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MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion


I wouldn’t think Auryn would come out with an update on a Friday, may see one Sunday or early next week.
Looking forward to seeing what they have to say.


I agree. As much as I am desperate for an Auryn update, I would prefer to have it early next week as opposed to today. Although, it would be nice to see some buying today, in anticipation of that update…


We remain on IMMINENT status. However, it appears that Auryn may have combined some separate news items into one; hence why we haven’t seen it yet. Extra undue patience always helps when dealing with Medinah/Auryn!


So our miserable SP is the fault of the shareholders that buy at the bid? Instead they should artificially prop up the SP in order to add a 1/10 of a penny or so?


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With all due respect, it doesn’t appear to have helped at all.


Now that is good Fri the 13th humor. LOL


There is no risk of you not repeating yourself. For you it appears to be a life choice.

Yes, it’s a very good thing that the Days are shareholders who were in a position to take action to make a difference. But there is a difference between communicating with the Days and actually performing or participating in a physical action that brings about change. There is a difference between encouraging one to take action vs. actively participating in the action to bring about the change, vs encouraging the change and then once it occurs inferring that one was a participate in the action that brought about change when in fact they were simply riding the coattails of the change makers.

I’m sure there are several positive actions that are being pursued but based on your lack of answers to the questions put to you in previous post I’ll assume you are not actively involved in them but rather just simply watching to see how the actions of others unfold and once they do you will evaluate them to see if you are willing to bestow your coveted seal of approval.

You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? You were asked for a workable plan and had none to offer.[quote=“DonD, post:275, topic:1234”]
If there are good answers to the above, what’s the plan to move to accomplish them?

I have heard some say, “words are hard”, but I’ll point out to you once again, “all the words matter.”

Again… the part you must have missed.

I’m still waiting to see your action plan, if you have one, other than complain about Les and the BOD three times a day and repeat.


So do you think imminent is now next week?


The watch pot never boils! :slight_smile:



There comes a point in a back and forth on this board when the banter goes from entertaining to a waste of time. Based on your comments above it’s more than obvious that you don’t have even the most basic of understanding of the CDCH situation. You clearly haven’t spoken to the Days re: CDCH nor any of the active shareholders of MDMN, and you have no concept of the risk of dilution in MDMN (100% in AMC’s hands?). My pointing out that your statement was inaccurate wasn’t criticizing Les or JJ for the umpteenth time, it was criticizing your lack of knowledge for the investment at hand. I don’t consider myself an overly intelligent individual but even I can recognize when arguing with a wall can be considered more constructive. We’ve hit that wall.


Sorry. I no longer deal in rumor. :slight_smile:


So your saying it’s true. Ok I feel better


I had hoped that you would have some reasonable answers to those questions I provided to you. It looks as if you either don’t have them or, if you do, you are unwilling to share them. That being the case you are correct, it is pointless in continuing the pursuit for those answers. END


I’m not saying it’s true or false. I’m saying I don’t deal in rumors any longer.


Now are we back to the usual “mondayish” or “tuesdayish” or “1 or 2 days” or
next day or two" or “middle of the week” or “by the end of the week” or “today or tomorrow” or the always “NEXT WEEK!!!”??? Been a long 8 years of this; but guess some people need to be kept pumped and waiting. If you guess a hundred times, you have to be right at least once or twice. I’m just not a believer any more and will just stick to Next Week, or Next Month, or more likely Next Year! Keep guessing–seems to keep some happy here.
Bye forever.


A long 19 years for me.


This is what happens when deal with rumor not facts.


[quote=“comerciante_de_ouro, post:305, topic:1234, full:true”]I never buy at bid, i always buy at the ask, to encourage share price rise.[/quote]Unless you are a market mover or are anxious to take a position on a moving stock, this makes no sense.

If you are a serious investor, it is always wise from a profit-vs-loss aspect to treat yourself as a business, not a charity. Buying at the ask on a stagnant stock would be considered charitable…and I’m sure those selling truly appreciate it. I know there is often camaraderie between fellow investors on message boards and I believe sharing due diligence and other valuable decision-making knowledge is essential among a shareholder community. However, investing and specifically buying and selling stocks ultimately is not a team sport.