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MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion


It’s being worked on. Mike is mostly right. The biggest issue has been solved.


Would that be the big issue as far as JJ’s shares go?


Maybe we should start a poll was JJ shares resolved and he finally delivered the balance of the shares to Auyrn?? Is this going to be in the news release?


No. I was referring to getting the 50% of the property back to MDMN.


At the risk of repeating myself for the 1001th time. I’d look to CDCH as a case study (where shareholder action DID make a difference) and would point out there are several positive actions available and being pursued related to MDMN. Just because you’ve taken the “don’t rock the boat I’m a helpless shareholder” position, doesn’t mean that others are doing the same. Thankfully.

I can only assume you understand the concept that this message board is more of a forum for entertainment and occasional due diligence on the asset and things actually happen offline?


moo . . .

There are plenty of things happening right now. I don’t think we need to be overly concerned about the MDMN BOD going rogue and issuing lots of shares.

I believe a new MDMN is here. Everyone will start to realize that soon enough. Our best days are ahead of us and the worst is behind us.


Auryn where’s that update?!


Was there a premarket trade of 141000?


yes. it went at .017.


Can I get an l2 please



Just bought a partial trade at .0169 someone please sell me the other half! :slight_smile:


I’ll sell you all you want at .169, you people that are splitting pennies by the hundreds down here are part of the problem. If you want the shares just buy them at the ask, the bay will rise.


There’s 750000 on the Ask at .0178. They’ll sell them to him


In the morning it was CDEL offering 750k on the ask now ADTF took over the reigns with the 750k meantime CDEL is at .0185 on the offer. big games in front of our eyes!


I know of several shareholders that have sold over the last couple of weeks that account for most of the volume. Don’t be so sure that its the MM’s are playing games. These shareholders are pursuing other opportunities in the interim while we wait for news and achievements that will actually move MDMN’s share price.


I love hearing the stories of musical chairs. At some point the music stops. I don’t know many who play it skillfully and make real money doing it relative to the time it takes to do it well. Good luck to them.


Especially with the lack of liquidity (large spreads) in MDMN and esp. CDCH.

However, having said that, such reports do show that the MM blame game is typically inaccurate and is largely an interpretation made to fit a beloved theme of good vs evil, … with us in the role of ‘good’ of course … obviously


Kevin are you hearing the same rumor that Auryn is coming out with an update this week?


They’ll never learn that gunney, and couldn’t agree with you more.