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Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄
Cerro/Medinah/Auryn- 2018 Q1 General Discussion 🌄

Bitcoin > MDMN


Goodbye everyone, i sold everything, i am going full Cryptocurrency, there i can make up for my MDMN loss and more, much faster than waiting here, i don’t know how long, i will still check you guys from time to time, good luck with the new MDMN, wish you a lot of gains.


Hopefully, you were the seller of the last several million and not the short bus mafia of days past. All the best to you!


Wishing you well. I bought some of your shares this morning.


BTW 95% of cryptocurrency companies are scams, just like during the bubble, so be careful and just make sure their product is better than either Bitcoin or Etherem, otherwise it is likely will not survive…


I know, but some are scams, i stay away from these, i go with the legit ones, and cryptos are there to stay, banks will have to evolve.


Good luck with my shares :slight_smile:


I will make sure and feed them and let them get plenty of rest until they are fully mature. LOL


I am sure they are in good hands :wink:.


Not to get off topic, but you base your opinion on? I don’t believe comerciante was investing in a company, but mining cryptocurrency himself. IMO, I agree crypto currency is here to stay. The big banks are freaking out because they have no control over the currency to manipulate it for their own ends. Cyrptocurrency is a form of worldwide “cash”. Just like we all abide by the fiction a worthless piece of paper with Ben Franklin’s picture on it is worth $100, people of the world abide by the fiction a BTC is worth a whole bunch of Franklins. IMO, if you don’t believe BTC will survive, then you can’t believe any fiat currency will survive.

With the messed up governments, businesses, and markets around the world, I have more faith in BTC and the little guys around the world than the “leaders” of the government and business who are only out to take my money and put it in their pockets. Just this year, the BTC community has already prevented two different crypto giants from controlling BTC, which has resulted in two different hard forks of the BTC algorithm. Two different crypto mining giants (companies mining prob a million dollars a day) tried to change to algorithm to benefit themselves. The community said no, we are doing just fine right now. So the two giants had to start their own coins Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash. They both predicted the fall of BTC and people using their coins. BTG is languishing at a fraction of BTC and BCC less than 10% of BTC. This type of grass roots control over BTC is what the large banks and governments worry about. They can’t control it.

To see how far BTC has penetrated our financial system already, to a quick search for “BTC ATM’s near me.” For those people trading BTC, IMO, they share the same risk/reward scenarios we have as stock traders and investors in mining companies, just in another form. For those mining BTC, in effect, these people are taking the gold directly from the ground just like a real mining company. They then can convert the BTC (ie: gold) into any fiat currency they wish. With the bright minds and willingness to take a risk for a large reward of the members on this board, IMO you could earn quite a few Franklins yourself. I know I am.

IMO, we should all support a full and truly free market which allows each of us to value our wealth with the consent of like minded people without “closed door” interference from those who really don’t have our interests in mind.

Sorry for a bit of a rant. comerciante, I wish you all they best!


Wow Jak, thanks for the great post.


Your welcome


I too believe Cpyto’s are here to stay and that is why I am investing in them as well, but as far as mining the currencies, that is becoming harder and harder to do profitably, especially for an individual without a host of servers doing the work. My comment was in reference to every company coming out either indicating mining or starting a currency in a PR is going through the roof, like Long Island Ice Tea ,which just changed its name to long blockchain and the stock sky rocketed. It looks like the early stages of dotcom bubble forming only in crypto. Yes there will be winners, failures, and a lot of scams just like in the dotcom bubble. Believe me there is money to be made, it is just knowing which ones a simply scams and set for failure, thus my point about having something over on the big winners so far. .

I am more at looking at new cryptocurrencies and what they have over existing cryptocurrencies that will make them successes. Each crypto will have its own benefits like Etherem allows you to tie a digital contract to the currency making it very useful in business deal and likely to over take Bitcoin. JMO


I misunderstood your initial post and apologize if my rant seemed focused at you. I would agree being very careful of crypto mining companies as they do not have the strongest business models and mirror the dotcom bubble.

At least you feel I wasn’t totally off base about the viability of cryptocurrencies themselves. :wink: I agree different cryptocurrencies can have advantages over BTC through larger block size and true confidentiality, but unfortunately, they will take time to mature and gain market acceptance. Sort of like hybrid and electrics replacing the good old internal combustion engine. Gas engines are the behemoth and everytime the experts say internal combustion dead, someone revamps it and provides new life. IMO, BTC the same way. Because of its behemoth status right now, it has the market share to provide the growth and profitability right now and in the near future. IMO, ETH definitely gaining market share and has benefits over BTC. I also like Monaro due to its true confidentiality.

IMO you can make a profit by being a small miner (I am, and working on growing larger) and it helps offset volatile swings the the crypto markets as I mine coins whether price up or down. The mining software has advance significantly, especially in the last year to allow true hands-off profit switching mining.

Since this forum is, maybe mods could open a thread for crypto mining discussions, for those interested. Could maybe take our minds off the MDMN/CDCH/Auryn wait.


GREAT IDEA for another thread…Perhaps we could could add marijuana stocks as well. I would like to get into both…


Might as well call it “Emerging Markets” to cover cryptos, marijuana, driverless cars, and EV cars.


Good luck, wish you success.


As long as all of today’s discussion are OT on crypto currencies, I’ll add one more.
Is a global Crypto Currency in the making - a world currency based on cryptocurrency technology?
A rather long but interesting article:


Thanks hulk, and everybody else.