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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016 Q3 - General Discussion (recovered)


right now I dont see LES running away from any of this. So I under the impression he can prove every last share that was issued and by who. I wonder who signed for all this? I dont have the answers nor do I have the connections to get them. I do have LEs and honestly refuse to hear his side of all this cause if he was honarable man he never would have allowed any of this to go through! SO they all suck


So what does all this do to the selling price? Are we looking to years from now?


Whats going on it looks like someone is starting to buy the stock?


What’s the buzz?
Looks like an event…maybe?


Looks to me (FWIW) like we’ve been conflating independent ‘events’ here. There’s the Auryn story and the MDMN clown school story. There is, unquestionably, an overlap in the stories, but one is black and one is white. We tend to be focused on the black because we all feel conned. Auryn has as much interest as all of us in getting to the bottom of the black story and setting it right. It’s in their own best interest as well as ours. In the meantime, they’re proceeding with the white story, the mountain, and that’s the only reason any of us were here in the first place. As has been pointed out many times in recent days, despite the black story that throws such a long shadow over the past umpteen years, we’ve turned the page and a lot of great stuff is in the offing. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m really anxious to here a summary of Bocanegra’s report at the conference. I suspect it’s going to rock the house.


No need to be so coy George.

As it relates to Chapin, I couldn’t agree more. As I stated previously Chapin has the most exposure and most to lose. All of these guys including Vittal will have their assets at risk and stand to lose everything but Greg was the NA director with oversight. Whether it be as small as giving his brother millions of shares for a shanty office or as big as authorozing 3B shares and/or stealing the LDM. Chapin is the arrogant SOB who blamed shareholders for jeapordizong past deals, claiming the Ulander deal was done without even meeting the crook. I’ll never forget the SHM meeting where his co-conspirator and biggest defender on this board “Dr.” Kleen led the meeting in a prayer it doesn’t get much more rich than that.

Even beyond the newly discovered (and hopefully reversible) 1.5B shares, the last thing any of these insiders want is for anyone to look under the hood and discover the other shenanigans that have occurred over the past decade. I would assume the first step will be for all of these guys to give up any ownership in CDCH, MDMN, and Nuoco to alleviate some of the pressure. Either way, complicit or not, it seems like an inevitability.


No the selling finally has stopped upwards and onwards


He should be praying for himself along with the other crooks that stole from us shareholders!


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I think it’s time to stop looking at the potential of this stock. It is time for a thorough, judicious and transparent review of the history of these “shenanigans”. It’s now fact that we, the shareholders, have been screwed over.


we should have know when those teebags were blaming us for deals going south. WHATS a bunch of tools


I’d bet someone woke up today and saw the price and started buying!!! They didn’t get the memo that MDMN was discovered to be 50% diluted a week ago. They got filled and the price started it’s downward trend again. ALTHOUGH, it was encouraging seeing this move so easily.


To see it actually move to .0135 with less than a million shares (at that point in the trading) tells you something has changed…


Change is that the criminals who have been dumping the shares for so long are now being stopped. Even with the dilution, the market will start to be more reflective of what the mountain is worth and not manipulated by the criminals.

Soon we will be in production and heading up on the share price.

In my opinion.


With a .0139 ask for awhile as well.


The dilution was over 100%


I think what he may have meant is that with twice as many shares, our share price was “technically” diluted 50%. The good news is that it is now over. Hopefully, any future selling will be from just regular investors. And with any decent news and buying, we should be right back to .016 again, when this was all revealed…


Indeed it was. Thanks for the strong math…


Do you think Les has learned to cut and paste?


Auryn and Mdmn have new lawyers on both their BOD’s. Do you think is is a coincidence? I would venture that Auryn was aware that something is wrong in paradise and put lawyers on both sides of the equation.