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October 1st, 2016 Informational Meeting News

Logic would dictate (to me anyway) that choice 2 and 3 make the most sense. These aren’t likely to be the kind of charges that will be forgiven by the authorities just because he paid for the investigation. I also can easily imagine that, considering LP supposedly forged signatures and I’d expect Gregs to be one of them, that Greg wants some form of justice.

I do have a bias in favor of Greg as I have seen him for some time as a bit of a savior for us shareholders. As I have stated before, without Greg’s financial support I doubt MDMN would even still exist. And yes, (Baldy), I do acknowledge that he does have some responsibility in regards to all of the shit we’ve been through as well, as do all the members of management over the years. At least Greg is appearing to make some moves that are worthy of giving him some slack.

Thanks again to everyone who shared info and commentary. I appreciate it greatly!!!


I don’t understand the logic of selling at a penny. Unless one needs the money or the tax loss. There is a reasonable mining upside down the road. I’m treating this investment as a long term play. I’ll use a portion to swing trade with the sole purpose to increase my position. It will take some time but I believe in the long term benefit of staying invested.


We should be hearing production results from Auryn in the near future and indications were profitable by end of year
We should get some credit for 27 percent even though it may not come into mdmn possession right away
The share issue will be resolved to closure at some point and may or may not take 18 mos.
is it possible for mdmn to receive profits in 2017 and use for shard buy back even though share issue not settled? Maybe

I don’t understand it either but it is a personal choice. And to give credit to Rich (TR), we all should be grateful that Medinah is still here thanks in no small part to Greg’s efforts and financial support.


I spoke with Greg and can tell you he was absolutely devastated by all of this and felt betrayed as much as any of us. Any part his actions or lack thereof played in it weigh on him heavily. That he had the integity to show up and face us tells us a lot.
Not a “pass” or saying he has no blame. but I am sure he will do whatever he can to help resolve it all. It has cost him greatly, too. JMO


Met and talked with Gary extensively and he seems very genuine. Part of the reason Gary was appointed to the board (not that long ago remember) was that he would not be a patsy to anyone. (No, he is not cozy with Les!) He is all in on straightening this out and getting us all the best restitution possible.
He found us a crackerjack legal team, experienced in dealing with the SEC. Jmo


I couldn’t agree more. Both Chapin and Gary deserve big Kudos for showing up and defending themselves. I think it’s pretty clear that both were not directly complicit in any of the shenanigans. JJ and Les’ absence speak for themselves. I also applaud Chapin for returning all of this shares (still waiting for that to be confirmed). It’s my understanding that AMC uncovered 3B shares and Gary was reactive not proactive in the days following. Apart from him seeming “genuine” (which is pretty much irrelevant) his relationship with Les for decades in both MDMN and more recently AMNP make it impossible for him to stay on this BOD. Beyond the conflict there’s very little he can offer the company as a part time CEO and full time lawyer. It’s time to carve out a nimble team of directors to run MDMN and CDCH on the cheap, who have the full confidence of AMC, so that dividends and any other benefits are not delayed. IMHO.


I have enough money and future at stake that I wanted to meet these men in person and look them in the eye.
I firmly believe they were swindled by Les just like the rest of us
I spent some time talking to Gary and believe his full intent is to go after Les and get resolution as quickly as possible
He instructed everyone at mdmn to cut communications off immediately with Les once he learned of the share discrepancy.
Gary wants open communication moving forward and the rumor mill has been cut off
Greg gave a humbling apology after a shareholder asked if he would like to speak and his actions of returning mdmn and Auryn shares are significant. It’s my understanding that without Greg loaning money to mdmn in dire times, we would not be here.
Maurizio is a class act and IMO bailed us out when all could have been lost. He is very cautious about forward looking statements but one can read his excitement about the property hearing him speak.
Vital spoke of walking the property and how real the riches it holds are.
We are finally with a miner and in production and headed in a great direction providing the property is everything we hoped it would be.
a mile long gold vein averaging 150 gpt is not a bad way to start!!!
We’ve been hearing and buying based on next week for the past 10-20 yrs without anything ever actually happening.
Time to start getting production results, share resolution and cash distributions FINALLY!!
If you don’t believe me, my smarter and scam suspecting wife attended and is satisfied. FINALLY on board


1.5 million shares in Volume so far. Is lester still dumping??

