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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄


Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion
Started with this name, it can be changed if needed.
Wishing us all the Best New Year!


Thanks everyone.
I saw NYr in Australia. Have a safe holiday.
Best wishes to all for our new (ad) ventures.


Happy New Year everyone! This is gonna be a good year!


Let’s have a great Cerro/Medinah/Auryn 2018 year.


Happy New Year !

Question is there a Auryn at this point anymore or is there only a MDMN and a CDCH, since Auryn moved all is assets into CDCH? I guess there will be an Auryn when they change the name of CDCH and hopefully that will be soon.


Auryn must exist long enough to distribute CDCH shares to MDMN shareholders, as MDMN owns shares in Auryn at this point - unless Auryn has already done so and I missed it …


Still a lot of unanswered questions. When are we going to hear news on what’s going on the mountain?


Good point!


Substantive progress on the properties is the lynchpin of the operation, not so much the name of the company as long as it isn’t MDMN. They could call our company “Bada-Bing” for all anybody cares - if such a company was producing, making money, and being further explored with a major’s name associated with it, the market would give it a much better valuation. I wish I knew what reason these guys have for delaying - starting to think the “smart money” knows more than we do.


It’s MDMN that is distributing CDCH shares, not Auryn, unless I grossly misunderstood the MDMN press release?


Unless I’m mistaken, Auryn would first distribute CDCH shares to MDMN, which in turn would distribute those shares to MDMN shareholders, thereby leaving MDMN shareholders with a direct interest in and to CDCH. I left out a step, but substantively the same - MDMN shareholders would end up owning a direct interest in and to CDCH.


You are correct mrbubba. I had to go back and look…

AURYN has informed Medinah and the rest of its shareholders that AURYN will be exchanging its shareholders’ AURYN stock for shares in Cerro, pro rata, as soon as practical. When this transaction is complete, Medinah will own 1,649,130,000 shares of Cerro with a one-year holding period. This is in addition to the shares of CDCH that Medinah already owns.

To this end Medinah plans to satisfy its financial obligations as quickly as possible and distribute the remaining assets to our shareholders before ceasing operations. We anticipate this will leave
1.61 billion shares of CDCH to our Medinah shareholders pro rata. This is a ratio of 0.558 shares of CDCH for each share of MDMN that our shareholders own.


Good day for the metals and miners. My hope is it continues…and 2018 is the year we see large gains. Call me greedy :wink:


Nice to see MUX running! Here we sit stagnant


I know we all want to see/hear something directly from AURYN, the sooner the better. At the very least, we’ll all have more information when CDCH files it’s end of the year Annual Report. Should see something from MDMN when it’s Annual Report comes out, also.


Approximately, when will the end of the year report come out? TIA


They have up to 45 day from year end to post.


Year end have 90 days to come out, all other qtrs have 45 days!


Mux is mining, producing and actually informs shareholders. One should not compare. Perhaps sometime in the distant future we can be at their level.


Wish MDMN were doing as well as the pot sector, anyone in on that…i is. :slight_smile