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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016-Q1 - General Discussion


Happy New Year. Discussion for 2016-Q1 Begins.

Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion
Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2015 Q4 - General Discussion

In your estimation, May of 2016 looks to be quite a busy month.


I believe he meant to say may 2016 and not May 2016,


FWIW I have always loved how Geoly expresses himself.


Yes, shakes things up. Need him on the BOD!!!


When he learns Greek he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.


It is amazingly wonderful Bigbaboon how you can come up with these predictions for 2016. I really don’t know how you do it.
Thank you Thank you


LOL… I’m just hoping all that happens in 2016… Not necessarily in the month of May… as some were thinking… but may it happen this year… and it’s not really anything new that we haven’t been talking about… here on this board… and elsewhere…

Anyways… your welcome… and lets hope the mid January meetings… conclude successfully… with lots being accomplished… and good news… coming out of them… to interest new investors… and a positive up swing for our stock…

May the New Year be good to us… all year long… not just in the month of May…!!!


I really dont understand the blindly following of this company?? We have been given every friggin excuse in the book why not but we have yet to receive ONE TIME a real explanation on how things really are!!! We are at .014 cause someone from the company inside sold a boat load of shares and they USED THE EXCUSE of a marginal account! LOL A marginal account doesnt sell for a month. It unloads fast and furious taking out all bids til its gone. THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

We were told that auxiliary contracts were in place. We never got to see them so we should assume after a year that was BS! They were allowed to come in with no money down and do what ever they pleased.

WHY am I still here? Cause for starters I believed them! I fell for it three friggin times. BUT Even a broken clock is right twice a day and these idiots stumbled upon a property that really has the goods! Auryn will some way some how get us out of this but we will never see the potential this stock had years ago. We missed the whole commodities boom with jackass like Ulander caue of JJ greed. JJ is truly a POS and we are still dealing with his greed. I said a long time ago he was the real reason we have no deal. everyone in Chile used to make fun of him. If you have a million dollars I’ll let you see the property. He is a POS lawyer and has destroyed everyone around him. VERY well hated in CHILE not respected.


The long expected party starts tomorrow. (Or not but there are many reasons to be hopeful about our investment in January.)


Geoly, I have some contacts in Chile as well. The son of one of the richest families in Chile, He told me years ago basically the same thing that JJ was not well respect in the mining industry and was considered by his legal profession as a mediocre lawyer in Chile, fwiw…

I too believe we missed of of the biggest opportunities in The PM markets and it too was a result of JJ’s greed. So far I am in the same boat with you, but where I differ is that I do belive we are getting ready for a second wave in the PM market and that wave should start inwithin the next one-two years and it just may align itself with Auryn’s activities and bring greater value to the MDMN shareholders. Also this next wave just may be the biggest wave yet! JMO


Best post in ages. Imagine where the pps could have been if JJ wasn’t such a greedy pos!!! What would AURYN have completed to date if JJ signed with them instead of Ulander


At least Medinah finally put the Auryn update on their website…Do we trade above .02 this week???


Priceless Madmen. Simply priceless.


Go Hawks! Ballard fan, ya sure, ya betcha!


My wife just informed I needed to change the channel to the Twilight Zone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’ll Madmen, at $539, the last quote you posted, would put me at $328,790,000. I would pull out $10 million, gladly pay the taxes and 10% early withdrawal. Take care of a lot of friends and family and build a modest home fully self sufficient and off the grid. … I can only dream… I do think PM will do well in 2016.
This was an interesting article… The Fed losing control?


This is a classic
You forgot the part where members of Congress get tipped off and accumulate millions of shares prior to the fireworks


I guess I’d be ok with a 6.575 billion profit. :slight_smile:


The sad truth is that there have been instances in the past of market rallies of individual stocks where the sec called a temporary trading halt to “investigate” to make sure there were no shady dealings. After a couple of hours or so they allowed trading to resume but the momentum of the trading was broken with no resumption of the rally. Don’t count on the sec to be your friend. No, I don’t remember the names of the stock or stocks–I read about them back in 2001-2002 when mdmn was trying to break their naked short. I did a lot of reading back then about causing a naked short cover. Pray that the sec doesn’t interfere with us.