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Medinah Minerals (MDMN)- 2017 Q4 General Discussion


I agree. It seems unmistakably clear to me that only the 95% of CDCH shares owned by Auryn shareholders as a result of this transaction have a 1 year restriction on their shares. It makes no sense that those of us who already own CDCH would find those shares restricted.


Thanks Kevin. That just reminded me, I have 500k MDMN shares in a certificate. Hopefully it won’t be a big ordeal to get CDCH shares from that.


The MDMN update states:

When this transaction is complete, Medinah will own 1,649,130,000 shares of Cerro with a one-year holding period. This is in addition to the shares of CDCH that Medinah already owns.


Only the newly issued shares for the asset purchase are restricted. Nobodies existing shares of MDMN or CDCH are.


I thought this would be a good time to share an old post which still has a good deal of relevance. I actually think it’s a couple of posts I saved as one, from a poster known as “Volcan”, who I think someone already identified as “Letts”.

Quick answer.

Yes I am invested in Volcan.

I have been in ADL several times ( actually I’m kindly asking my pics to be removed
from the website, that is Medinah’s website).

I believe ADL could be the last WCD SA.

Mark it. It comes from a real miner.

FYI. I do happen to have people in the mountain.

No Mr. Smith in the hood yet.

I will update, for free, when something goes on the mountain.

Cheers to all.

My post got deleted on Friday, cause I am biased. But all fellow shareholders,
one way or the other have agreed on what I had Sid.The ADL is probably the last
world class deposit ( book definition) in SA. Yet if you don’t loose it before
a bunch of worthless stock, you still have a big shot score big.

Just have to be the proper way.

I will like to remind all of the fellow shareholders, that LDM initiated this
process to get the Paul Jones suggested shaft sink plan done.

In simple and plain language invest around 1 million dollars to try to get out
of the ground, around 3,700 ounces of gold.

It sounds like a giveaway to the LDM investors, but in mining, risk is always a
huge factor, and this approach, it’s a reasonable one, especially with the
terms of the FCI.

When they start cleaning the area to hit the two drill holes, they found a
skarn, with huge dimensions, along with multiple veins and veinlets.

If this skarn was to be developed, then they need to pursue an open pit, and
not follow the Paul Jones initiative.

Mineral values in a skarn are low, but compensated by the huge volume of the
mineralization. Truck shipments to Enami, for processing are impossible to do,
first because the value of the shipment will be less than the shipping costs,
and second, Enami is not going to take it, because of the low grades.

Open pit, will require a completely different approach, a mill, a processing
plant, etc. We are talking about 30 million dollars investment, to kick start
production, in about 18 to 24 months. For this, LDM, or better yet MDMN,NA with
the other 9 claims, needs, not only a partner with financial resources, but
with mining expertise, in order to economically develop an open pit.

The problem here is that in order for a mining company to start an open pit,
and put money into it, it needs to do certain studies, and take the whole
process by the book.

A real mining company, will not offer up front cash for this, but instead, sign
a mining option, and go from there, as set milestones are accomplished.

If LDM, or MDMN, NA start looking seriously into this perspective, and take
this whole operation to the big boys leagues, then all of the shareholders will
be happy campers, specially if they are in business with a mid-tier mining company
at least, with enough cash to do this or all the ADL, without any debt.

It will reflect in the sp, since people in the business will know that the
partner is a respectful established mining company.

Please don’t loose sight of this, with the original Paul Jones plan; the cash
flow is not enough to start an open pit. It will indeed give a few million
dollars profit, but it would not create the necessary cash flow for an open
pit. And this is a fact.


All is good and I got it! It is just poorly written, confusing, and a misnomer that we only own 23.559% of Auryn Mining which only owns 95% of CDCH which is completely different than we will own 23.559% of CDCH’s 7 billion shares in the end!

Thanks for the clarification!


So are we all in agreement that this is the start of the chapter we’ve hoped for? We are now at the same table that Auryn is. With the same goals. Can we all “hang on” another 24 months? I say HELL YES and I hope for all our long term holders that is true as well.

The future has never been brighter for the ADL. Good news and a JV will move the needle. Especially if there is material news that is released before the end of the restriction!!


I left MDMN because I took a very demanding job at Microsoft. I could not be actively involved in running a public company and I no longer have time to follow this on a day to day or even week to week basis. Now I have to get back to my primary work.

Everyone was treated fairly in these transactions. When they are all fully realized, everyone is on the exact same side.

I won’t be reading the boards regularly. However, if you have a pressing question send me a private message and I’ll see what I can find out.

I leave with this thought for some. Maurizio and Gary are fair people and have done what is right by all shareholders. The days of manipulation through the rumor mill and never doing anything on the property are long over. It took 12-18 months to clean it up.

We will rise or fall based on real deals and real work on the property. The ADL won’t be sitting idle for decades while we hear story after story about how great things are and how rich we will be. Once all this settles we all will have a direct interest in the project through our stock, the same as the majority owner has.

