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MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion


I can’t find this weeks Topic. Is this it ?


Yes. We’ll be moving to quarterly topic threads in the new format.


This format does not take me to where I left off reading i have to try to skim down and figure it out. Is there an option I can choose to do that. Old format took me to where I left off reading.


Nothing has changed there. You’ll find it will work exactly the same as soon as I finish migrating the old weekly posts into their appropriate quarterly topics.


Not another slow week…Auryn…Where are you???


Relax. Don’t expect a frequent news cycle. They’ll update us shortly. Then perhaps monthly or some other regular interval. This will no longer be a penny play run by hype and fantasy with bag holders left behind. AMC is going to be a producing mining company. May as well get use to it. This is one of the reasons I’m switching to a quarterly thread.


Not sure if anyone has already posted this link or not but it is the first time I have seen it.(Pic is of one of the Caren Adits)



Significance? I see lichen.

Also why does the photo appear to be heavily doctored? the dude’s hand looks straight out of an animation…



During the past century Caren was an active Au-Cu underground mine of gold-copper veins. AURYN’s team resampled and mapped mineralized structures and old adits. We obtained encouraging bonanza gold results with values up to 124 g/t Au.

Metallurgical test over samples from the old Caren mine are in progress, and preliminary results demonstrated up to 85% gold recovery. AURYN is confident of reactivating the Caren’s mine during the first quarter of 2016, facilitating the cash flow for exploration."


It’s not doctored as much as they’re trying to show what’s in the adit (a dark area) by adjusting the exposure. Doing so over-exposes what’s in the light.


Looking at the various other projects that MASGLAS has going…the Alto is leaps and bounds beyond the other 9 by any measure.

Couple of the more interesting include and


So I should be looking at the roof of the adit?
Thanks for the help here.


Does anyone know of Masglas has started production on any of the claims?tia


AURYN is confident of reactivating the Caren’s mine during the first quarterl of 2016, facilitating the cash flow for exploration.



The reference to 1st quarter is great, However, we are midway through 2nd qtr and have heard nothing. Maybe this means some real news or maybe the time frame is incorrect.


The site wasn’t ready to be public yet when Mike found it. I just looked at it and it’s refreshed.


Well there you go. Door # 2…


Someone in Masglas/AURYN keeping an eye on this forum? :slight_smile:
It was an accurate (or at least actual) quote from the website an hour ago!
Door #2 it is …
stay tuned.


Good to know in sentence two that there are easy access roads.