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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016 Q3 - General Discussion (recovered)


It was Gary who was the only one of a large handful of past/present directors that discovered the theft of the shares by Les. Some credit is due. He also helped conclude the only successful deal in Medinah’s history…the JV with Auryn…and has had a good working relationship with them hence him currently being on their Board as well.(His trip to Chile by himself also was the start of the Medinah coup/takeover.) My guess he is the only Board member that currently is doing any real work for Medinah at the present time.(besides our esteemed communications director of course! :slight_smile: ) Having said that, he does bear some of the responsibility and I’m sure he will step aside at the right time.


Thank you MG for your response!


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Good post by jak167.
I think it would be prudent to wait and see how Auryn/Masglas proceed, they are more than likely way ahead of us with information. We don’t need to rock the boat (remember Mr Chapin said we SH’s were responsible for a partner walking away). If and when the time comes we can join A/M in a SH class action.
Meantime maybe we can get some positive information from Chile, Wiz…


LOL yes you are correct. If you only knew how bad my mouth is on an everyday basis you would wonder how a sentence on here doesn’t have one. But improving cause you are 100% right this is not the place for that.


I believe your post for the most part is correct that it was Goodin that threw Les under the bus ,especially when he went to Chile without Les and he dissolved MMC, which strip Les of his powers or at least should have!


That was B.S. on Chapin’s part! Les used that sort of comment for years to keep shareholders from finding out the truth! Ask any old timer. Put that one with phantom nda’s etc.


Les is one Sick individual along with Chapin and everyone that was involved in this. I just can’t believe that these guys are still free and not thrown in jail!



Why zero trades today?


No trades…people waiting to see what Chile conference speech says?


Maybe because Les is no longer flooding the market with shares for sale.



This is the guy I wanna hear!!! Dang. Great to see him up there…Mark this day.


Your welcome. I’m glad I can help in some small way.



At this time, all I could suggest is those who have had communication with anyone from MDMN directly, officers and BOD members, from a time period of approximately 1/1/2011 to date, and have a record of the conversation (most likely email), review it and see if it could have any connection to the share issuance problem or any other MDMN business issue. Also, those who have had communication with Les Price directly, do the same. Then I suppose we could find out who at Masglas/Auryn may be interested in this communication. We don’t know what they have found and what they would be looking for from other shareholders. Because we don’t know relevant communications, we have to gather all and see what has importance later.


Ding! DIng! Ding! We have a winner! My point exactly.



It is not an issue of who discovered or didn’t discover the alleged wrong doing. Mr. Goodin had a fiduciary responsibility to MDMN and it happened during his watch. Whether he was at fault or not. I feel his being part of the investigation goes back to the legal term I mentioned previously “appearance of impropriety.” Even though he may be innocent, because it happened on his watch, an appearance exists he will act to cover his own backside instead of really determining the truth. IMO, this fact has already happened because MDMN in their announcement of the share issuance problems MDMN stated it happened without BOD knowledge. Well what are MDMN’s BOD responsibilities then, sitting back surfing the web, collecting shares? Doesn’t the basic fiduciary duty to MDMN require the BOD to review the shares issued periodically? How would the BOD know MDMN’s required SEC disclosures were accurate if they didn’t review? MDMN has already said they need to correct the SEC disclosures. Doesn’t this show on its face the BOD failed to properly manage MDMN to make sure the SEC disclosures were accurate? Again, appearance of impropriety. