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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q2 General Discussion ⛰


I guess we are all mellowing with age.


“bellowing with rage” seems to be just sitting there for someone to take a swing at…

and i guess someone just did…



True enough. Ironically, the value of the “asset” hasn’t really gone down much (if at all). It’s simply that our piece of the pie has gotten infinitely smaller. We are currently trading at $50-$70M value depending on if someone hits the bid or takes the offer in CDCH. This would be no different than MDMN trading at 10 cents when it had 700M shares outstanding or 20 cents back to when some were around with 350M shares outstanding.

Yes, I appreciate this is a larger consolidation of assets, and an “granny’s apples vs. Fiji apples” comparison, but it’s not really much different from what the early investors identified as the opportunity for a compelling, speculative, investment.

Not to say that anyone’s wallets are any less light but, for those like Brecciaboy who’ve been touting the “mountain” all of these years, they still seem to be correct (as long as you don’t consider the time value of money). However, like the vast majority of the junior miners over the past decade that are down 90%+, DILUTION is the silent killer (not sugar). Throw a little old school, bulletin board fraud in the mix, and it all becomes that much more painful.

Unfortunately being right on the asset but wrong on the investment doesn’t put a Tesla (or Ford Raptor) in your driveway. Live and learn.


I’ve become a lot more patient and empathetic… (and maybe pathetic as well!), but to see JJ and/or LP in person, I think I’d have some not so mellow expression for them. I wouldn’t physically attack them, but I would leave no question as to how I felt about them.


Does anyone know if Cerro is going to put out the Q1 Financials this year?


They are reportedly expected shortly.


They are overdue but expected “soon” … :wink:
or should I say promptly, quickly, presently, anon, any minute now, before long, by and by, coming down the pike, ere long, expeditiously, in a short time, in due time, lickety-split, but NOT on time. :disappointed:
Needless to say, shareholders are all waiting!


Us Canadians are so polite, I’d even help Les down the stairs. Oops sorry about that Les


Actually I would soak a cloth with kerosene stick it up his azz and then light it!!


remember when Les falling down the stairs and having that “fracture” stopped the entire MDMN mining operation!

What a freakn joke. Can’t believe how pathetic some people are. but he’s probably chuckling how much money this thing made him. He is, and always will be a snake.


How can one forget, If I ran into him I make sure it was a long flight of stairs he went down next time…
Life can be a bitch but I believe in karma and he will pay, some day, some how for his actions.
We all sit here patiently waiting for this stories end. What a book it would make.


traderich I’ve grown LOL


has anyone spoken to any of the usual suspect how got hoodwinked by LES and JJ? Cerro guys? chapin, dr kleen etc??


I’m actually surprise Chapin didn’t go after Les on his own. Maybe he didn’t want to look like a fool in court, as Les pulled a fast one over him repeatly. What was it Twain called a gold mine :wink:


There were many good ones attributable, perhaps the most famous, but unverified: “A gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar standing on top of it.”

Twain had so many one liners about most everything. Greatly enjoyable.


If you look at google maps and follow road north up mountain and to right.looks like some building or even a plant? Dont know if its on our claim?


I don’t know if you are looking at what CHG had mentioned in post 430 as 3.5 km from the ADL, but it’s been being worked on significantly the last couple of years.

last Oct Karl mentioned:

Mr. Cordova mentioned “We want to buy Princesa Caballo, which is a property 3km to the north of Altos de Lipangue, where we have already completed mapping and sampling that have provided results ranging from 2g/t Au to 23g/t Au.” Caballo contains a 946m long breccia structure of unknown depth, but it would appear to be good prospect.

At that time I posted what I believed may be the Princesa Caballo that was located about 3 km North of the ALTO on an access road running directly from the ALTO. What is referred to as the Princesa Caballo is a much larger area, further North than that activity. The property 3.5 km away at the end of the road is therefore likely under AURYN or MASGLAS control. It now looks like this (2018 google image facing East):

Last Oct. this image was posted after Karl’s comment, but is not of what we now know as the Princesa Caballo which is under recent claims control by MASGLAS:


Cerro Q1 Financials:


Wow … Are my eyes deceiving me? Lol