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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 1st Quarter General Discussion

When AUMC practically does not trade and a 300 share trade at .21 for a total of $63.00 takes the stock price down about 60% from the prior trade of 1000 shares @ .54 for a total of $540, hardly determines a real trading price for the stock. Actually I would expect once MDMN shares go away and we as individuals have AUMC shares in our trading accounts the true market price reality will set in ,which we will hopefully find out soon what that is.

Just hoping the distribution of Auryn shares to MDMN shareholders will simply be an exchange of MDMN shares for AUMC shares, eliminating all the difficulties we experienced with the MDMN stock dividend distribution.


I still have my MDMN restricted shares from the dividend those crooks gave us 10-1

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I do too. Several times I thought about spending the $72 fee to the transfer agent to get them unrestricted, but never did. Good thing too as they are worth less than $10.

Thanks for this info Baldy. Drives me crazy that Les is not in jail. Worse, that he still sues Auryn as if they did Him wrong.


Be really good if the share consolidation happens this next week or very soon…this will be a big accomplishment when it happens

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Yes, not to see the MDMN symbol anymore will be a great relief.


OK who here bought the 500 shares @.0034 put your hand up :sweat_smile:

How is it possible that Les Price aka Leslie Price is still
doing what he always did and getting away with it??

Sorry, didn’t get anything from this?
24 court cases for les price

I wonder if Juan is in on this crap. Wish someone would put Les out of our misery!

14000 on the ASK .52 for Aumc

“24 court cases for les price”

the grifter that keeps on grifting…

Reading through the titles of these cases it appears that many are suits against Les Price fwiw. Also some suits are foreclosures and divorce, and BTW if you search on LES Price and/or Leslie Price you can find additional cases as well.

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May he live in interesting times(Price)! Chinese curse btw :wink:


I am going to give it another week but I am thinking the AUMC/MDMN conversion talk to Baldy was just to say something nice so we can feel better…let’s see what happens over the next few weeks…AUMC has kept there word on most things they have said so far…
Thanks again Baldy for trying to get us some info when you were at PDAC


I know it is too late to ask the question of MC, but I assume that Auryn has already filed to unrestrict the AUMC shares owned by Auryn private company. There has been no indication whether MDMN will receive restricted or unrestricted shares of AUMC. I imagine the shares will be unrestricted. I also hope MDMN simply does an exchange of MDMN shares for AUMC shares and MDMN goes away. A distribution of AUMC shares as a dividend to MDMN shareholders would be a nightmare.


Are year end financials due any day?

If filed on time without any extensions they are due by March 31St

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Sure would be nice to get them much sooner than the 31st, but knowing MDMN they like to wait it out till the last minute.

FWIW This was posted over on ihub yesterday

As of today, Medinah Minerals is still in default due to the unpaid fees owed to the State of Nevada. The deadline is March 15th. Medinah Minerals still does not have a registered agent. As I understand it, if they do not pay the fees they will go to suspension, and if this is not corrected they cannot carry on any legal business. As they have no license in Nevada to carry on with any registrations, etc. this means any contract agreement, checks written during this period can be disputed. When and if all is corrected every action of the directors during this period must be re-approved by all directors and filed with the registered agent when they get one.