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MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion


Will be interesting to see if we can breach the 200MA this week…


35%-51% of a dividend would go back to Auryn.


The shares are held by Masglas, AMC’s parent company.


Can I get a l2 please Tia


updated 2 minutes later


I recall that there were about 17M shares of MDMN and about 1-2 Million shares of CDCH. The answer to what happen to those shares is I heard they were sold as used to pay off expenses, fwiw.


It appears our bigger sellers has been inactive for about ten trading days. Perhaps they are finally done, and realize that we are now the real deal. Plus, at this point any seller knows a better price is most likely just around the corner. Once Auryn starts releasing some “official” announcements and mining updates, we should see some gradual buying. I do not think it will take much buying to get us back to .03…IMHO…


No he is not done quit yet. :grimacing:


I’m starting to think these guys actually read our boards and double down whenever somebody says they’re finished. Why do I think I’ve seen this more than a couple times?


That’s also what I heard. I also hear that they are working on the financials.


I still say the seller is gone…Just look at the volume. Who cares if the stock is up or down a little bit on low volume. Once the buying starts, it should be fun…


Mike Gold or Breccia Boy

Are the numbers for Cu and Moly in the 3 old moly mines thought to be similar to the Moly porphyry?


No. It was a high grade area they mined so the porphyry would be much lower grade. With the price of Moly in the crapper, not sure it adds much value to our investment anymore no matter what the grade although it would be co-mined/byproduct of the future open pit copper mine which would make the mine a little more profitable.


So what is the grade of the Moly porphyry? It is said the Moly porphyry is really at surface so we must have an idea. I think Doc mentioned that.I understand the Moly high grade was about 2% copper and 1% Moly. The Mo content of viable ore bodies ranges between 0.01 and 0.25%.


Nobody knows…it hasn’t been drilled.



  1. How do we know it is not representative of a porphyry at surface where the mines are located??
  2. What is the nature of the enrichment that tells us it is not anything like the porphyry?
  3. How can we say the Moly porphyry is at surface if its not except for the 2% copper and 1% moly found and mined in 3? locations?



Take a gander at Auryn’s Update on the topic:

They reference 860ppm Mo and 1.2% Cu in the headline summary.

That’s good Cu grade at surface but hardly unheard of when you cherry pick an area you are interested in. It just means it justifies the interest. If you look at the PN map in the Auryn presentation on their web page you see most of the samples were in the 0.1% to 0.3% range.

The headline Mo grade (860 ppm) is quite high but if you look at the map they provide you see that in most of the places is is between 1 to 25 ppm, not 860ppm which was obviously a hot spot, maybe inside those audits where mining was done in the past.

Again - interesting … anomalous … but hard to say more, except, bring on the drills.


Mike…Any idea until we might be getting some “official” news from Auryn? I assume it will not be until next week. Monday or Tuesday is always good…


And moly leaches out just like copper and gold.The 3 moly mines are at least underground a bit. How far I have no idea, Do you? What type of deposit is in the 3 moly mines?


Don’t know but next week is an excellent possibility.