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Filings up to Q1 2017 filed. Showing a yield sign instead of a stop sign. I understand Q2 2017 filings are about ready then we will be up to date


It appears the list of “new officers” due July 31 may not yet have been filed.
Must be “waiting” on documentation approval of items submitted to OTC, IMO.

Jose M Borquez Yunga and George Young are still on documentation listing management.
Has Business registration been updated?


I’m thinking CDCH becoming current could be a catalyst for Auryn.


I think you’re thinking like I’m thinking.


Could it be more than just getting current?


I happen to think it could be what Baldy was discussing here a few months ago… that Auryn could use CDCH to go public in the US markets. Wouldn’t it be funny/ironic if after all the bashing Cerro got over the years that, because we have a more manageable and Un- “F’d” stock that MDMN gets moved into Cerro along with Auryn and THIS is the vehicle that goes forward? I don’t know if that’s what will happen but if Baldy is talking about it then it’s more than just a wisp of air. I for one would LOVE LOVE LOVE it for several reasons.


Agreed. I like that possibility.


What would be the share conversion if that happened Rich? Sorry I am a little unfamiliar on that process and what it would entail to bring MDMN into CDCH and what it would mean for existing CDCH shareholders.


would be hilarious, actually.


I honestly don’t know how it would be done since I think the value of each share of each company must be considered aside from just looking at the number of shares. I think there are over 9 shares of MDMN for each share of CDCH so I guess that could be a simple starting place, but I imagine the math is more complicated than that and a mathematician I most certainly am not.


Conversion of MDMN shares into CDCH shares:


(1) Auryns value is $100million ( Arbitrary )
(2) Only assets owned by MDMN and CDCH are Auryn shares
(3) MDMN O/S shares 3billion (for simplicity)
(4) CDCH O/S shares 300 million (for simplicity)


Value of MDMN is $26.5million ( .0088 per share )
Value of CDCH is $5million ( .0167 per share )
Total value of combined companies is $31.5million

$31.5million / .0167 = 1,886,227,545 total outstanding CDCH shares after the merger with MDMN

MDMN shareholders will share 1,586,227,545 shares of CDCH

1,586,227,545 / 3,000,000,000 = .5287

For each share owned by MDMN shareholders prior to the merger, they will recieve .5287 shares of CDCH.

So, an MDMN shareholder owning 1million shares pre merger will now own 528,700 shares of CDCH.


1million shares X .0088 of MDMN pre merger = $8,800
528,700 X .0167 post merger = $8,800


CDCH Q2 2017 Financials out:

Maybe just the attorney letter for these and then the yield sign goes away and they become current.


Yep. Then a flood gate of news. JMO…


Nice to see .01 on the ask.


Wow. I’m in the green with CDCH. great day.


My average for CDCH is .22. Haha.


Ouch!..Your handle is appropriate.


What explains today’s volume and PPS jump?

Is news imminent? Only about $4600 total shares traded, but who?


They see the light at the end of the tunnel coming…


according to the latest Disclosure filing:

As of July 2017, George Young has resigned as a director in preparation for the management change, and Jose Manuel Borquez Yunga has resigned, subject to the closing of the loan and related terms with Auryn Holding and new management. [1]

in an e-mails a couple of weeks ago, Labertew indicated this would proceed as soon as the Q2 filings were completed and filed. So we should be hearing we are ‘out-with-the-old’ and ‘in-with-the-new’ any day now.

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