MDMN Shareholder Census

After speaking with other shareholders I am willing to setup and manage a census of MDMN shareholders that frequent The Mining Play.

This is a private census and is completely voluntary. The problem we have had with other census attempts is that people sabotaged the results by entering bogus information. Also individuals entered information but were double counted because they were included in other people’s “groups”.

We are going to avoid that in this attempt. There is a link to the census below. I will be the only one with access to the responses. I will keep individual information confidential. I will build an email list from the respondents and report the totals to the respondents. If you don’t trust that I will keep your information confidential, please do not participate.

The following seven questions are in the survey.

  1. What is your name?

  2. What is your email address?

  3. What is your handle on The Mining Play?

  4. How many shares of Medinah Minerals do you own?

  5. Are these personal and family holding or is it for a group of

  6. If this is for a group of shareholders please list the names of the
    people in the group.

  7. Are you willing to be contacted to verify your holdings?

Do not answer the questions in this forum. Answer them here at this link.

If your holdings seem abnormally high, you will likely be contacted by me to verify the accuracy of them. We don’t want artificially high numbers…they are meaningless.

If you are buying and selling, please keep your entry updated so we maintain an accurate count.

As numbers change I will update the entire group via a blind copy on an email.

Again, this is strictly voluntary. The information of individual amounts will be kept completely confidential.


If you know people who are not on The Mining Play, you can send them the link if they want to participate. They can fill out “NA” in the question regarding TMP handle.

Might be nice to add broker to see where most of the shares are held.

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There are over 100 responses to the census. Google is now blocking my outgoing email that has all of you blind copied. It is considering it spam.

How does everyone feel about me publicly posting updates here on this thread?

  • Yes - post the updates here.
  • No - figure out a way to keep it private and only for those who responded.

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This is not a majority rule. I just want to get a feel for what people think about posting publicly what I have already been emailing to you all privately. I don’t want to dishonor my initial statement about not sharing it publicly, yet I also want everyone who participated to be updated.

If you have a very strong objection to me posting it publicly, please email me. I’m open to reason.

As long as the info posted is only that which has been shown in the emails and not the names/email addresses I’m ok with it. Just felt it important to be clear on that.


Exactly my intention.


I broke up the distribution list into several small batches and sent out the report that way. The census is now closed!