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There must be a delay in getting the 500,000 preferred voting shares transferred to AHC as this was the only condition required for AHC to fund Cerros Cash call.


A bit concerning that we are now into the final 5 days of the extension and still no word of completion.


2 more days to go




This quick note is to inform you that a filing has been completed for CERRO DORADO, INC… The filing completed was: Certificate of Good Standing for ‘CERRO DORADO, INC.’.


Still nothing from Cerro. Tomorrow is the 21st deadline


Hopefully one last day of drama before we move onward and upward!


FYI . . .


Announcement is very good news, as expected, but also amazingly very tight lipped.
Very little additional information there.


Cerro website still down though. Hopefully when it’s up our New BOD will be listed


Anyone notice the following changes on the OTC site?
OTC filings appear to be awaiting an update to current status during this transition period:

Reporting Status Dark: Alternative
Reporting Standard

Company Officers/Contacts
Not Available

Company Directors
Not Available

I anticipate we’ll have filings current and stop sign removed on the OTC site forthcoming due largely to the following announcement.

AHC and CDCH Reach Agreement
Auryn Holdings Corporation is pleased to report that Cerro Dorado, Inc. has fulfilled the terms of the MoU and we are moving forward with closing a contract that provides for the ability for Cerro Dorado to meet its cash call obligations with Auryn Mining Chile SpA.


Maybe site will be up too


Nice weekly chart. Perhaps we can get to that 50 wk moving avg this week.



way to quite…


Better than stories from Les


It has been quiet! The last we heard was that Cerro had met conditions of the MoU and that AHC was moving forward with the final contract. I think we may be awaiting an announcement from AURYN on the finalization of this contract with CDCH (installation of AURYN affiliated officers and loan details) before Cerro’s OTC filings can be updated and approved. I don’t know what else could be causing the delay in becoming current with OTC filings.


It looks as though someone has been quietly attempting to accumulate some shares. The low OS is a bummer for the buyers, but is sure going to make things more interesting for us than MDMN will be whenever it moves up again.


i just need this to move already not looking for a miracle run just something that shows me we got life in this still


If nothing else, in Cerro we own a stock with a tight OS that could be an attractive vehicle for someone looking to go public. I believe good things are coming for us. Just don’t know when. In regards to both MDMN and Cerro, it seems to me if the news was bad we would already have been told. There would be no reason for the prolonged silence and I believe that Kevin wouldn’t be so cruel as to torture us for all this time only to tell us that either company was dead. I believe in both cases the silence is golden. We just need to keep what little thread of sanity we have left long enough to endure whatever process is going on behind the scenes. Just my opinion.


It will happen eventually but we just have to wait a bit longer to get the ducks in a row. It’s moving slowly…slower than most want (even Kevin), but there hasn’t been any setbacks (that I’m aware of) to the goal of merging the companies and having Auryn trade publicly. Unlike past management, Kevin keeps tight lips so most likely we will all wake up one morning to news detailing the next steps for MDMN to move forward. I’m anticipating this to occur well before the end of the year. It would be nice to have the plans made public before or during the next Chilean drill season so that shareholders have a bit of guidance on the next phase of this investment; however, we may have to wait for Auryn to be publicly traded before that occurs. That’s where I’ve set my expectations for now anyway.

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