Auryn/Medinah - 2022 - 2nd Half General Discussion

In the meantime the stock is sitting at a dismal price. I think we waited long enough for this company to pull a rabbit out their ass. For Christ sake is Les alive and have any shares he can promote in a track suit……


To hell with Les. We don’t want him anywhere near Auryn or MDMN ever again. According to the latest update, Maurizio will have this promoted after the assay report is released in January.

“Samples have been taken and sent to the lab for assaying, and we anticipate having the initial results back for publication during our Q4 update in the beginning of January.”

We’re finally moving forward to production! Heck, I’m as thrilled about this news as most other shareholders. George, you’ve been waiting for Maurizio to go rabbit hunting, but he is busy pulling a rhinoceros out of his ass instead. :rhinoceros: Good fortune to you, George, and to all shareholders. :wink: :smile:


Definitely not going to drive the ventilation cum manway raise in the vein. Future mining would eat it up. Will probably step back 5-10 m or so into the foot wall and drive it up to the next level parallel to the vein. (if the vein exists)

“Our mining team has successfully intercepted the Don Luis vein. We cut the vein inside the Antonino tunnel where we expected it based on the detailed topographical mapping work done by EGV Ingeniería.”

Carlos, unless I’m missing something, I think they’re saying pretty clearly the Don Luis vein exists. Maybe lab assays have to CONFIRM this conclusion? Or, maybe the lab assays are being prepared to tell us how prolific their intersection was?

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Where does that quote come from? I haven’t seen it here before. My post was meant just to say that if and when they drive the c[ventilation cum manway raise that it will not be driven in the vein. If the did, it would be consumed when they mined the vein. It will be driven in the footwall where it will remain unaffected by mining nearby.

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“Where does that quote come from?”

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Thanks I had not seen that.

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According to the latest Quarterly Report For the Period Ending: September 30, 2022 :
In addition to 16,104,200 shares in AUMC … and
another 171,000 shares of Auryn Mining Corporation (AUMC). Through a settlement with Leslie Price, Medinah will own an additional … 165,000 of AUMC which are expected to be converted to Medinah’s name. [ Total 16,440,200 shares ]

Why does the company state not the actual amount of AUMC shares currently owned instead of saying ‘an additional’ and also ‘will own’.

Have we still not got Price’s shares ? And where are these additional 171,000 shares from ?

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So right now, assuming 16,440,200 shares, that’s 23.5% of AURYN.

At current prices, AUMC $0.428 & MDMN $0.0014,

based on Medinah’s price, AURYN should be $0.101,


based on AURYN’s price, Medinah should be $0.006 !

I know that AUMC doesn’t trade much but the comparison’s are so out of whack (and have been for quite a while) !

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Just a minor correction Z. Although the LOI was signed and announced sometime in August 2018, the contract is for a 5 year term that officially began December 12, 2018.

The Company signed a binding Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with Hochschild Mining PLC during 3rd Q 2018, for the Las Dos Marias (“LDM”) project. The LOI gives Hochschild the option to invest $7M USD into the LDM project over a 5-year period to earn a 51% joint venture interest in the LDM properties. An option to invest an additional $23M USD is available to Hochschild to gain an additional 9% interest. If all $30M USD is invested, Hochschild will own 60% of the LDM project with AURYN holding the remaining 40% as a joint venture partner. The LOI was subject to due diligence and signing of a definitive agreement. At Hochschild’s request, the Company granted them an extension to sign the final contract on or before December 15, 2018. The contract was ratified on December 12, 2018. The Company provides logistical support to Hochschild’s work on the project and receives a net management fee for doing so. To date Hochschild has performed various field works and a IP Geophysical survey.

08/14/2019 Quarterly Report - Quarterly Report - Disclosure June 30, 2019

The LDM option therefore won’t actually expire if unexercised until December of next year. I may have to change my mind by the time the option is ready to expire. Definitively locating the DL1 vein is a new beginning for this company. Hochschild has committed funds to some very lucrative projects the past couple of years. Who knows, they may well be flush with cash to spend during the remaining duration of the LDM option. It appears there may be a “supergene enrichment zone” (SGE zone) proven up in the DL area that may provide incentive for Hochschild to pay up a few bucks or offer to extend their option. Here’s hoping 2023 will be full of positive surprises for all shareholders resulting from a successful production, exploitation, and exploration, of the Fortuna mine. Extensive promoting based on results is what shareholders will expect in the upcoming year.


Hopefully this group doesn’t get sucked into such a stupid (almost unheard of ) contract. Industry standards are % by exploration expenditures every 6 months or year, and usually some stipend for the company (a few hundred grand & or payments for claims & other costs).

The Hochschild deal with the stupidest I’d ever heard of in 45 years of my investing in the space.

GO MDMN GO, into the new year.

By the way, Happy New Year to all of us suffering comrades.



Thanks for the clarification Easy!

Another year another nothing here. Jesus. When?

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next week, of course! :crossed_fingers:t2:


Never, George. Just move on already. :slight_smile: Happy New Year.

Other than that, if you want to throw a couple million $ in at no cost to the shareholders and increase the pace of exploration and determining whether we have the goods, I am sure the AUMC BOD will welcome it.

If you just want to pump it up without actual value and follow LPs plan, there are any number of penny stock promoters you could hire to do that.


Auld Lang Syne a time to remember.
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I won’t get New Year Greetings cards out again this year either, maybe a New Year’s Resolution for next time around, but I think you can appreciate this beautiful version of Auld Lang Syne.

It’s one of my favorites. Yes, It’s hard to believe 2023 is almost here!

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Enjoy - Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!


Yet LP stole millions from us through his lies and walks around a free man!!

H. N. Y. everbody. Maybe some day.

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New topic started for 2023!