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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016-Q1 - General Discussion


Thanks Rich;

Are all the real bid and asks being hidden ?

Or is there really no volume on either side except the 0.023 Ask ?

Curiouser and Curiouser !

Those questions are not rhetorical if anyone would like to posit an answer or guess.



The only answer I’ve ever found to your questions was to go buy and see what happens. I’ve given up both fighting and trying to understand the “mysteries”, (what I experience as manipulations), of the markets.


What issues might they have getting certs for all those shares they acquire? I assume they would be needed to actually gain control.


Hi Tex,

This entire Quijano share block issue in which only 60 million of 230 million were successfully delivered might suggest that there already might be some delivery “issues”. I say this only because with the level of distrust between these two families, I would have to believe that escrow/trust accounts were set up mid-process and funded with cash and certificated shares before any legal document got signed. I just can’t see AMC saying to JJ, we’ll trust you to deliver the shares we’re buying so let’s execute a legal agreement NOW. Of course, either way JJ’s not going to get access to the cash until JJ performs.

Did JJ provide proof that he ordered delivery of his certificated shares out of “street name” and that was good enough for AMC to complete the legal work? Who knows? There’s also rumors of an issue with JJ and his Uncle who co-owned one of the corporations holding some of the shares. I can’t see this being much of a hold up because of how easy it would be to split that corporate cert into their pro rata shares. Apparently the Uncle didn’t want to sell his shares at the negotiated share price. Could there be an unresolved issue between JJ and the Uncle as to who owns what percentage of that corporation and those shares? Who knows?

If the original contract done in July between AMC and JJ had an arbitration clause in case of any issues you’d think that by now that process would be done especially if it was “binding”. If the certs were in a trust a/c then AMC would have grabbed them by now if they prevailed in the arbitration. If they were only (theoretically) “en route” to the trust a/c then AMC is at the mercy of the NSCC delivery system.

I would assume that the July contract is BINDING. I can’t see AMC screwing that up. This might suggest that the missing certs never made it to the trust a/c otherwise they’d be in AMC’s back pocket by now. Why successfully deliver the 60 million and not the 170 million?Just make the original contract for 60 million instead of 230 million. Perhaps it hasn’t been formally adjudicated yet if the arbitration terms were wishy washy and the matter went to a tribunal. That doesn’t make sense either. Either way I think it fair to say that the market isn’t going to see those shares for quite awhile. If AMC wins they’re tucked away probably forever. If JJ wins then he’s obviously going to hold out for the original deal amount (I’m guessing a dime or so) plus whatever “bonus” amount he’s searching for that induced him to renege if that is what happened. Let’s say another nickel making 15-cents.

In my mind, the Claro issue is equally fuzzy. If he had an offer of somewhere around a dime (a guess) on the table then why would he hammer the PPS down to 1.2-cents. AMC desperately not only wants those shares but they also want the Quijanos out. There are too many missing puzzle pieces.


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L&G, you are the one spewing crap, Doc is just discussing what might be the hold-up for anybody wondering about same. Doc’s analysis is always appreciated.
Sorry y’all , but I had to respond .


Benny, Doc is a senior member of this board, please be considerate of how you respond to his and other members post’s…

Thanks GC.


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This is clear to me… AURYN is performing.
MDMN is on track for all option agreements to be exercised within the timeframe of the contracts, or as AURYN states:

Under these agreements, AURYN has the following hectares: MMC and Nuoco 7,233 h,
CDCH 570 h.
AURYN holds an additional recently acquired 4,000 h making the total area over 11,800 hectares.
The option agreements can be exercised at any time at the sole discretion of AURYN.

You may not be satisfied with the explanations, but they are CLEAR.
Why not just call JJ and ask what’s going on? :sunglasses:

Medinah SHAREHOLDER UPDATE April 8, 2015

Medinah Minerals Inc. (“MDMN”) previously provided notice on February 4 that an offer was independently being made by AURYN Mining Chile SpA to private parties to purchase 350,000,000 shares of MDMN common stock. We are informed that AURYN’s offer has been rejected by owners of the share certificates.

AURYN Mining Chile SpA ownership indicates that the rejection of their offer will have no impact on the aggressive and continuing exploration and drilling of the Altos de Lipangue plateau properties. AURYN states that it is expanding its multidisciplinary approach that includes adding newly approved Chilean Conservador of Mines drilling platform sites. Additionally, AURYN is actively incorporating to their business model, multiple new prospecting development goals. This is being accomplished through geological, geochemistry and geophysical mapping that will identify further targets. These target sites include the Gordon Breccia, the NUOCO/Las dos Marias skarn, the LDM gold structure adit, as well as high-grade gold zones at Cerro Dorado’s Fortuna de Lampa mine site.

AURYN owners state that they are committed to the continuation of the program, under the terms of the option agreements with Medinah Mining Chile. The option agreements are specific to the Altos de Lipangue concessions, with NUOCO owners as to the Las dos Marias/Mambo/Colombo concessions, and with Cerro Dorado relative to the Fortuna mine concessions. AURYN states that all of the options will be fully funded to completion.

and from the AURYN site - update Sept 17:

Further, on July 6th a contract to acquire 230 million common shares of Medinah Minerals, Inc. was signed between five (5) parties in a private share deal. As of today, 60 million shares have been delivered to AURYN and its associates and the balance of 170 million shares is pending delivery. This transaction exceeds the original intention to acquire up to 100 million shares discussed with Medinah management last year.

I wouldn’t mind hearing who the 5 signatories to the private share deal are. We’ve heard JJ, Claro and and a mysterious Uncle … who else? Any guesses?


It’s gotta be Aunt Bertha


Maybe Bogdan is still holding a few! :wink:


Wouldn’t Auryn not want to buy shares on the open market because some of those shares would not have certificates and that could create a big problem.


Or maybe the MM’s wanted to keep the price down …

Date VolShorted High Low Close ShortVol RegularVol
Jan 19 72.76% 0.017 0.016 0.016 789,505 1,085,146


[quote=“rgver, post:103, topic:785”]
Or maybe the MM’s wanted to keep the price down …
[/quote]Who would believe that has anything to do with it? :smiley:


I can’t wrap my head around the evil MM’s manipulating the share price. Medinah is a small fish in a very large ocean. It’s apathy. Not market manipulation.


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A very big disconnect


We need a Michael Corleone to put an end to this stupidity with the big eared critters in Chile.


More meetings today. Maybe after this weeks meeting’s. More pieces of the puzzle will be revealed? I don’t see Auryn screwing up either. In fact I see them methodically working their business plan and dealing with contingencies as they come up. JJ and Family shares or whatever, they will plod on through. And someday. Our Mountain will become a full fledged operating mine. And many good things will happen for us as we move along the path towards that goal.