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MDMN - 2016-05-02 Weekly Discussion


Kinda like this announcement? :slight_smile:

Jose Roberto de Romana Letts

Jose Roberto de Romana Letts was appointed to the Company Board of Directors position on May 11, 2014. He has a long history and strong ties in the mining sectors of South America, specifically Peru & Chile. Recent positions in the mining industry.
Gregory A. Chapin


I agree. That announcement was great at creating a pop. Did you buy the news and hold? If so you are down between 50 and almost 1000% at current prices, which means the news wasn’t compelling enough to attract the type of investors that will bring us a meaningful exit


My investment style is to buy incrementally over longer periods of time.
Those investors that bought only to hold are likely long gone, except for the very vocal complainers.
(I had a sizeable position before the pop, and still do.) Have you noticed how the shareholder base has seemed to have noticeably shrunk over the last year or two? Especially noticable with our 'lil sister stock!


I don’t know if this has been posted before. Nice read about Masglas.


Nice to see the Spanish version. Does anyone know how difficult it is for those in SA to buy OTC stocks in the US?


Not if they use a Cayman broker.


Not sure what your point is here? You seemed to have segwayed from the original discussion of what constitutes compelling news flow (news that brings in and keeps new investors) Your point reinforces my side of the discussion. If investors are leaving the investment (along with a significant drop in shareprice) this shows a lack of intrinsic value in the company not the opposite. Luckily I think the days of being stuck down here are numbered. I think the first technical event will be breaking the 200MA. As for the first fundamental event, I’m not sure and I doubt anyone outside Auryn know either.


I disagree. It shows the typical pennystock daytrader mentality that expected a very quick return and wants a vocal voice as to how to run a mining company! Opportunities present themselves every day. Ideally, a balanced and diversified portfolio will allow for slower developing but profitable investments overall. Thankfully, there is not one investment strategy that suits everyone. [quote=“MiguelAu, post:152, topic:1234”]
Luckily I think the days of being stuck down here are numbered.

I agree Wholeheartedly. As to the first fundamental event? … Try cash flow and proven resources, Perhaps bringing in a larger mining entity, periodic dividends, or an announcement of a TO (much further up the road, I hope). I don’t expect daytraders are going to hold onto this investment, especially technical chartists.


I don’t think the peeps scheduling the SHM in Oct are any more enlightened than the dopes that scheduled one in 2012. I do expect more substantive news by then but I didn’t realize we were talking about catalysts 6 months out.


Any substantive news is not only expected, but also welcomed before then. I’d like to see actual proxy voting for ALL shareholders via electronic voting through the various brokerages by then. What do you think the chances of that will be? I missed the 2012 SHM. Were you present? Do you think Letts accomplished what he set out to do (consolidate the claims on the mountain) when he initially came on board as a BOD member? I don’t know how you can compare the 2012 SHM to anything that is occurring since AURYN became actively involved in beginning the monetization process of the ADL and surrounding claims. I do wonder if Letts will be presenting a progress report and plans for the future at the next meeting though.


I hope Auryn is successful in obtaining more of JJ shares. My gut tells me the more shares they procure, the more information they will be sharing…


I think you must have missed a good number of months of MDMN information. The Letts are no longer involved and haven’t been for some time.


[quote=“Wizard, post:157, topic:1234, full:true”]
I think you must have missed a good number of months of MDMN information. The Letts are no longer involved and haven’t been for some time.
[/quote] Kevin,
Really? :wink:
Quite aware Letts resigned from the BOD of MDMN. I wasn’t focusing on just MDMN, but the success of monetizing the mountain and MDMN’s 25% equity interest through AURYN. I presumed Letts had accomplished his main objective of consolidating all the properties of interest that were formerly under the control and mismanagement of the Quijanos before Letts resigned from MDMN’s BOD. There were many sequential steps involved in this over the past 2 years. Monetization of the mountain is the main goal that lies ahead, isn’t it?
Did Jose Roberto de Romaña Letts also resign as President of AURYN? If so, I guess I missed a good number of months of what has actually been going on behind the scenes.

Did the rest of the governance of AURYN also disappear when their names were removed from AURYN’s website? Just a WAG, but there are likely a few additional names that have been added, as well. Maybe I did miss the structure of AURYN … Is it all Masglas now? Doesn’t AURYN still have a governance structure as a subsidiary under Masglas? Are the following formerly listed management on AURYN’s website no longer relevant? I know AURYN has added many additional individuals to it’s list of expertise now on it’s payroll. I would think all are like minded in doing the exploitation and exploration in an expedient, professional and efficient manner. Hopefully, MDMN shareholders will learn much more leading up to October’s GSM.

