is we shareholders)

CDCH previously - 296,333,350 shares
The Depository Trust Company Common 60% = 177,800,010
Gregory A Chapin Common 6% = 17,780,001
Medinah Minerals, Inc.† Common 6.5% = 19,261,668

The Depository Trust Company Common = 177,800,010 / / 6,984,714,286 = 2.55%
Gregory A Chapin Common 6% = 17,780,001 / / 6,984,714,286 = .025%
Medinah Minerals, Inc.† Common 6.5% = 19,261,668 / / 6,984,714,286 = 23.83%

SO Every Medinah share you own is worth (= to ) 0.00000000827 % of CDCH
SO Every Cerro share you own is worth (= to ) 0.00000001432 % of CDCH

By comparison MDMN shares are worth 57.8% of a CDCH share
By comparison CDCH shares are worth 1.73% of a MDMN share

In summary ARUYN owns 73.365 % of CDCH !

PS : I know John will check my math. (LOL)

If CDCH is currently .008 then MDMN is a steal at anything under .00446. (.558 conversion)… right?

I have some CDCH, but much more MDMN, I just hope MDMN share holders, don’t get screwed, we already have gotten screwed enough by the other gang.

Take it easy :smiley:. A significant announcement. One that many see as a negative as there will not be a intro offer, a spike, a clear trading strategy. As the Wiz has said, a fairly even shot across the bow for all it seems.
All tradings from here forward are going to be leveled by the market, but at least the market will be trading by a fully reporting company, not a private one. Once the dust settles a bit, we will see how to handle our investment for the next year or so until restrictions are lifted, and disclosure’s announced.
We seem at this time to be at the never ending saga of who has the cash to get to the positive production point, and what dilution will that cost us.

I see trading as usual, until the news flow’s…

Merry Christmas All​:santa::santa::santa::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

This all looks good to me, thanks Kevin. I always said that once the Auryn deal was made we should reset the clock on the investment. Seems to me they (and you) have done well in moving us past the JJ & LP debacle and towards becoming a viable investment. I don’t know if I’ll ever see a profit or even get all my money back, but the lessons were well learned and at least I can say that, after all of my past mistakes with pink sheet stocks, I actually managed to invest in a couple that eventually became a viable business, or at least made the effort. I hope you’re doing well.


Always the voice of reason! Thank you for posting it so well. :slight_smile:


Looks like the pain and suffering phase is about over. 20 years of this nonsense is just about all anyone can take including myself!

I love Cerro! Cerro is amazing. Go Cerro! Everybody should buy Cerro! :slight_smile:

I suppose it is too much to hope that Auryn tries to buy up some of the float of Cerro short term prior to any consolidation? (As of today, it appears Auryn would be better off buying shares of Medinah than Cerro although probably only a couple of trading days away from parity between the 2 companies.)

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Anything happening on the mountain? Or they needed to release this news first?

Also maybe now that this is all complete who knows they get the green light to come and start buying shares again. I guess we’ll find out next week argghhh those words lol

“This is going to be a name change, ticker change, lowering of share count, along with positive cash flow and no further share issuance necessary and at some point a move to a higher exchange.”

Wouldn’t the move to a higher exchange require a higher share price thus requiring a r/s? TIA


I am about half CDCH and half MDMN. And I am pleased with this finally coming together. My perspective is that any loss in value can be attributed to historical shenanigans. We can finally move forward and realize whatever value is in the mountain. And that’s what most of us have stayed here for. Cheers!


At close of business today:

If you owned 1million shares of both MDMN and CDCH your end of day value was:

MDMN 1million X .0029 = $2,900
CDCH 1million X .008 = $8,000

total $10,900

On Monday, if CDCH price is .008 then your value will be:

MDMN ( CDCH ) 558,000 X .008 = $4,464
CDCH 1million X .008 = $8,000

total $12,464

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Gentlemen and Ladies,

I finally believe that we are at a point where I am comfortable to say that I will be adding.
When all the dust settles, we will have a clearer idea where we are heading.
This is really not a surprise. We all subconsciously knew that cerro or medinah could not co-exist in the future. Some expected medinah to survive, with all its baggage, while cerro would disappear.
This is just the next step.
And I am feeling good.


Thank You Maurizio Cordova, Kevin Tupper, Bill Hoffman, Gary Goodin et al. It looks like we are finally turning the corner. Now we may be seeing more frequent and positive news releases on our stock. I personally feel we were a gnat’s butt away from losing everything but with the unmeasurable efforts of the aforementioned gentlemen we may now be optimistic on a fair return of our long awaited investment.


Okay, so after reading the posts of our most knowledgeable posters here, I think this is a very fair deal.

If CDCH is .008 then MDMN is the better buy if you buy under .0046…so MDMN is what you would want to buy if you want to take advantage of accumulating the most amount of profit in the end at this time…everyday will change so you will have to figure out the conversion rate

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It says Auryn wants to launch a MASSIVE exploration program on the Alto coming up on there goals…How do we decide the word massive in this sentence…Do they mean massive for us or massive for a big mining company…I guess we will have to wait to see how massive they are talking about but I like the wording


Now if you take that they extinguished $1,648,140 of debt for .029% of Auryn stock that should make Auryn worth $56,637,113 divided by 7 B CDCH shares comes out that CDCH should be worth .00809 per share and MDMN stock should be worth .0045 per share at an exchange ratio of .558. If my calculation is correct then MDMN is currently a buy at .003 where I bought today.


So do you think Auryn and friends have the green light to enter and buy MDMN Monday after today’s news has been made public??

Hope so, DoneDeal, I will probably buy.

One interesting aspect of today’s news is that all the claims ended up with Cerro but supposedly Auryn retains whatever cash they have / had as a company. So … how does Cerro do anything like pay miners to mine and for equipment or fuel etc. to mine or for paying for claim fees etc etc. Obviously there are some details to be revealed yet in terms of how the short term Merlin / Caren mining is to be supported.

But obviously whatever is happening Auryn isn’t stranding the claims and their goal of mining the Caren and Fortuna, reiterated yet again today, in a cashless helpless Cerro. I would say this carries a strong implication that there is cash flow at hand or already flowing.