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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016-Q1 - General Discussion


They left yesterday. The meetings start tomorrow. (Tuesday)


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Let them know they can buy a crap load of medinah shares for under .02 And possibly take control since this stock is so damn cheap. Just a thought

See Auryn releases and charts


Now that the smoke has cleared…Does anyone want to guess if we trade above or below .02 this week??? Or just stagnate, until we hear back from the current meetings abroad???


I’m guessing that we trade above .10 this week. Not because I think it will happen, but because I want it to. :wink:


Lol… Thanks TR :smiling_imp:


I think we trade above and below and we stagnate. I hope that helps. And what smoke has cleared?


Just the weekend discussion which was very good and insightful…


Did you win the powerball mate? And plan on buying a couple hundred million medianh shares?:wink:


Ha I don’t think TR is going to buy anymore shares of Medinah. What for he has enough😂


Its just a tad bit frustrating when someone like HR comes on here and tries to tee off on my very valid point that Medinah is in prime position to throw its weight around this week and force Auryn’s hand.

MDMNHolder observed you as coming across angry. That’s probably 95% of the reason I even bothered addressing your posts yesterday. Your posting comes across as half-cocked, incendiary and uninformed - just begging to be challenged by a sucker like me. And I’m sure a review of your posting history and the responses from other posters provides ample evidence to that notion. From the “Let’s take another poll and pull our certs and have a majority voice” to the “I’ve got a whale that is ready to drop $2 million into MDMN” to the “Medinah better not come back with a BS production agreement and Medinah has the leverage to force Auryn to tender an offer or buyout”, and so forth. I’m sorry Benny, but your latest “offerings” came across as jingoistic and reactionary without having the facts, without knowing exactly what is currently going on or what is going to going on in Chile, without knowing the relationships between the parties, without knowing whatever other agreements are in place, etc. and you needed to be called out on it.

He has no problem being silent when Brecciaboy talks about Auryn lending Medinah Cash or prepaying a portion of the option price/discounting it to use for a share buyback or other win-win scenario.

Benny…please with the persecution complex. There are 400 some-odd posters in this forum. I’ve not the time nor the inclination to respond to (or even read) every single post. Nobody does. If someone specifically asks me my opinion on something, I’m pretty sure I’ll offer it if I’ve read the post.

And truth be told, I don’t read any of Doc’s posts that are more than a paragraph (sorry Doc). They unfortunately fall into the TLDR pail of my current attention span. They are probably great for other posters who have the time and inclination to read and ingest it all, but unfortunately I just scroll by nowadays. Plus I have no interest in entering the fray between BE and Doc because I think they’ve got each others’ opinions fairly well policed. I don’t think anyone wants to see the same poster post 10x a day…right?


Rick, no offence meant , because I also value your posts, but I am confident that most of us appreciate Doc’s detailed posts.
And like you do ,I quickly scroll down through some posts but I usually review Doc’s posts several times.
Just saying.

I wonder how the meetings are going?


None taken funnyman.


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Big correction to one of posts yesterday, It is the former CEO and COO of freeport that are looking for a WC copper deposit. Kind of a last hurrah


Stagnate till we hear share price moving news. Or at least rumors of share price moving news.

Does Auryn come out with it’s Corporate Update, during or after the meetings are over?
Maybe that would be some of the news, that could start our stock moving.


We may have seen the low for gold in USD. But at this point I do not think there will be a serious reversal until the USD starts to suffer a reversal, a reversal in confidence. The US is weak, but China, Europe, Japan all seem closer to potential crisis than the US. So the USD stays strong, or at least not weak, i.e. “strong” compared to other currencies which are having lots of problems. And for almost everyone this is a USD problem. And thus we in USD land will only experience the worst of it when there is a crisis in USD confidence.

Problems for the USD could come domestically via an economic crisis or in the international USD markets outside the US, via the large USD denominated debt outside the US. Although the U.S. may be in a mild recession already, the latter seems more prone to crisis to me. e.g. recently there appears to be a significant shortage of dollars developing in numerous places outside the US. This represents “demand” for USD, most likely to pay down USD denominated debt, while at the same time there is a lack of supply at least in those regions, i.e. a lack of capability or will to just go out and buy more dollars with local currency thus weakening your own domestic currency even more in relation to the dollar making things even worse.

So until the USD starts to fall one way or another, I think gold in USD will be more “stable” than rise significantly. Because flight to safety will go to USD / UST until they no longer appear safe. And if no real crisis develops this could be a while, IMO, potentially past Aug 2017. However, if / when that happens then the real excitement begins, at least for those of us who dwell in USD land. For those in CAD land, they are experiencing excitement enough already I suppose.


Yup. And gold is trading at $1570/oz “down under” with many gold miners up 400-500%. Following yesterday’s discussion on Cook and his “biases” it’s worth noting the dramatic outperformance of producing vs exploration stage companies. As a precursor to what we might expect in the Americas, the money will flow into the same types of projects here well before the earlier stage miners get any love. Its an easy trade. IMO


Few points this week:

1)Auryn’s Corporate Update will be pricing moving per all rumors. It could come out at anytime but it makes the most sense to me that it will be after this week’s meetings conclude.

2)The main outcome from this week’s meetings will likely be the conclusion of a production agreement between Medinah and Auryn that details how much Medinah will get from the proceeds of any profits from near term production of the Caren/Merlin veins.

3)I expect no resolution of the Juan share issue. Auryn will likely have to obtain the shares needed to control Medinah from the market, via direct purchases from shareholders or a combination of both.