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MDMN - 2016-03-28 Weekly Discussion


Andy, fully agree, just announce the pending signing and outline the terms in a press release. No need for the shroud of secrecy.


WOW!!! WOW!!! Someone has been doing real trenching etc. New Google earth images are up dated 2-6-2016


Karen and Fortuna trenching among other things


Can you share images



Look at Fortuna for starters. I am having trouble sending images today. Just go into Google earth and look at Fortuna and don’t use the historical option period


Basically, it looks like somebody with a big backhoe is having a good time…trenches all over the place!


A lot of fun. The trench at the landing strip is over 900 feet long


Comparison of Aug 29 to Feb 6 - lots of work on Fortuna and on the old-pre-Auryn trenches which are on MDMN claims.

There also seem to be new wear areas over by the P.Nero - looking like sampling area.
You can also definitely see new wear over on the LDM. Nothing dramatic but definite results of activity.
For the first time you can also see wear areas out on areas of the Mambo claims which previously belonged to NUOCO.

I am little surprised there is not more new wear showing over by the Caren adits. They seem to have been running around everywhere else in the last 6 months.


It looks like Handshake’s board has been removed no longer exists. I wonder if he is still a stockholder. was removed for inactivity on Mar 22, 2016.


I know he was with the group that got shafted in MPIX. Hopefully if he’s invested here he can recoup some money


They also did trenches on the Merlin 1 over 500 feet farther south. The new big trench way at the edge of the plateau on Merlin 1 is over 500 feet long. I didn’t quite make the red circle on the left long enough to capture it in my first comparison post.

There are also a few new trenches well to the north of the Fortuna workings as it appears they try to identify the northern extensions of the Fortuna vein.


Things can progress rather quickly within a 3-6 month timeframe with regards to small scale production. Used equipment, including modular processing plants are going cheap in today’s depressed mining environment. From a post on the old mdmnfreeforums site:

Mike Gold wrote:

I think “bulk sampling” is code for small scale production when you are dealing with high grade gold veins which I don’t believe they have started yet. Pretty sure they didn’t have access to all the various assays/exploration results back in July so I think it is a safe bet that further contracts changes will be required to reflect the current situation.

cornhuskergold wrote:

Then perhaps the correct terminology is:

  1. “Bulk Sampling” =< LDMC approx 200 tpd = code word for an early type of “production” - probably involving trucking the ore somewhere
  2. “future production” (see May 29th PR) is something greater than that but still part of Auryn’s early production plans. And this would require new permits and thus the environmental study Auryn mentions and probably construction of local processing facilities

I don’t see #2 happening (including start of construction) without the Option or a TO. And #2 would probably take 12 to 18 mod to get operational and that’s after permitting allows construction to start.

EM wrote:

I see a couple possible economical solutions for a milling plant:
If AURYN chooses #1 with just bulk sampling to start, a modular plant could be up and running in as little as 3-6 months. After exercising the JV options or a TO, AURYN could expand into full production with additional permitting, and other necessary studies later. A modular plant processing up to 2000 tpd may be what is chosen such as is shown here:

Resources Modular Gold Plants (MGP) are complete turnkey modular gold plants designed for the 500 to 2000 ton per day producer. Permitting requirements and land disturbance are minimized as a result of the inherent environmentally friendly processing technology and compact footprint of the Modular Gold Plants.

If AURYN decides on #2 after completing environmental studies, permitting and PEAs, they may economically purchase a used plant from another company such as:

Phoenix Gold raises A$5M To Acquire Heap Leach Gold Processing Facility
In July 2014, the company had agreed to acquire the 2.3 million tonne per annum St Ives heap leach processing plant located near Kambalda, 70 kilometres south of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia from St Ives Gold Mines Pty Ltd for $2 million.
The 2.3 Mtpa St Ives heap leach processing plant consists of a 3 stage crushing plant, agglomeration drum, overland conveyors and stacking equipment, full gold recovery circuit and all associated infrastructure and spare parts.


Timmins Gold Acquires Process Plant and Infrastructure for Ana Paula Project and Announces C$6 million Investment by Goldcorp
The total purchase price to be paid by Timmins Gold to Goldcorp for the Plant is C$8.0 million…
The El Sauzal process plant is a nominal 6,000 tonne per day milling and processing facility with a cyanide circuit and a carbon-in-pulp circuit (CIP). The key items acquired by Timmins are:
– Crushing, grinding and cyclone circuit (including 300 hp jaw crusher, 6
x 21 ft apron feeder, grizzlies, conveyors, ore feeders, 24 x 9 ft 3000
hp SAG mill, 15.5 x 21 ft 3000 hp ball mill, grinding thickener,
– Leaching and thickening circuit (including pumps, leach tanks and
agitators, complete CIP system, pulp circuit);
– Reagents storage and mixing circuit;
– Carbon adsorption and stripping circuit, and complete refinery;
– Dry-stack tailings circuit (including tailings thickening, filtering and
– Cyanide destruction (DETOX) circuit;
– Mine site infrastructure (including all office buildings, warehouses,
maintenance shops, complete camp facilities, full on-site laboratory,
main substation and four electrical control rooms, standby generators,
multiple water storage tanks);
– Significant inventory of mechanical / electrical spares (including spare
motors for each mill, extra filter press).


So for us non-mining types, does any of this work lend itself to ore shipments being trucked for processing or is this still preliminary to that? Just trying to keep a perspective on what all of this activity means with respect to cash flow.


The mining will first start at the Caren adits. (There are 3 of them at different levels/elevations under the Plateau.) Nothing in the aerial photos helps us to show where they are at with that. The first step is to rehabilitate the adit entrances as they are old and unstable. I think this has either has now been done or is still a work in progress. Then mining equipment/workers etc will be brought in.

As the gold that will be mined will be very high grade initially, no big deal to have it trucked to Til Till to have it processed. However, this will eat into their profit margins of course and a long term fix is already in the works. As mentioned in a Medinah news release that the Boys were looking at proposed mill sites, Auryn is moving forward right now to establish ore processing on site.

FYI-with today being the end of the month, Auryn news is now imminent. (i.e.likely in the next 1 to 3 business days assuming that a tentative agreement has been reached to sell the Alto) I have no idea of what it might say or what level of detail it might have in it especially since the actual closing on any agreed upon sale is still a few weeks away.


Thanks Mike, very much appreciated.


This article confirms that those here on MP that like to point out spelling/grammar errors made by Medinah or perhaps other posters here on MP are jerks as I always suspected! :smile:


I’d rather be a smart jerk than a dumb anything. :wink:


Whatever happened to the mill that Greg Chapin said at the 2012 AGM that was being built locally at the base of the mountain by an Italian firm called Giancarlo?


relax it’s done done done!! LOL