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MDMN - 2016-04-04 Weekly Discussion

Not on topic but of general interest. If moderators want to delete or move it, feel free. :grinning:

Old Attack Method Revived to Steal Information

About 4 years ago, an attack method to reveal encrypted data that could be used, for example, to decrypt chat messages in Gmail or Facebook and many other “secure” connections on the internet, was uncovered. It was labeled CRIME (an acronym for Compression Ratio info-leak Made Easy). An offshoot of it was revealed in 2013, called BREACH (Browser Reconnaissance and Exfiltration via Adaptive Compression of Hypertext).

Those 2 attack methods have since been mitigated with subsequent updates on how encrypted traffic is handled by your browser, and a percentage of websites. But recently the BREACH attack method was revived. This was made possible because certain popular websites, like Facebook, have not really closed the door on the vulnerabilities that make the attack possible.

So careful with what you say in a Facebook or Google chat.

A chat application that doesn’t suffer from the above shortcomings? Wickr

Yes, it would probably help if folks would focus on things other than “management is incompetent”, which we’ve already heard 3,700 times. Exactly where do such remarks get us? Think about it. Ever shot yourself in the foot? On the other hand, if you think you have something to go with, then the United States does have a system for peaceful redress.

This would be brought up under “New Business” (c.f. Roberts Rules of Order), although you might have yourself a loser there, because management and other interested individuals currently have a majority of registered shares.

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I would love to see an actual proxy statement acknowledging my shares to be voted only by me and not by the BOD which usually votes whatever is held by Cede and company! It would also allow us to determine if there is truly a large short position or not! I do suggest that we all demand this from out BOD before any shareholders meeting. JMO

Also i would add to that list that they reduce the preferred convertible stock to whatever is currently outstanding! I almost forgot any debt outstanding should be repaid with cash and a very modest interest rate.


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MB, I believe that you have stated you are an attorney, if so, you should realize that pinks are incorporated in Nevada because it affords D&O protection from lawsuits due to idemnity clauses. So in essence, any legal action taken against the D&O is equivalent to suing the company shareholders are invested in.

More to the point of unflattering comments regarding the D&O. This is what happens when the onion is peeled back. There is certainly malfeasence and most likely illegal acts performed by officers and the board. Anything from issuing false and misleading financial statements to non-arm length transactions which I call “operation claim swap”.

Why the drum about our D&O keeps getting beat is one, obviously the share price, and two, their continued missteps. Look no further than the recent pr, the misstatements regarding free carried interest, but most importantly, the mention of billions of dollars in mineralization. Notice Auryn would never be so careless to ascibe any a vague dollar value to the properties/mineralization. Why, because it is a direct violation of SEC Industry Guide 7 and 43-101 to mention any monetary value without, in the case of Canadian companies, having a 43-101, and for American companies, having a feasibilty study.

Now go back to the day the option agreement was signed, if you thought that MDMN would end up with a cash less exercise price, you and many others would be saying the D&O are incompetent.


Agreed. Although I don’t agree with his tactics, where would this stock be without Les promoting things given that small amounts of selling can tank the pps without someone buying? IMO, the failed deals could have screwed us more big time without Les promoting.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy about some of the prices I bought at but bottom line is this while thing could have crashed without those buys and others as well.
This is exactly what shorts bank on
If you google “stock basher” and look up definitions, it states they are real and constantly bash mgt and threaten law suits
Are you helping your investment is a question I wish more would ask
Again, I’m not condoning anything Les has done but where would we be without it?
Sold off IMO

Bubba. As discussion re: management have proven to be very relevant to this investment I find it odd that you assign their “competency” as repetitive and irrelevant.

I’m guessing you would rather focus on:

How minimum ($100M) is actually a scaleable number.
How our (original) 15% was a FCI and not equity.
How a 20 cent TO is an absurd predicted outcome.
How to use all of the upfront $$ to issue buybacks and leverage the “disconnect”.
How $50 is a reasonable price target for MDMN.
How market makers are to blame for our weak price action.
Etc., etc…

While you may find references to our BOD as unproductive, I’d argue that all of the fairy tale disconnect garbage that we’ve already heard 3,701 was a lot more damaging to the quality of the conversation on this board. Basically IHUB content turned upside down (bullish vs. bearish). Not to mention that those who countered the fairy dust were labeled as disgruntled, blasphemous, bashers with an anger itch. Don’t worry, no apology necessary.


