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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q2 General Discussion ⛰

Mike Gold is doing well and just became a very proud father of his lovely daughter named Skye!


Congrats Mike Gold!!! Something that TRULY matters…

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let me explain … no there is to much … let me sum up

So I guess everything is in Cerro’s hands now, eh? - all the ADL properties - yes

Is Les in jail? Did we get any money from him other than stock he probably sold most of already? - No … and No … setllement … got some shares back

What did the Sillitoe (?) report say? - has not been released

Why is everything under Cerro? - good question. waiting to find out. undoubtedly it has something to do with Auryn’s stated intentions of ‘going public’ in some way. Cerro bought the properties with 6.65B shares (yes ‘B’) So Auryn Holdings and esp. Auryn Mining Chile ended up with 95% or so of Cerro shares. Medinah shareholders are supposed to receive pro-rata Cerro shares for Medinah’s 23+% AMC share holdings at some point. But no schedule has been announced.

Is George and his twins doing ok? Mike Gold? Karl? BE? How are things? - all still hanging around checking in once in a while. Not much to talk about on a daily basis until activity picks up again. Waiting for Cerro Q1 late filings in the short term.

Over and out.


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That’s amazing, Mike! Congrats! Can we safely assume you won’t be flying trucks into cornfields any time soon? :wink:


Congratulations on the wee bouncing baby girl. So that is what happens on those naked runs along with the goat cheese eh?

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Wow! You mean you haven’t checked in since before the stockholders “informational meeting” in Las Vegas back in October 2016? Oh, man — it was crazy…!

It started with Les (wearing a tangerine-colored track suit with patches at the elbows and smoking a cigarette) and one other guy sitting at a table at the front of the room. The other guy was a thick-necked fellow in his late thirties who appeared to have been stuffed into a too-tight suit by his handlers earlier in the day. He also wore wrap-around mirror shades and during the whole time we were in the room he never took them off — in fact I never saw him move his head in any direction, he just sat there staring out at the audience like he was Secret Service.

On the table in front of this pair I saw: a pack of Pall-Malls Menthol; a calculator; a short stack of what looked like legal papers; and two other stacks that were quite a bit taller and appeared to consist entirely of one-hundred-dollar bills. I was seated three rows from the front, and when I thought I saw the numbers 1-0-0 on the bills, I got up and walked toward the table for a better look. Les blew a cloud of zingy-smelling smoke at me and barked: “Sit down! Everythingabe splained in the pree-zen-tay-shun.”

I returned to my seat.

A moment later Les began: “Thanks for coming. We’ll do this quick as we can." He tilted his head to his side. "This here’s my accountant and personal lawyer, Guillermo. Guillermo guided me through a couple of sticky business situations back in the Bahamas a few years ago, and he’s here to help get the Medinah house in order so that we can make our final presentation to the notario on Monday mor…”

A groan went up from the crowd. The thick-necked man flinched, leaned forward, placed both his palms face-down on the table as though preparing to leap into action. The groan abruptly silenced itself.

I thought: “Nothing but disaster has ever followed the invocation of the word notario."

Les, restarting: “We’ve gotta wrap things up quick here — me an Guillermo gotta a plane this afternoon. At 9 am Monday we’re meetin’ the notario down Santiago way.”

I thought: “Oh, no —Twice!

From the row behind me someone called out: “Can you ask Guillermo to take off his shades? I met Ulander once, and to me Guillermo looks a whole lot like Ulander.”

Les glared over the top of my head, and growled: “I haven’t seen or spoken to Ulander in months. This is my attorney, Guillermo…” And here Les gave Guillermo’s last name, pronouncing it, as best as I could make out, as: "Gah-chay.”

Again, someone behind me whispered: “Looks more like JJ’s hitman to me…”

I had brought my laptop to take notes, and now I quickly googled every variation of “Guillermo Gah-chay” that I could imagine, but came up empty. Then, on a hunch, I went to the Interpol website and entered “Gotcha, Guillermo.” Bingo! Up popped a headshot of a thick-necked fellow in his late thirties wearing wrap-around mirror shades, with the caption: “Gotcha — seen leaving a brothel — Mustang, Nevada, 2015. Only known photo.”

