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Medinah/Auryn - 2018 Q3 General Discussion


Symbol change on Monday. My birthday. Could be a good omen.


Thanks…So based on the current price of cdchd at 1.43 the equivalent mdmn price would be .0082. If that was so, I would think we would be seeing more buying of mdmn at .0041. Which makes me skeptical that the conversion ratio will hold up. I guess we will find out in about 4-5months…


I believe that Auryn will try to keep the price above 1.00 in order to move to a higher exchange, even possibly the nasdaq.


How about the AMEX Karl. Isn’t that the exchange where many/most of the miners go?


The supposed multiplier is .00558. Price of MDMN could go up, price of CDCHD/AUMC could go down, but if the conversion rate doesn’t change, arbitrage will bring the prices in line as we get closer to the conversion date (which is also an unknown).


I really do not know, and you are probably right about the Amex, but I thought it would be something if they got onto the Nasdaq. I know the $1.00/share is a requirement there, and I believe it is $3.00 on the Amex, but I am not sure.


At the end of 2017, after satisfying the Cash Call loan debt, Medinah communicated owning a stake in AURYN (AHC) of 23.559%. It was at this time Medinah announced the anticipated ratio of 0.558 shares of CDCH (read as 0.00558 post R/S).

In the 2018 Q2 Medinah states owning a 24.848% equity stake in AURYN Mining Chile SpA (AURYN).

Has the anticipated ratio perhaps changed (24.848%/23.559% = 1.057)? Is a better estimated ratio now 0.00558 X 1.0547 = 0.00589? I would think the expected 291,500 shares of Cerro/AUMC are already accounted for in the original ratio, but don’t know for sure. Maybe that’s what accounts for the slight increase in the percentage equity ownership in AURYN.


It’s been many years since I looked into those things. I remember at least a decade ago it was a dollar minimum to list and maintain on the AMEX. Not sure now. It certainly would be something special if they went to the NASDAQ, but even if it happens I think we’re talking another decade plus short of being acquired or a merger.


Minimum $1 for Nasdaq and $3 for Amex.


Received this from my broker…

Priority: NORMAL

1 AUMC@PINK Symbol Change

AUMC@PINK has announced a change in ticker symbol. Effective Sep 10, 2018, the ticker will be updated from CDCHD to the new ticker AUMC.

Please click here for information regarding IBKR’s corporate action notification process.

Please click here for important disclosure information.

Sep 08, 2018 23:01 EST


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Standard #3 looks interesting.


I did not get fees for the RS from TDA because I am an Apex client. Got notice that the Apex program was being dropped because they wanted to give all clients the same great service. All terms remain the same EXCEPT a few fees may be reinstated… like most of them! Like the $38 fee for mandatory reclassification, etc, of course.
Look forward to hassles when the rest of the changes take place! Effective date is Oct. 8


Bye Bye CDCH…


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Now let’s get some real news since Auryn has their own symbol. I would expect to hear the signing of the definitive agreement any day now and maybe a JV with Freeport? that be awesome!!


What’s wrong here. I would have bet
that you guys would be vying to trade
the first share of AUMC. Immortality.
And no trades yet.


My broker doesn’t recognize the symbol yet.


My broker doesn’t recognize the new symbol yet either. I use Charles Schwab.


TDA does not yet either.