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MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion


Sorry but this is a lame post considering everything we know that’s going on and everything that’s happened since Auryn stepped in which bears no resemblance to the past eight years. Thanks and goodbye. :+1:


Calm before the storm? :smirk:


AMC preparing for this, let’s ride the wave. I know we have been floating in the ocean for 25+ years. And we are getting close to shore.


There is a new shareholder update on the Medinah website…Chapin has resigned. Who might take his place??? Is that good or bad??? Any thoughts???


Because the website is so horribly broken, here’s the link to it:


Auryn has taken control


Watch what comes next. Imminent.


So Mike…You like it…I thought he was the only responsible guy we had left on our BOD…
Who is going the run the General Shareholder Meeting in October??? Les…Goodin…Vittal Karra??? Really…


Masglas will be running the show. Have a good weekend all :smiley:


Diligently watching…:grinning:


He has wanted to do it for years and was only waiting until JJ was out of the picture and he was not required to keep funding the daily operation of Medinah!
Long overdue!!!
He must know everything is totally under control or he would not resign!


If we have significant changes to the BOD - I-Hub will have to find some new material to spin.


I would not be surprised by Thomas being the replacement and/or someone with close ties to Auryn/Masglas. Remember Goodin is now on the Auryn BOD.


That would be great but not very likely with Greg out!


Greg Chapin would not leave until the deal was done and in good hands for making returns in the future. We are under way for a great ride. (Still to see the pace of sp rise…It’s A Small World of California Screamin’ without the downs)


I just hope this is the beginning of something special. Like most been here for about 7 years, it’s been very frustrating but I held on. Now I have accepted the fact I might not make money I thought I once would…it’s not all about the money now lol
Its more to prove a point to all family members, CO workers, and friends that laugh at us when we talked about this stock. I want the last laugh now
Hopefully this is the beginning. .


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Good luck to Greg. I was surprised that Greg did not “admonish” the shareholders in his final statement:grin:


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Yes. We can now say “Done!” We’ve wasted a little more than five years and suffered a good bit of dilution in transition getting to this point. Most everyone knows why it happened this way. Nevertheless, we are now here and it’s time to move forward.

We have what we have. It’s time to spend the next several years discovering what the ADL contains and how much 25% of it spread out over 1.5B shares is worth.