I switched over to my E-trade account. The Medinah quote showed that the stock had closed at 6.5 cents per share the previous afternoon, had opened this morning at 6.7 cents, and had risen to 12 cents with 40 million shares trading hands before, well, before some-damn-thing surely must have happened. Because now I saw big red letters spread on a diagonal across the Medinah page, “TRADING HALTED BY ORDER OF SEC…”

At the front of the room Les had started his explanation: “All of youz are gonna come up here now and one-by-one you’re gonna show us the printout we told you to bring showing how many shares of Medinah you own. And as soon as you complete one of these forms signing your shares over to me and Guillermo and giving us your proxy on all voting matters…” — he lifted a page from the stack of legal-looking papers and waved it in the air — “As soon as you do that, me and Guillermo are gonna calculate you at twenty cents per share…" — Les picked up the calculator and waved it around — “and then Guillermo’s gonna round everything up to the nearest hundred bucks and pay you out…” — Les grabbed a fistful from the currency stack and waved it — “Pay you out in hundred dollar bills, and then me and Guillermo are gonna catch our flight to Santiago. Youz’ll all get your money today, but to make everything official we gotta show all these papers to the notario…”

BAM! At the back of the room, the doors splintered and a robot battering ram burst into the room — a platoon of black-helmeted, black-uniformed soldiers — SWAT? Special Ops? — sprinted in right behind it, surrounding the room, aiming their AR-15s everywhere at once…

Oh, god… I’m just gonna have to stop there… It’s way too painful to go on…

But obviously, when the trading ban was lifted several weeks later, the stock price had already dropped to three-tenths of a cent per share and it’s been hovering in that range ever since…

Good to have you back, Metallurgist! Misery misses company…

— madmen


George’s twins are in their thirties now and doing quite well with kids of their own. George is hoping to pay for his grand-kids college tuition someday.


Review of some events and ADL regional exploration 2016 - 2017. Much has happened in the last 2 years.

images to follow…


Stuff seemed to start happening with the Caren, even before or concurrent with the Ulander debacle,
2012 - 2017


After the NUOCO & LDMC acquisition by Auryn, not much visible happened on the LDM and not much was said publicly about the LDM, just a little in the Auryn presentation. But this little bit of development happened in 2016 / 2017. And note how new Auryn claims surround the LDM:


North of the ADL about 3.5Km, looking east, some work was obviously done in 2017. We can not be sure it was Masglas / Auryn related, but the roads seen here go right over to the ADL, so it seems likely.


A little over 10Km north of the ADL is the Masglas Princesa Caballo project. This is looking east:

This is just across the ridge, turning 180 degrees, and looking west:

Obviously as Auryn was consolidating the ADL and since there was a lot of work happening, on the ADL itself (LDM, Caren) and around the ADL.

When will the silence break?


Hey CHG,
Very nice! Have you considered offering up your talents to AURYN for the graphics in their next presentations? :slightly_smiling_face:
Excellent sleuthing and cohesive presentations of the changes that have been taking place unobserved over the years.


Congrats Mike! Now let’s just hope that we won’t have to wait until she is in University just like Geo’s! lol!!

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Congratulations and don’t you just love the wonders of Life!

Indeed! I have done so many things in my life but never been a father. Check! Now if I can just get the baby to sleep at night life will be good! :slight_smile:

I note that the baby came right on time…Unlike Cerro/Auryn with the first quarter financials! :frowning: .

Really rather annoyed with Auryn. Things started out so well with them but very disappointed in how they have turned out to be as a partner and now owner in the last year. Good that I have a newborn to distract me while waiting for something/anything to happen.

I probably should mention that recently there was a major snowstorm on the Alto so if anything was going on up there, it likely put a temporary halt on things. The snowstorm was so significant that it even dusted downtown Santiago with snow with many feet falling in the mountain. Hopefully, a good bit of it has already melted as it is quite warm now:


Still here and the boys are 9!! WTH cant believe there is nothing much left!

awesome MIKE I remember calling LES going to hospital and asking if my money is safe my boys are going to be born and he told me “when you get out of the hospital your boys will be millionaire” HA what a douche


I never thought I’d see a post from you George where I would think that you held back your expression… and yet here it is.



I remember that! I did the same about my kids education and retirement. LOL
Good to be nearly done with this epic. Maybe you’ll get to pay for a wedding…