The Mining Play

Auryn/Medinah - 2020 - 2nd Half General Discussion

Mike, DOC & CHG probably recall the context of some of the earlier work done on the ADL showing numerous “veinlets” that were mapped. It is what led many shareholders to believe that the surface trenching showing these veinlet structures on the surface and any ensuing depth exploration would surely be just a matter of time to exploitation. This mountain’s story has had far too many twists and turns the past 15-20 years. Going through the old posts and comments are the basis for the Never Ending Story of Auryn. Let’s see if this book can come to a conclusion so a new story rewarding all shareholders can begin!

There was a lot of work performed on the mountain early on. The question remains when is progress going to restart for the benefit of all current shareholders? We’ve been waiting in this holding pattern for far too long.