That doesn’t mean it will be a home run. Work still needs to be done and there is plenty of geological risk left. However, we won’t be fed a bunch of BS and live in a world of smoke and mirrors. I expect real world progress with normal JV agreements and normal guidance that any shareholder of a typical mining company expects.

Lies about $180 million dollar option agreements, pie-in-the-sky buyouts and, jv agreements with ridiculous free carried interests do no one any good. So please, if you’re still living with that mentality, let it go.

I wish the new Cerro Team, “God speed”, in your exploration and mining efforts and hope for a modest to strong recovery of value in 2018 and beyond.


Thank you Kevin for all your hard work and integrity over the years. I hope you make a healthy profit as a reward for your diligence and sacrifice.


RI think this is the advantage we have for our investment. If you can call it that after losing 90% of my cost basis. The board participants gave me the confidence to stay in this, and made me overlook the past of Les Price. I am ashamed of my choices but in the end it was my doing.
I hope now finally we all can at least recoup our investment. There is nothing else I can do at this point.
Geoly pontes out what the market has done while we held this turd.

I have conveted my IRA holding to a Roth. So maybe I it can grow tax free.


PS - Look st bitcoin. I think CB are getting worried. I it did not exist, gold would be sky high. But who knows and this would help us. Copper and gold is out future.


Question I still haven’t converted the 2012 dividend shares in my sons Ameritrade acct. they wanted $500 to convert 10k shares. When we convert to CDCH shares does anyone know how the dividend shares sitting in my sons acct. will be effected?


Just as important, how will current MDMN shareholders that do not already have CDCH shares in their accounts receive any of those “6,650,000,000 shares of the recapitalized CDCH” without an ex-dividend date declaration, paperwork submitted to the TA, and have an actual dividend received date? Will we experience the same delays and expenses when MDMN declared a dividend back in 2012? Those recapitalized CDCH shares are currently restricted, but what is the real share structure of the “new CDCH”?
MDMN says:

To this end Medinah plans to satisfy its financial obligations as quickly as possible and distribute the remaining assets to our shareholders before ceasing operations. We anticipate this will leave 1.61 billion shares of CDCH to our Medinah shareholders pro rata.

AURYN says:

AURYN will work with its shareholders to convert their AURYN stock to CDCH stock.

What will allow the AHC funders to retain their 70%+ owner equity interest after the MDMN shareholder distribution/conversion? At what point does the MDMN NOBO list get requested? How many free trading shares will there be after a year elapses? Will there be treasury shares in reserve? Preferred shares will likely be held by AHC. The details have yet to be explained/announced. There will be “share restructuring” after the “new CDCH” undergoes a name change and moves up to a higher exchange.


Couldn’t have said it better.
Thank You!



How does Masglas play in this? Will we be part of the other properties now that Auryn sold the claims into cerro?


We were never part of Masglas, thus never part owner of their newly acquired properties or production prospects


Correct but isn’t Auryn part of Masglas?


Lol, we have been having a PM party on the situation. If Easy would do the honors, I’m sure he can explain better than I. But facts remain, Masglas owns I believe still standing 65% of Auryn, Auryn Chile was an entity formed to acquire properties and rights to the ADL, which they have done. Auryn Chile has sold All it’s properties to CDCH.
In the beginning I do think that Masglas intended to put together a true mining company but I believe several of the past fiascos got in the way. Auryn and Masglas could have gone it alone and probably would have been further ahead if it hadn’t been for a few determined people to change things.
Now that Masglas has left Auryn’s properties to CDCH (not that they gave them away), it does form a more united front.


Not sure I can clarify much. What appeared to me from early on is that AHC was formed to fund AMC several years ago, about the time Letts left. AHC/AMC was still largely backed by those funding MASGLAS. At that time, AMC was definitely a wholly owned subsidiary of MASGLAS and was stated as such on the MASGLAS website. About the same time it was revealed that AHC existed, all reference to the ADL was removed from the MASGLAS website. It was my supposition at the time, as I had posted several times that AMC became a wholly owned private company that was backed/funded through it’s financial arm, AHC. There will now need to be clarification when Cerro does it’s annual report and finances just what the relationship AHC has with AMC’s 95% ownership of Cerro’s 7B share structure. I do not think MASGLAS, other than those individuals involved in that company, have any direct relationship as a company to AHC or AMC. The ADL mining district project now under Cerro ownership/management appears to be a completely separate entity, but friendly, to those individuals that own and run MASGLAS.


Thank you!


ha…too funny…who would have ever guessed that all of the assets would have been rolled into CDCH???

The only question I have: what is the plan for the MDMN NOL that Brecciaboy has often mentioned. I’m in full agreement that this is a potentially valuable asset if we finally start generating profits. I believe ww lose the NOL in this restructuring which is a bit of a bummer.