The current BOD or their stand ins will never give up control without a fight. As long as they can vote the street shares, I do not think we will ever move them from their seats. Les will protect his influence at all costs. Resolutions from the floor will be the best option to limit all the factors mentioned. Removal will be very hard.


[quote=“UsualSuspect, post:306, topic:1133”]
Resolutions from the floor will be the best option to limit all the factors mentioned.
[/quote] Yes, at least issues would be aired out in the open. Unfortunately, this does not allow common shareholders a process to propose agenda items BEFORE the GSM.

Under NRS there are mechanism’s to put forth motions for a vote not to mention inspection of the books and records. All it takes is person(s) comprising a minimum of 15% of common shares o/s, whether held beneficially or directly on the company’s books (usually “of record” or “cert form”).

It just takes engaging a SEC attorney to assist with the process. Total cost approx $5k


How does anything stop you from proposing any agenda item for the AGM? Have you formally requested an agenda item? You might be surprised.

Further, one does NOT have to be an SEC attorney to make demand upon a company for anything - one can always represent himself. And, with all the alleged brains we have on this chatroom board, that ought to be an easy to accomplish.

[quote=“mrbubba, post:309, topic:1133”]
Have you formally requested an agenda item? You might be surprised.
[/quote] Yes!
(see PMs)
Surprised? No, disappointed.

MB, unless has traveled down a road before, it is always wise to hire someone that has been there/done that. If you think this BOD/Officer is going to just roll over and allow control to shift to the common shareholders, well, I think different.

In addition, there are varying views on this team. Some just want improvement in their actions, some want to vote on all crucial matters, and others want a total house cleaning.

Take a look at Novagold, capitalization at about $1.8 Billion ( stock trades at about $5.50 under the symbol NG) has two 50% owned projects, one in Alaska (gold) and one in Canada (copper). They have no revenues and expect to hopefully be able to complete the permitting process sometime in 2017 on the Donlin claim in Alaska. I know it is apples and oranges comparison especially since Novagold has about $126M in cash on hand, but I was just thinking if Auryn had that $100 available now to put on their balance sheet. Their might be some similarity:

NOVAGOLD is a well-financed precious metals company engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties in North America. Its flagship asset is the 50%-owned Donlin Gold project in Alaska, one of the safest jurisdictions in the world. With approximately 39 million ounces of gold in the measured and indicated resource categories (541 million tonnes at an average grade of approximately 2.2 grams per tonne), Donlin Gold is regarded to be one of the largest, highest grade, and most prospective known gold deposits in the world. According to the Second Updated Feasibility Study (as defined below), once in production, Donlin Gold should average more than one million ounces per year over a 27-year mine life on a 100% basis. The Donlin Gold project has substantial exploration potential beyond the designed footprint which currently covers only three kilometers of an approximately eight-kilometer long gold-bearing trend. Current activities at Donlin Gold are focused on permitting, community outreach and workforce development in preparation for the construction and operation of this top tier asset. The Donlin Gold project commenced permitting in 2012, a clearly defined process expected to take approximately five years. NOVAGOLD also owns 50% of the Galore Creek copper-gold-silver project located in northern British Columbia. According to the 2011 Pre-Feasibility Study (as defined below), once in production, Galore Creek is expected to be the largest copper mine in Canada, a tier-one jurisdiction. NOVAGOLD is currently evaluating opportunities to sell all or a portion of its interest in Galore Creek and would apply the proceeds toward the development of Donlin Gold. NOVAGOLD is well positioned to stay the course and take Donlin Gold through permitting.

Looks like we trade sideways until we are SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED!!! Three more weeks of total boredom…

My disappointment with the contract is they (BOD)didn’t get a little more cash to pay the bills moving forward before we get a T.O. Once they stick their hand in the cookie jar they seem to keep eating. I see dilution a a liability moving forward. There are other liabilities but I thought this one was unnecessary.


It has been stated here how expensive it would be to get a nobo/obo and hold a complete vote, yet we want the burn rate reduced.
But my main question is where is this magical new slate of competent Directers going to come from? And I don’t mean a fantasy league of forum members who would not have time or motivation to participate or would have a pre existing agenda to sell us out? Job description includes willing to work for deferred compensation of a lot fewer shares than current rate.
Where is the list of qualified, experienced nominees/volunteers?
Do we just post it on Monster or ZipRecruiter?

This sounds sarcastic, but seriously… Who in reality?

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Here are two better questions.

What EXACTLY do these men do with while on the clock as Directors?

How many directors do we really need in the first place?

I’ll take one director that I can trust vs. these bozos any day.

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