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MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion


I expect it to be good enough to move the market for a change.


I hope it is good enough for a “business wire” release. I assume just starting with a DONE…DONE…DONE…FINALIZED agreement would be a great start…


Good day today…Did anyone see the bid come up to .172 the last few minutes. It was almost like they were begging for shares. Hopefully, one day soon, that will be the case…



Quarterly report for both MDMN and CDCH are both due within a few days.
Will AURYN news announcement be released before the quarterlies come out?


Yes…in the next day or so.


We just might have some more future benefits to our stock from a relatively new technology?

Check out: Block Chain Technology!!!

This will basically eliminate the clearing house and stock will be able to clear within 10 minutes!

It has been used in: Bit-Coin!

Not sure exactly how it will impact the shorts, but Doc may be able to enlighten us on the possibility of ending their reign of power?


This is what we need to strive toward for the AGM. This is a scam and the pref’s will win the vote, but the beneficiary shareholders get a chance to vote.


Those concerned about Medinah managements past performance might be better served, and in turn better serve their investment, by concentrating on the fact that Medinah’s future is now in AMC’s hands. Going forward Medinah’s success is tied to the terms of the partnership agreement/sales contract with AMC and near 100% reliant on AMC’s success.


Lets go Auryn where’s the News?!!!

And the shenanigans continue 853k shares on the ASK .017


Interesting perspective yet completely inaccurate unless you can share with this board with “100% reliance” how many shares will be outstanding once MDMN breaks even from an operating standpoint and has resolved accrued liabilities. Is it 1.5 billion shares, 3 billion shares?

Investors would be well served to consider the past actions of the current BOD in properly understanding their investment. One needs to look no further than CDCH as a case study for what COULD happen from a dilution standpoint and what WAS the end result b/c some shareholders were not under the illusion (delusion) that our BOD’s spotty past has no effect on our current ROI.


Not so completely inaccurate when you pay attention to all the words.


So according to you, no one should invest on mdmn???


Fair enough. So 50% reliant on AMC’s success if we have 3 billion shares outstanding and 100% (from here) if we have 1.35 billion shares outstanding. Keep in mind, CDCH went from owning 50% of the Fortuna to 100% with additional shares being clawed back because the Days had the fortitude to call BS on JJ’s claims. Point being, it’s important to stay vigilant until our “management” is completely out of the picture. This would include Vital and Gary who were complicit in the Mefinah Gold fiasco. IMHO


It appears that many of Medinah’s shareholders do agree with this point. Of course we are saddled with the questions, who is qualified and available to take on those positions if they were vacated?

How can we be certain that we won’t replace one problem with a worse problem?

How do we go about getting the votes to remove any director(s) who do not volunteer to step down?

How do we insure that the authorized shares are rolled back to 1.5 - 1.7B from the current 3B regardless of who is setting on the BOD?

If the above actions are not voluntarily done by the current BOD then how does the shareholder base move to insure action to accomplish this without adversely affecting public appeal and the share price assuming this could likely all take place while Medinah finds itself in the sweet spot of rising share price as a result of AMC’s production and/or exploration success?

If we don’t have a good answers to the above questions then what good does it do to keep bringing it up several times a week?

If there are good answers to the above, what’s the plan to move to accomplish them?



You make some good points. There does need to be a plan that shareholders will support. Which comes first, the realization that action needs to be taken or a plan of action. The purpose for repeating the need for action is to build acknowledgment and support among shareholders. Chicken and egg situation, plan or support, which comes first. The blue sky predictions and near term sales pitch have a lot of shareholders afraid to ruffle feathers. Seems to me the feathers need to get ruffled first among shareholders in order for them to reach the realization that action is necessary. Thus the repetition. Hoping for better results with the same BOD pulling the same shenanigans for 15 years is what got us to 1.35B shares and $0.017 per share. Hope is not a plan, but a plan requires a predominance of shareholders support in order to work unless somehow the current BOD gets religion and starts acting responsibly, which is more than I can hope for given the lack of information from MDMN and the evidence of past BOD actions. We need to make sure the cards are dealt straight and not the previous BOD method of 2 for them and 1 for us.


I like to point out that the vast majority of "shenanigans’ that were played on us were related to Juan and the implosion of the junior mining sector caused by the fall of commodity prices. The shenanigans were pretty much unavoidable since Juan had Medinah by the balls and of course nothing they could do about the falling metals prices.

Juan is gone and there are some signs that at least gold has stabilized/recovered and perhaps copper has near a bottom as well which should help going forward.

Auryn is basically now in control and of course changes in the BOD will be coming as a matter of course.


Mike you still hearing Auryn coming out with news this week?


The problem here, as I see it, is that BE has made “THOUSANDS” of negative post toward the BOD and that’s all he does. When the share price was going down hill he really didn’t directly affect the share price in a negative way. But now that we could very likely be moving toward a positive share price in the near future I don’t see the value of BE continuing his ongoing attack on the BOD unless he has a plan to offer that will correct the situation.

Action may be considered necessary but only if the degree of action results in a positive outcome of reducing or eliminating a problem. Consistent calls to action is worthless without an achievable plan to accomplish it. BE has worked for years to provide thousands of post in an effort to diligently ruffle shareholders feathers concerning the BOD. I believe that for the good of the future share price and the shareholders it’s time to either act or stop stroking the feathers.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting to forget the past or not be vigilant of activities that might be accomplished in an attempt to repeat it. I am suggesting that if we have no positive action available for us to take at this time, then our best option might simply be to diligently watch and evaluate events as they unfold.


I would hate to see this board without a Bald Eagle or for that matter a MG, BBoy, Wiz and several others. They all proffer information/opinions as does Don D. I appreciate all postings, even though I may disagree with them.
The more I know the more informed I become.
My unbiased thanks to all.