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MDMN - 2016-04-04 Weekly Discussion


I missed one important BOD issue and that is one of our BOD members, non-AURYN-Letts affiliated needs to sit on the Auryn BOD.


Covered in the proposed list I made. Also, I believe that will be welcomed by AMC.


Sorry if this has been previously discussed, but how do you send a private message to another member on this board?


The irony in this is rich. I suppose sticking your head in the sand is more astute in your mind. As well as having Baldy run circles around you on most, check that, on all of these topics. And no, I don’t know anyone here nor have I brought anyone to this investment. I struggled to inspire any confidence when asked about management.

Thanks goodness for the mountain and for Auryn’s tenacity. I still think we’ll succeed despite the ineptitude of your “leaders”.


Bubba. Because you a “bit slow on the draw” I’ll try to help you out a bit. The reason why nobody pays attention to your “other side of the story” is because there is never anything to it (per DonD’s comments). Simply stating that a neutral arbitrator would view the Medinah Gold situation differently lacks any substance. Especially for those who know exactly what transpired. There is no other side of the story as it was a zero sum end result (Medinah Gold holders got zero and insiders now control all of AMNP). Just because you and BigBaboon like to think that our BOD should be given the benefit of the doubt (despite looking foolish for doing so over and over again) doesn’t mean that you are offering an alternative to those offering criticism. It’s empty content because you lack an argument.

Either way, thanks for the nomination. I’m honored.


Again, you are too DENSE to understand.

SAYING the other side of the story lacks substance versus actually hearing it from the other side (or at least from somebody who does not have an axe to grind) is really quite different. I think every person on this board understands quite thoroughly YOU will not be offering us a vigorous defense of management’s past actions. You really do not understand the value of this exercise, do you? Do you have any post-secondary education? Did you even graduate from high school? GED?

Again, I nominate YOU to present your one-sided story at the AGM. Do you have the guts? I am very confident you do not.


Your point is well made. One has to put themselves in the other’s shoes in order to see one’s own blind spots. Unfortunately that’s tough to do in this case because the information isn’t available to do so. Again, that’s part of the problem of operating like you’re private when you’re not.


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Check out MUX


As L&G pointed out it’s not just MUX, the GDXJ is showing some life. Some non-producing names that have good formal reserve backed assets and have been trading below NPV of those assets are seeing a sudden in flow of money: AAU, MUX, etc. BRIZF was up 15% yesterday and was up another 15% today for a while with a little profit taking this afternoon.

Looks like another step in money flowing back into the gold equity space and now even the quality non-producing junior space.

If Auryn can pull off their 2016 production plans and generate some formal resource/reserve reports they may end up having pretty good timing in relation to the recovery from this historically low gold-share down market we have been in. It’s still too early for that to show up in the MDMN SP, but its a good positive sign.

Still a long way to go:

10 year:

See the surge of the last few days on the 6 mos scale:


All this crap is BS and just designed to undermine other peoples opinions and posts. Everyone is free on this forum to state their opinions freely here without the bashing that goes on all the time This of course is my honest opinion.


3 Board members better than 2 as you have less chance with 2 of getting things approved. Too easy for 2 directors to negate each other.


Sorry Forum, i took down the jib jab clips, not choosing sides, but was a lame attempt at some levity to lighten the mood.


What a concept…now there’s something I can vote for…lightening the mood. Sheesh…


Thanks. The ad that came up after returning to the board froze all topics.
Deleting the ad “fixed” it.
Had me stuck for a few minutes … Now that was funny!:laughing:


So where is Mike Gold? Is he gone?



Pretty much. The reality is there is nothing to promote or do and there is no big forthcoming events to concern ourselves with. Close the deal and watch AMC execute is what it comes down to. :slight_smile: Mike decided to move on to other things in life. TR said it best.


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Will $10 000 gold move this SOB!!!


Good luck to you Mike and thanks for all your good intended efforts to kept us all informed during the hard times. Bon Voyage.