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Auryn/Medinah - 2020 - 1st Half General Discussion

Well, 2020 is here. I have changed the title to list Auryn first in the hope it will be our priority very soon and Medinah will be in our past.
Good luck and best to all in the New Year!


Wishes for a Healthy 2020! May the year ahead be filled with Happiness, Prosperity and time for fun with good friends. Make it happen!


Thank you cabezon for all you do. Happy 2020 to everyone!


Thanks, ktown
This is off topic but I saw a hint for this new year that I think is a good safety measure. It said always use the full 4 digit year when dating documents and checks. For example, if you use 1/6/20 it can easily be changed to 1/6/2019 or 1/6/2021 depending on what a scammer might be trying to accomplish.
My New Year’s gift of advice to you all!:tada::clinking_glasses:


Gold hit a high on Sunday afternoon at 1588. Now wouldn’t it be nice to start a fresh week in the market for Auryn and getting this share restriction removed so we can finally start moving upward


Has the conversion rate of mdmn to aumc been decided or are we still guessing?

Should do like pot stocks class action!

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Has the conversion rate of mdmn to aumc been decided or are we still guessing?

Does it matter? The question I’d be asking is why would anyone want AUMC restricted shares unrestricted with the current prices so far depressed? At this time, wouldn’t it totally bankrupt the company (a total loss to shareholders), or lead to another cycle of uncontrolled dilution? Strategically it makes no sense whatsoever without some very good news first. My opinion only, but what would be the consequences of unrestricting 95% ownership of AUMC shares with the current share structure?

In the latest Q3 there are virtually no freely trading AUMC shares; only 5M in the float (actually only 2.5M in the “public float”). AUMC has 100M shares authorized. Are the unassigned 30M “reserve shares” there to fund future operations once there is significant value proven, even if on a speculative basis? There has already been a 100:1 RS and name change. What are those 30M “treasury shares” going to be worth when bargaining for funds, or to back a private placement of some kind? There is nothing but very risky speculative value to the mountain at this time. There is the Hochschild option agreement. Is the LDM worth $7M for 51% in 5 years or is it $30 M for 60% of the LDM?

What value would you put on the remaining ADL? If we go with AUMC Q3 the entire properties are presently valued at $46M. Will there be additional JV partners for the porphyry targets? There are many other mining properties with proven resources valued for less. There are far too many mining (and other stocks) making good profits in this market. Most shareholders that were able to take a tax loss have wisely already done so.

If all shares are unrestricted without news, does anyone think AUMC will remain at current prices? Medinah shareholders hold 16,274,200 shares of restricted AUMC shares. There are approximately 2.8B shares of MDMN out there and tradable. The 0.58 conversion estimate for each MDMN share to AUMC does appear valid (23% of AU). Is anyone buying these shares willing to wait years for a conversion to take place? Maybe to replace shares where a tax loss was previously taken makes sense. It may be a very long hold.

Putting an additional minimum of 16.3M added to the current 2.5M freely trading AUMC shares will have an effect on price. Where will the share price go? Will AUMC’s 30M shares of “treasury stock” be worth $7M based on AUMC’s current market price of 0.236, or more like $10,440 of MDMN’s current trading price after conversion ($0.0006 x 0.58 x 30,000,000 = $10,440) if added to the float? Unrestrictricting shares without valuations and progress on the Caren Veins (Larissa adit), the Fortuna, or the Pegaso Nero through further drilling or JVs is strategically senseless for the survival of the company. Would it not be better first to have some substantial news to bolster share price, even if shareholders end up waiting years for progress to move forward? There are very limited funds apparently available for progress moving forward. That’s why I hope my MDMN shares do not become unrestricted prematurely. This is not a trading stock and should be put in a sock drawer by many current shareholders.

D**n, now I’ve got to find a pair of goggles and find out where DOC hid the tank! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How long does mdmn remain a viable co if no ongoing reporting?

A class action lawsuit? Really?:woozy_face:
I take it you mean against MDMN.:face_vomiting:
On what basis and what would you get out of it? More shares or $21 split between 2.8B shares for shareholders! :wink:

Ffffing joke…


The $21 wasn’t enough to buy us a Christmas card and the workers on the Alto Panetone for the Holidays. Cordoba great job taking care of your workers and shareholders!

Gold over 1600

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Call me a moron but I have been buying…got my average down to 1.5 cents now…I suppose if I’m an idiot and keep this up I will be under a penny soon… :crazy_face:


Well its Jan 13th 2020. Doctor told me to exercise my heart every day.
So I go to my Stock accounts and check in to see where MDMN and
AUMC have settled in at. It always does a trick !.
I think for my exercise I would rather be on my part of that mountain in Chile with a pick, shovel, and gold pan working some rock. The weather should be better there.
They who work on that mountain, I would think would have some water out of those mine shafts by now and doing some sampling? If not ? Maybe their buckets have too many rust holes in them. Shit… Grandma was slow… But she was old. Our new masters better check their pulse to see if they are still alive.
Im starting to long for the days when the Pear farmer and the California Kid were working the ole P and D on us all. This stock was worth some pocket change back then.
That change is gone now, only pocket lint left in my pockets.
Sooooo much potential, so poorly executed.

Oh look the sun’s out. Time for a walk. Latter all.


Cordoba still hiding. Very unfortunate that these men cannot tell us what the delay on getting our shares is. What happened to the IP results last year?? These men are just unprofessional. At least when LP was around this stock was worth something, you just had to tell yourself when to sell. I was the idiot for holding on.


I think they just are waiting for us to sell out.
No point in doing that. I have 10 years *uckers!!!

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12 years for me. Sheesh!

I will be holding also…

It is strange that there was no mention of Hochschild and the test results in the last update.