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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 2nd Quarter General Discussion


Once we get our distribution of Auryn stock, what will become of our mdmn shares?


For those who haven’t yet bothered to read the link Kevin posted…

“The Company intends on removing the restriction and allocating its AUMC shares to its shareholders, pro rata. The Company is working with security attorneys to determine the best and most efficient method to accomplish this.”


I should probably add that IP’s are done just prior to drill target selection. IP’s have been previously done at LDM. There were done in a somewhat narrow area using rather poor technology compounded by lack of knowledge of the underlying geology to properly tune things so to speak.
So many years have gone by since that time, I have to imagine that these IPs should be much more informative making it more likely that they will be drilling in the correct locations.


Dr. Sillitoe’s evaluation may also have provided some valuable insights into the existing data. There was additional work performed that was not released by AURYN.


Goodin resigned too - don’t know if y’all saw that in the release…


Thank you Mike. What’s the timing to have these new IP’s completed?


What happens to our certs.


I am no expert! But, from what I am being told the certificates are of record and shares will be held by transfer agent. they may try to contact you or Medinah may just put a notice for shareholders of record to contact the transfer agent with certificate verification and you will be sent your shares in certificate form.
This is only an opinion and I have not been able to verify…

Input anybody???


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Thank You for the reply. I also have restricted certs.


Nice to see Hochschild working on the mountain.


Deleted since I misunderstood.


Another step in the right direction. I would argue that, once the restrictions are removed and the dust has settled (shares being held in loose hands are sold), AUMC might finally look like a solid speculative investment (at 30-50 cents).

The capital structure remains a bit complex and murky but its moving towards a greater level of transparency. Transparency is a prerequisite to the market’s ability to assign a value to a company/share price. Up until now everything has been speculation (and fraudulent misdirection).

Assuming the outstanding share count is still somewhere in the 70M range we’re looking at a C$25-$35M market cap. This is a reasonable valuation for a company at this very early stage in this very challenging environment for juniors. BUT, if AUMC is able to make some strides in the exploration and/or early production, there’s definitely upside for those willing to exercise patience. IMHO


Anyone know why the distribution is not on EDGAR, SEC, or any other registered documentation source (that I could find) ?

There must be some registration that’s publicly accessible !



See Wizards post above on 4/2 ( post #11 )

You won’t see anything regarding AURYN Mining Chile, SpA since they are a private entity.


How long does a process like this take?


It is imminent. What else could it be?


Medinah hasn’t traded a share since 4/4 looks like its wait and see until everything goes under AUMC. Any thoughts


China continues to buy Gold:


Am I right in assuming :

       MDMN ownership of:			

AURYN------70,000,000 x 23.006% = 16,104,200 (was supposed to be 17,393,600 before ‘cash calls’)

AURYN / CDCH 29,150,000 x 1.000% = 291,500 (previous ownership consolidated)
TOTAL # of AURYN shares owned :: 16,395,700 (23.4%)

16,395,700 / 2,882,282,073 = 0.005688 AURYN shares for each Medinah share

My worry is the time it will take for AURYN to remove the restriction, PLUS the time it will take Medinah to distribute the AURYN shares.

There are only 2 directors, Italo Volante Gomez, based in Peru & Raul Del Solar whom I believe is also based in Peru !