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Medinah/Auryn - 2018 Q3 General Discussion

My TDA account recognizes it.

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My Charles Schwab didn’t an hour ago but does now. Current price $1.55. Bid: $1.70, Ask: $1.82

looks good.

MY TDA account showing a 1,000,000+% gain on AUMC. :smirk: I wish.

My td ameritrade is showing $1.80 but I have no bid or ask

1.80 / 1.82

Bid $1.80 Ask $1.82 TDA

When will the arbitrage kick in . . . I could handle a penny a share

Now all we need is to say good bye to mdmn

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That’s coming soon, imo. I am counting on 0.00558 a share of AUMC for my MDMN sometime in Q1 2019.

::: corrected after @Karl caught typo :::



My etrade shows AUMC Market Cap of 1.31 million dollars at a price of 1.80. Was not the market cap going to be around 200 million with results etc. Any thoughts? Yes I know the $1.80 is artificial due to 3.5 million float and a tight market. Anyone else feel free to chime in. TIA. And yes I know we only have an LOI on about half the property so that does not take into account the other half (value wise) if another partner steps up to the plate.

You may want to refigure that market cap.

70M shares outstanding * $1.80 / share = $126M


Is it .0058 or is it .00558?

Sorry, the latter. I’m running on fumes. :-/

Correcting my post.

That would be 70 million shares (was 7 billion before the reverse split) for a market cap of around $126M (which is considerable in this tape). IMO, the company has some work to do to before growing into this number/valuation.

Don’t mean to offend but if you think the market cap is $1.3M you really might want to consider less speculative/more passive investing.


Baldy, you did not offend. I was just stating what Etrade showed as the market cap which I knew was incorrect. Thanks for the suggestion on passive investing but I am doing just fine.

tap tap. was it just me or did the mic stop working for a bit…


Question if Hochschild is drilling already wouldn’t the jv already be signed?

There will be no drilling until early next Year at the earliest. After the JV is signed, they will be doing work to identify drill targets first. I would think we should hear something about the JV signing this month.


AURYN Mining Corporation Signs Binding LOI with Hochschild Mining PLC
Aug 22, 2018

The LOI is subject to further due diligence and the signing of a definitive agreement.

We expect to sign the definitive agreement in the coming weeks with work planned to begin on the property in early September 2018. The first step on this project will follow Dr. Sillitoe’s recommendations, which are from his visit to the property mid-March 2017. An aggressive work plan is scheduled to take place and the short-term goal is to have the property ready for drilling to begin in early 2019.

I’m wondering just what the first step on the project Dr. Sillitoe did recommend. It looks like it was secure a JV, finalize an agressive work plan, and have the property ready for drilling at earliest possible date.