Irene Letts Colmenares – Chairwoman and CEO

Ms. Irene Letts Colmenares serves as Director of Volcan Compania Minera S.A.A. She was appointed to this post on March 22, 2012. She was appointed as Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Company on March 8, 2013. Moreover, she has served as Director of Ferrocarril Central Andino SA and Ferrovias Central Andina SA since 2004. She studied at the School of Social Service of Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and at the Faculty of Economics at Universidad de Lima.

Jose Roberto de Romana Letts – President

Mr. Jose Roberto de Romana Letts has been a Director of Vena Resources Inc. since September 1, 2008. Mr. de Romana Letts has been a Director of Medinah Minerals Inc. since May 13, 2014. He served as a Director of Granja Gold Inc. He serves as a Member of a well-known and respected family involved in the mining industry in Peru. He has worked in the Peruvian mining industry for many years in senior management positions, his last position being with Volcan Compania Minera S.A.A., one of the largest mining companies in Peru. Mr. de Romana Letts holds Advanced Management degrees in Management and Finance from St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas.

Italo Volante Gomez – Director

Mr. Volante is a Chilean lawyer, specialized in Environmental, Safety Corporate & Mining law. Has held several positions in public entities such as the Health and Environmental agency in Chile. Also, has served as Legal Director for Latin America of a French Carbon Credit Company, being responsible for the expansion and development of environmental projects all over Latin America. Currently serves as a compliance officer in a waste management company in Chile.

Carlos Jimenez Rodriguez – Director

Mr. Jimenez is a Peruvian Lawyer, specialized in Mining Law. Mr. Jimenez is a graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru Law School and has postgraduate studies at Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. He has worked in different government agencies, most recently INDECOPI and OSIPTEL. He also teaches Antitrust Law at Universidad de Lima Law School. Mr. Jimenez is at the present time the head of a well-known Mining and Environmental Law Firm in Peru, which among others, counsels companies such as Barrick, Anglo American Quellaveco and Michiquillay, Compañia de Minas Buenaventura SAA, TGP (Transportadora del Gas Peruano).

David Bent – Director

David has over 40 years of experience exploring for base metals, precious metals and uranium in over a dozen countries. He worked for Noranda Mines for over 27 years and also for Normandy and Newmont prior to becoming a consultant geologist working with Junior exploration companies in Canada and Peru. He has worked on several projects that have been developed into World Class producers such as Real de Angeles (Ag-Zn-Pb) in Mexico and Antamina (porphyry Cu-Zn) in Peru. He is a Canadian citizen presently residing in Lima, Peru and is a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Nova Scotia and the Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru.


That information isn’t accurate. I don’t have the time to go into it. Much of it was already posted on this forum many, many weeks ago.


So, is AURYN a wholly owned subsidiary of Masglas now? No separate management … fully funded by Masglas investors?

Appreciated if you post a link when you have time. I must’ve missed all that!


I don’t think Auryn is planning on big publicity when they announce all of the good news. We need really good volume to get past the shorts. They have been the ones keeping the sp down for months. They will freak out if they have to cover. But good news for us.


There’s not a link. Part of the problem with trying to follow a private company. Most of the information remains obscured.


Yes AMC is a wholly owned subsidiary. No, the Letts are not involved to the extent you posted they are.


It’s never been a one-man show, but Letts was instrumental in bringing the project together under one roof. It was exciting news to learn AMC’s Executive Chairman is Maurizio Cordova, whom you interviewed at PDAC. So who else is on (or still on) the Board of Directors AURYN Mining Chile SpA?
Since information was taken down, the only named executive is Maurizio Cordova . Surely there are others. Mentioned in various updates are Luciano Bocanegra, Mario Arancibia, Felipe Astudillo, and Aquiles Alegriaare as project geologists. How many others are on the payroll and currently working the equipment on the mountain? Are drills turning? When will trucks be rolling? Anxious for news, whatever gets announced. With MDMN apparently not much more than a holding company, can remaining BOD members be reduced to one?


Perhaps a more interesting question would be why would the Lettses, on the precipice of making a load of money, simply bow out and move on? I think somebody said they still own their stock maybe - ir are THEY the ones who have been selling? But, getting out just because they hate JJ? That doesn’t make sense. Is there something negative lurking out there? Hmmmm …