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Medinah Minerals (MDMN)- 2017 Q4 General Discussion


Sure Auryn could retire the MDMN shares if they acquire MDMN shares for an exchange of CDCH shares.


A lot of things “could” happen but I don’t see my MDMN shares going away because AURYN decided to demand them for an exchange of CDCH shares. I do see Medinah’s part ownership of AURYN going away in exchange for an equal part ownership of the CDCH shares that AURYN receives of the 95% of CDCH.


It is the same thing, it is just there are many ways to skin a cat and the easiest way especially for shareholder would be an exchange of shares and none of this dividend share stuff, which could create another nightmare as in the past.! JMO


Well the fraud was a total loss of capital to MDMN since none of that money ended in our pockets and that is definitely a loss to the company and that definitely has been calculated and verified.


On the bright side, CDCH, as owner of the ADL, is now the public company that is responsible to insure that any major events that occur on the ADL are made public. :scream: :wink:


How would you (they) calculate the losses?
There is no way to determine what their assets are or were over the years. What there cost bases or asset values were. Medinah, through Price, paid some unknown amount of money by selling an unknown amount of shares at an unknown price to gain ownership interest in unknown number of claims in Chile. Nobody knows where the money went because Price was making all sorts of deals on the side. There is no reliable figure or methodology for accurately calculating losses.


When will we have this CDCH dividend ?


It is time to combine the companies and give all the shareholders direct ownership in those claims.

To this end Medinah plans to satisfy its financial obligations as quickly as possible and distribute the remaining assets to our shareholders before ceasing operations. We anticipate this will leave 1.61 billion shares of CDCH to our Medinah shareholders pro rata. This is a ratio of 0.558 shares of CDCH for each share of MDMN that our shareholders own.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Happy Holidays to my soon-to-be-wealthier fellow shareholders!

Someone may have asked this but won’t all MDMN shares have to be accounted for by the market to convert into CDCH shares? Will this finally make the crooks cover? Short squeeze?

Thanks, GR


I hope you are right. But if that calculation is correct why isn’t everyone purchasing mdmn shares at this time?


In the last 4 trading days MDMN has traded 25 million shares and CDCH has traded 2.5 million. It just proves that for some people even simple math is hard, but some have come to realize the opportunity.

If you were the person who sold some of the 408,741 shares of CDCH today and then purchased MDMN with those funds you would have more than doubled the number of CDCH shares you sold, after the dividend is received.

Personally, the last shares I purchased of Medinah was 200K @ .0038 and I had no business doing that because I already own millions more than I should and I’m retired on a fixed income. I have more immediate needs for my available funds and if Medinah/CDCH does turn a profit a million more shares won’t make that much of a difference. That’s why I’m not adding and I assume other have good reasons that are keeping them from moving forward to make the purchase. I only point out the opportunity for those who do have the funds so that they can consider their options and take advantage if they can and wish to do so.


Hi, does anyone knows when will this transfer of shares will occur ?


Plus your money and shares will be restricted for a year after the conversion. Is anyone been thinking about purchasing shares after the conversion? I guess that will mainly depend on what price it comes out at. At least those shares will be tradable…


Your money and shares of Medinah will be tied up in the restriction only if the shares are issued to your brokerage account during the period of restriction. IF either AURYN or Medinah can hold the restricted CDCH shares until the restriction can be removed then Medinah will continue to be a trading stock during the wait. And, as I said earlier, it (Medinah) will trade based on the future value each Medinah share has because each share will be backed by a future issue of 55.8% of a CDCH share. We will just have to wait and see if (and I don’t know why it can’t be) the restricted CDCH shares can be held by AURYN or Medianh until the restriction is removed before issuance into Medinah shareholders brokerage accounts.

I will “assume” that if those shares can be held then corporate will hold them until they can be issued without restriction. As has be said, we are all in the same boat, friends and family of AURYN who own Medinah, Medinah officers, and all the rest of us shareholders. There is no benefit to any of us to have non-trading CDCH shares in our brokerage account because then the Medinah shares would be without future value and practically worthless the moment the CDCH shares arrived at our brokerage accounts.


I asked this question.
When personal shares of Medinah are converted to Cerro shares will the converted Cerro personal shares be restricted for a year?
I got this answer:

“Not sure at this point.”

Below is a post from another board
Cerro files a Form 10 or preferably a S-1 registering all the outstanding shares. Once the Form 10/S1 is effective and the shares are registered, they will become free trading.


Excellent point Don! should be possible as MDMN was the owner of the Auryn shares and now those shares have been exchanged for CDCH shares. MDMN will own the 1.61billion shares until the restriction is over and then have them prorated out to the individual MDMN shareholders.

This is significant also because who knows what the brokerage firms might want to charge for dealing with restricted shares. They love to collect fees!


Registered share are not necessarily free trading shares. Registered shares can be restricted.


The problem with any distribution of CDCH shares before or after the trading restriction is lifted via a dividend payment to MDMN shareholders directly while MDMN is still a free trading company will incurred the same problems that MDMN experience with the 10% stock dividend. A simple exchange of MDMN shares for CDCH share is the best way to go to avoid that situation since every MDMN share would automatically become an CDCH share at the exchange ratio and there is no need to make any distribution and there are a number of ways this could be accomplished.

To this end Medinah plans to satisfy its financial obligations as quickly as possible and distribute the remaining assets to our shareholders before ceasing operations. We anticipate this will leave 1.61 billion shares of CDCH to our Medinah shareholders pro rata. This is a ratio of 0.558 shares of CDCH for each share of MDMN that our shareholders own.


So nobody knows when will this happen ? I have re-read the PR, and no mention of it, an i also bought some MDMN today, couldn’t resist the discount compared to CDCH even if there’s a one year hold.


Makes no sense that Medinah shareholders would be treated differently than CDCH in relation to trading restrictions.
Maybe that will change, or else MDMN stays around for 12 months.