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Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 4th Quarter General Discussion

Medinah/Auryn - 2019 - 4th Quarter General Discussion

Wrapping up another year, maybe something significant this time?

I just hoping that they quickly completed the stock exchange and wind down MDMN. Looking forward to 2020 at this point!

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MDMN and CDCH removed from the lexicon of this board will be a refresh. Might even give me the moxie to wait it out!

Hochschild joins rare earth race with $56m deal

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3rd quarter is over. Auryn partner getting active in South America on other project.
MDMN received Auryn shares 1st quarter this year.
MDMN at all time low pps
CDCH received AUMC distribution rather quickly.
Neither Auryn or MDMN has explained the delay in AUMC distribution to mdmn shareholders.
Would like to know where the shares are and why we haven’t received yet.
I also heard from several people who visited the ADL that the mineralization is incredible and visible to the naked eye there.
Why hasn’t such a gem quickly attracted majors for multiple projects?
Hope this isn’t penny stock BS


The World Gold Council said world central banks in August purchased 62.1 tons of gold and sold 4.8 tons. That’s way up from central banks buying a net total of 12.8 tons in July.

These guys are becoming worse than Les. Did they forget that they have shareholders? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. back to my hole.


What did you expect? This is Medinah Land. The home of deceit and corruption. Didn’t the the Wizard recently say that “the worse was over”. Good luck with that. Scoreboard (.0015)

…and the cycle of growing negativity continues until news is released…

Just wait til the annual tax loss selling this year.

Wow this is really going to go under .0009. Pathetic!!

And now we have violence in Santiago and other areas. Codelco may join strikes. Surprised no one here has mentioned this. I’m not listing links as there are numerous stories out there in the news feeds.
Gotta wonder how this will affect things. Sad for the Chileans.

.0013…The new norm…

  • Hochschild Mining has informed us that it is starting phase 1 for 2019 during the first week of April. This phase includes an IP program.
  • We have completed the draining of the tunnels on the Fortuna project and are in the process of removing the mud and securing the tunnels to make them accessible. Once this is complete a systematic sampling of the tunnels will begin.

We will continue to inform our shareholders in a timely manner as further results are accomplished on the Fortuna, Caren, and LDM projects

So WTF happened with all of above?

Hochschild Mining gold output jumps, cuts debt by half

It will be in our annual Christmas card. Almost there.

The Repo Market is about to erupt.
Something is up. Since sept 26
Too much debt, this is good for gold
Our only savior imo.

I would be happy to hear the company has a pulse Anyone think that is possible?

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Q3 financials will be due Nov 15. So there’s that.

And up till now we have always heard something in Dec so until that pattern breaks I would expect that also.

I have seen many small juniors who are not spending much on exploration go months (6 - 9 mos, even 12 mos) without putting out any news because things just don’t change / move. So this isn’t that unusual but it is a clear sign that things are not moving forward quickly.

Probably the most important short term thing is to look for the financials in Nov. and see if there is any news on resolution of the Les shares. Besides that, if Auryn is not going to push forward their own efforts on Fortuna & Caren we await some kind of results from Hochschild on the LDM. We are in season now in Chile and higher gold/silver prices are helping Hochschild’s balance sheet so that is positive.


looks like they are starting to chatter on other board maybe something is going to come out!