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MDMN - 2016-04-18 Weekly Discussion


Wow Mike…About 10 minutes after your post, someone bought about 900,000 shares. What took you so long???


Today’s close


MDMN is not correlated to the GDX/GDXJ. It’s a story stock that still needs to be told. I’m reminded of one of the good Doctors many responses to my thoughts on this matter back in Dec 2015:

“In order to continuously scratch your “anger itch” you keep throwing falsehoods at the brains of forum participants in order to recruit more pitchfork bearers. Recently you told us that even though the GDXJ which is an ETF that tracks the BEST OF THE BEST junior explorers is down 90% none of this applies to Medinah’s share price BECAUSE IT’S ALL THE FAULT OF MANAGEMENT. Can you recognize how sick of a comment that is and how deep your issues with management run? LEAVE THESE FORUM PARTICIPANTS ALONE. YOU’VE GOT PEOPLE IN A TOTAL STATE OF CONFUSION THAT THEY DON’T DESERVE TO BE IN.”

Sick indeed. There are many junior metals plays, along with MDMN, that have not participated in this rally. All of these names have one thing in common, they lack the proven resources the market demands to assign value. None of these stocks were or will be correlated to the precious metals sector until that happens.

In order to avoid a “TOTAL STATE OF CONFUSION” that posters like Doc create with their hyperbolic “what ifs” you would be wise to tame your expectations until we see something beyond grab bag assay results or tangible cash flow from early production. This will take a bit of time but the market will react and then Auryn will react with a swift TO. IMHO

The early TO that many of us looked for (until JJ refused to sell his shares) at the 10-20 cent level highlights the latest opportunity cost. Cashing out at the 10-20 cent level at anytime in the previous 3-6 months would have allowed people who wanted to stay invested in the space to make 300-400% in other more advanced plays. Waiting around for MDMN to go from 20-80 cents is going to take a looooooot longer than the move we just witnessed in the sector. FWIW


John, I’ll be OK with even a .05-.10 TO just ready to remove on from this Investment


As much as some people say we don’t know what the deposit isn’t and cant assign value because of that, I’ll add we don’t know what it is either but have good indicators
Decisions to sell will be made as we learn more IMO
With Auryn owning mdmn shares, I would think they’ll raise a ton of money on price appreciation.


Ok. So when this investment hits .05 -.10 I can expect you will be gone. And hopefully the rest of
the people that think like you will be gone too so we wont have this constant whining


Sure will rgver and you can join us :slight_smile:


Less than 10 cents isn’t my exit point. It is at least double that. But hey, you will be long gone. Good luck.


Why is everyone sooo confident that .05 to .10 is a slam dunk???


rgver all we can do is hope my friend. Good Luck with a .20 exit


You’ll likely have little say in your exit price so save the lectures.


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Based on this statement I don’t see a TO anytime soon.

MDMN effectively becomes an Asset Holding Company. All percentage cash flows, resulting from production on the mineral-rich Altos de Lipangue Project claims, will be disseminated to MDMN by AURYN Mining Chile SpA on a quarterly basis.

Further, the Company’s goals are to look at the real possibility of issuing cash dividends, and initiating share buy-back programs. Medinah shareholders will share in the free-carried ADL production revenues for many, many years to come.


As long as we MONETIZE this investment either with a TO or with regularly distributed cash divs, I couldn’t care less. All I want is cash flow and everything else will be up to par.

Cash is king.



Yes sir, lots of people fail to understand. There will be no quick TO here. The good news is that when the company starts paying dividends or buying back shares (or both) the share price will go up and these folks will be able to experience their “exit”.


Why are you basing anything on an update from MDMN? There are at lease three false statements in this update alone. This has already been covered. I can only hope that the private email chain coming from Les has finally stopped circulating as well.


When is a seller not a seller?

When he puts up 2.5 million on the ask three weeks ago and rides it down to .015 with 1.8 million shares remaining and sets there. He does not need the money because he has had numerous opportunities to sell at .014 but as long as he remains parked at .015 (and no one takes him out) he will cause anyone who does need to sell to sell at a price below his .015. It appears to me that his goal is to cap the price and force other shareholders who are selling to do so at a lesser price until evens remove his shares from the ask.

You might also notice that in the past he has offered those shares with CDEL and CSTI but today they are being traded through ETRF.


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Agreed, but I’ll suggest that the only way this artificial cap on the price would be beneficial to the person/group maintaining the cap is if they were using it to accumulating shares at a price below their cap.

We know that the price will eventually rise with action on the mountain so the cap serves no long term purpose otherwise.