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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 4th Quarter General Discussion

…and the cycle of growing negativity continues until news is released…

Just wait til the annual tax loss selling this year.

Wow this is really going to go under .0009. Pathetic!!

And now we have violence in Santiago and other areas. Codelco may join strikes. Surprised no one here has mentioned this. I’m not listing links as there are numerous stories out there in the news feeds.
Gotta wonder how this will affect things. Sad for the Chileans.

.0013…The new norm…

  • Hochschild Mining has informed us that it is starting phase 1 for 2019 during the first week of April. This phase includes an IP program.
  • We have completed the draining of the tunnels on the Fortuna project and are in the process of removing the mud and securing the tunnels to make them accessible. Once this is complete a systematic sampling of the tunnels will begin.

We will continue to inform our shareholders in a timely manner as further results are accomplished on the Fortuna, Caren, and LDM projects

So WTF happened with all of above?

Hochschild Mining gold output jumps, cuts debt by half

It will be in our annual Christmas card. Almost there.

The Repo Market is about to erupt.
Something is up. Since sept 26
Too much debt, this is good for gold
Our only savior imo.

I would be happy to hear the company has a pulse Anyone think that is possible?

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Q3 financials will be due Nov 15. So there’s that.

And up till now we have always heard something in Dec so until that pattern breaks I would expect that also.

I have seen many small juniors who are not spending much on exploration go months (6 - 9 mos, even 12 mos) without putting out any news because things just don’t change / move. So this isn’t that unusual but it is a clear sign that things are not moving forward quickly.

Probably the most important short term thing is to look for the financials in Nov. and see if there is any news on resolution of the Les shares. Besides that, if Auryn is not going to push forward their own efforts on Fortuna & Caren we await some kind of results from Hochschild on the LDM. We are in season now in Chile and higher gold/silver prices are helping Hochschild’s balance sheet so that is positive.


looks like they are starting to chatter on other board maybe something is going to come out!

Thanks for dropping in CHG and expressing your expectations. Always good to see a reasoned perspective of what is going on and what to expect near term. I agree MDMN is not in a position of strength here and is clearly acting strategically with respect to the conversion process.

We have previously been informed by Wizard that some delays are completely regulatory. Also, that the method that will be used is an allocation, which has a different legal meaning from that of a distribution.

Even if the method of distributing shares into individual shareholders accounts has been determined, the timing to unrestrict all shares will not likely occur before there is some very significant positive developments to report and bring value to the company. The reasons for this are quite obvious and deliberate. There may be some not so obvious reasons. Consider the involvement of Mr. Cordova and the major backers of MASGLAS also being the majority backers (read owners ) of all MASGLAS properties/options and 71%+ of AUMC shares. Consequently, regarding the ADL, it is advantageous to bring value to all shareholders upon release of unrestricted shares to the shareholders.

MASGLAS is a privately held exploration and exploitation mining company. We are the owner of 23 prospective gold, silver, copper and cobalt mining projects across Chile and Peru.

Additionally, MASGLAS has several JV mining options and is the controlling owner of AURYN Mining Corporation, AUMC, whose sole asset is the prospective Alto de Lipangue Mining district.

Several years ago the goal of AURYN Chile SpA was to have all shares listed on a different publicly traded exchange. This would take a multistep process for AURYN (now AUMC) to gain access to the Latin American Markets, mainly with assistance by MASGLAS and it’s principal backers. This goal may or may not be part of the present strategy being developed behind the scenes. The timeline has clearly changed from the one originally put forth to shareholders of CDCH and MDMN a couple of years ago.

February 15, 2017
AURYN is pleased to announce that it intends to provide increased liquidity to its shareholders by accessing the U.S. capital markets as a Foreign Private Issuer. Our intention is to file an F-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and become a fully reporting company.

Well, I’m trying not to go too far down a rabbit hole here.
There is a wealth of information posted previously on this forum by many posters if one is willing to overlook the frustration that has also been expressed. Most here are familiar with the agonizing history of the past decade or more.

Things are not moving quickly for shareholders. I’ll simply say there is no advantage for AUMC to release more than minimal information at this point in time. I expect AUMC will release required Q3 information and hopefully a positive end of the year message for shareholders. LDM is a greenfield project that has a significantly long option timeframe for Hochschild to develop it’s viability as a producing project. Perhaps shareholders will hear of some drill results from the LDM in the not too distant future. Producing miners and PM streaming companies are benefiting from higher gold/silver prices. While still cautiously optimistic of the future for AUMC, I have largely focused on other opportunities as expressed by many on the the Other Mining Stocks thread while we all wait for news.


There is a wealth of information but there is no follow through on anything.
Yes they signed a deal with Hothschild but then nothing.
Yes they distributed the Auryn shares to all shareholders but then nothing. Still using Les as the holdup
And from the shareholder meeting in Vegas, yes they were gearing up for more shipments of dirt for folllwing year but then nothing.
I can understand these things take time but tell us WTF is going on.
Many people have sunk a lot of cheese into this including many I “helped” get involved.
What did Auryn save us from? 2 plus cents down to .0015.
Les, and Juan steal millions from misleading people and fraudulent issuance of shares yet Les isn’t taking it up the a$$ from some big person in a cell.
People saying the property has visible signs of mineralization which “should” give the grounds precedence for exploration
Now some old faithfuls saying this is a big if.
This whole thing stinks like Sh@“t more and more


I noticed that someone, or group, dumped 26 million shares today priced mostly between 0.001 and 0.0013 but eventually driving the price down to a low of 0.0002. I assume that it’s year end selling but I wonder if they will be back before the end of the year to replace some shares or if they just decided to walk away and never look back. Unfortunately I don’t have any gains to offset elsewhere so I will just keep checking back every few months to see if anything positive occurs. Happy holidays!


$40k trade takes my 600k share to 300 What a f@&@ disaster.
–>>> Wtf are these people doing.
No accountability. If I ever see Les, I would kick him in the you know what.

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Lets hope the 26m shares today is connected some way to whatever hurdle we are waiting to clear.

Wishful thinking? If the share exchange is still on track, the sp of mdmn is essentially meaningless unless you are buying or selling in the meantime.

We need Les to come back and give us one last pump, at least he was good at it. Cordoba not so much. In Spanish we say basura de compania.

This could be the end folks… Don’t act surprised…The writing has always been on the wall…Sorry Wizard, but it just got worse…A lot worse…

I thought our shares were to be converted to AUMC. My theory is AURYN wants to pick up as many cheap shares as they can to lower their share cost. We won’t see the conversion until AUMC has good news in ore production results.