Les’s new theme song " Take the money and run son" :wink:

Maybe they’re afraid to miss the next run up in the PM’s. Those that bought at last winters lows are already up 400-500% in the good miners

That’s not correct. Rocio del Solar was at the front and is part of MASGLAS / AURYN team. Her expertise is in banking and finance. She would have been giving a presentation had the share issues not needed to be addressed.

Amparo was not there. However, it is correct that Amparo is JJQF’s daughter and the relationship is as Maurizio described.


At the meeting I mentioned I would setup an email address specifically for those who have correspondence or information that they thought would help the investigation. I have done so.

Please forward all correspondence to:

Thank you.


Your understanding is wrong. Gary is the one that uncovered the fraud and was proactive.


I think most in attendance at the meeting would want Gary leading.


I also spoke to Greg at length and he was extremely emotional in regards to what has happened to MDMN. My take on the conversation was that he was extremely shocked at Les for what he did while at the same time pissed that no one caught this thievery. He mentioned our past lawyer, our accountant as well as our TA… Personally he said he didn’t recommend to buy this stock to any of his family but they bought anyways and he feels a personal responsibility to them moving forward. He also said he has 2.5 million of his money invested in this stock. I believe he got blindsided with the rest of us but his haircut is a lot more than 50 %.
As for Gary Goodin I spoke to him at length also and he said he has no conflict of interest with MDMN or Les and Les can’t stand him per the emails Les is sending him. He was brought onboard as President through Greg ,has been here as president for roughly 3 months and has no time as president when Les was stealing from the company. He stated he was a shareholder like the rest of us and in no way is there a conflict of interest …
Thanks to Kevin Tupper who has done more than we will know. As for my opinion of Greg it is mine and 2nd hand. He spoke to me during a emotional time for him and I would love for him to tell us all in a letter his thoughts and history. I contend any opinion that says we would still have MDMN without Greg Chapin. I told him 1 big problem for MDMN was the company’s lack of communication and the only one communicating with us was Les. We all know where that got us. I heard Les’s stealing started roughly 10 yrs. ago and anyone who did a private placement with his company will have to forfeit those shares. We will see. I look for a lot better communication per Gary…My best guesstimate for this litigation to come to finality is 1 1/2- 2 yrs. I hope my kids and their kids really enjoy this investment…BTW it was fun to meet a lot of other suckers as my wife lets me know weekly. HA! Kevin


Gary put a freeze on the stock at the transfer agents the day he discovered the fraud. Any private placement will have a difficult time unloading that stock at this point.


Yes, I’m sure there’s a lot of wives out there, saying I told you so

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Email from Auryn FYI

Altos de Lipangue Project Update
October 2, 2016 @ 18:00pm

AURYN Mining Chile SpA thanks all of the shareholders of MEDINAH Minerals and CERRO Dorado who attended our first AURYN Informational Meeting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2016. We enjoyed meeting many of you face to face and sharing our excitement regarding the Altos de Lipangue project with you.

The updated presentation we shared at the meeting is now posted to our website at Altos de Lipangue.

In the coming weeks we will be updating you with the results from our production efforts at the Caren Mine.


I’d venture to guess you are wrong and I’d add, per the input coming from those with an actual legal background, that it’s in the company’s best interest that he resign. I applaud his efforts to date but as someone who had shared legal representation with Les on an existing suit, had oversight during illegitimate share issuance, and was directly involved with the Medinah Gold fiasco, it’s pretty obvious he needs to go. I guess some of us placer a higher bar on what we look for in representation.