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Auryn/Medinah - 2021 - First Half General Discussion 🗓

next week…


Still up to their tricks! 14.5 million traded and we are at even close



Well, fellas, at least we’re moving in the right direction.

As of now, we’re at 1/5 of one cent.

Have our guys actually commenced production or received their first check?

Say what you will, but there were 14.5 Million shares traded today. $29,000.00 worth of stock.

Are the shorts gett’in scaid? Are there really any shorts? Will brecciaboy be vindicated? I venture to say most people hope so, me included.

Maybe, just maybe, the shorts get confronted with the fact that CASH is coming in - which will force their hand.


If there are shorts which I suspect there are, those doing it will have to come up with the real shares once Auryn conversion is announced. Hopefully they have at least a few weeks to scramble if that happens


There is absolutely NO reason why this stock should be trading at 1/5 of one cent.

A nice, rational person might say, “the market is always right”. Agreed.

Another nice, rational person might say “a company that is producing, has Hochschild evaluating one of its projects, and has significant other projects available for development can only be trading at sub-one cent because of stock market predators - and is STILL HERE after all these years. What does that tell you?”


Let’s get a news release from Aumc that says we have received our permit and are producing. I believe it’s item 4 on Aumc last release. Then we’ll see who has the last laugh :joy:


Based on AUMC close of .70 on Friday, MDMN should be trading at .004. Its close of .0021 is 47.5% below where it should be if its tracking AUMC. Which it should.


deleted by moi…

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Would like to see it move closer to .004, as Zotron suggests!

From the Minister of Mines and Energy in Chile :

The rally in commodity prices coincides with changing times in Chile. Last October Chileans voted overwhelmingly to rewrite the country’s forty-year-old constitution which many see as preventing government from tackling the huge gaps between rich and poor and improving public services, failings that triggered unprecedented protests and street violence in late 2019.

The constitutional process is set to take two years during which a huge range of issues are likely to be debated, from the presidential form of government and the size of the state to the place of indigenous communities and protection of the environment.

That could include ownership of the country’s mineral resources which are protected under the current constitution, notes Jobet. But he says foreign investors have little to worry about. The body which will draft the new constitution must approve all articles of the new constitution by a two-thirds majority (ensuring a broad consensus is reached) and must respect Chile’s existing international treaties and judicial rulings (including mineral claims).

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Well, MdmnWonk, you have to put yourself in the shoes of Hochschild - would you want to invest a load of money right now before all this was settled? Maybe the entire mining industry ends up being “nationalized”? The nightmare of Ecuador comes to mind - a governmental executive order halted production at the Fruta del Norte, and negotiations by Kinross to re-commence production were fruitless, ultimately causing Kinross to dump the property. Stuff like that happens when you don’t honor people’s property rights. I’m confident Hochschild would like to be able to RELY on stable laws - and would maybe rather cut their losses before investing a lot more money. Don’t know that’s the case, but it’s rational thinking. Would like to know more.

I think that Auryn/Medinah have a pretty good hedge in place in regards to these new changes especially in regards to the environment. Mining is too important to the Chilean economy to make Draconian changes. Our hedge has to do with the fact that the gold ore present is amenable to simple gravitational extraction techniques. There is no need for the mercury and cyanide solutions that the environmentalists despise. Those miners that need to resort to heap leaching techniques using cyanide solutions in order to help out the economics might be facing some headwinds in the permitting process. The gold grades found to date preclude the necessity for going after the “fines” with caustic solutions.

Chile’s a member of the OECD or Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Until recently they were the only South American nation whose business policies qualified them for membership and the benefits it brings. I don’t think that nationalizing of the mining sector is even a remote possibility in Chile. In the non-OECD countries I’m not so sure. This might give the Chilean international miners a leg up overall in regards to worrying about “resource nationalism”.


Remember this: Auryn’s Q1 2021 – OBJECTIVES*
**(( the last 2 paragraphs are a good start on getting people on your side. get them involved in your cause.)) One just hopes they don’t find that spotted owls nest in the area. Or find a old grave site of workers the Conquistadors used to mine their riches for them. History can repeat its self. ***

  • Start selling ore (mineral) to ENAMI for processing or smelting, permit pending and expected to be obtained within this period.
  • Start new Fortuna Tunnel construction to improve access ability and size.
  • Establish a camp with suitable service buildings, support infrastructure, and power suitable for new protocols related to COVID-19.
  • Increase production, initially for this quarter, to a target level of 40 tons/day ore.
  • Review and study the potential of a concentration plant at the mine site, including a mobile gold wash plant, vibrating screens for separation, and an ore crusher.
  • Start a collaboration program with a prestigious Chilean university. Auryn Mining Corp is pleased to announce, in cooperation with Universidad San Sebastian, that their faculty members and alumni will be conducting field practices at the Altos de Lipangue property site. The goal is for their Civil, Geological, Mining and Environmental Engineering students to learn, study and analyze different topics related to mineral careers. Topics of focus: environment, safety, future expansion, engineering developments, metallurgy, mining, geotechnical, etc.
  • Develop environmental campaigns with the local community to develop a clean adjacent area to the mine and remove historic waste from the zone. Repair and rebuild stone walls and other structures damaged by the passage of time and beautify the water ponds where local animals come to drink water. Reaffirm company commitment to develop inclusive mining practices, done in a safe and clean way.

Can anybody explain, in the context of MDMN, what concentration methods they might be using?

I have a few shares in another stock, Novo Resources, where they are going to be using mechanical sorters to rid themselves of much of the MASS of the ore that is shipped to the local mill - the result being that they’re gonna be shipping some really juiced up ore to the mill. Is THAT what we’re talking about with MDMN too?

Interesting article on the different Concentration methods that are used.

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Concentrating Gold (also works on other heavy metals, and Gem stones) .
Most is done by gravity, water, and air…
Right from day one, mankind,or probably, “women-kind” Ü
saw something shiny in the rock cracks left behind in a stream bed as water flowed material over the bed rock cracks.
That is how simple water separation works. as the heaviest material sinks into calm water areas, such as cracks, metal screens / riffles, plastic mats, carpet, etc, while lighter material flows by water force beyond downstream.
This method you need water. and lots of $$
Just like on the gold rush channel in water rich Alaska.
Water Spiral ramp units, shaking tables, water cyclone, mud bellows and a few other systems use the same method for fine golds. “Gravity” and water.
Then there is chemical leaching. Toxic, toxic toxic lets not talk about it even.
(Air Sorting) can be done with air in replacement of water, “in small volumes”. We prospect in dry ares with this method.
We crush ore, screen it to uniform size, drop it past a air flow, cyclone, wood shop dust collector, powered with a leaf blower concentrating it too lighten our load out.
It works like separating wheat from chaff, heavies fall off first, lights blow past.
Then there is Air Sorting = Novo Resources is experimenting with a air sorting system,? a lot like a recycle waste separating machine.
Crush the ore, screen it to uniform size, conveyor it past computerized viewing sensors, firing air blast sorters, which blasts off gold nuggets into a catch area. Works fast on Prehistoric Algae concentrated gold nuggets like in west Australia. But not so on thermal rock gold bearing ores.
All these types are costly, and have there limitations.
This mountain has the area to doze out a water catch lagoon.
Let nature fill it, use it for a washing plant that can run a lot of material fast, and recycle a large % of the water back into the lagoon. A very Simple setup a Teenager could be taught how to use. K.I.S.S.
Then use waste material for updating the airstrip so we can land our prospecting bush planes on it. Win! Win!.

   Got to go; Cold snow disappearing fast. But not fast enough. C.s.
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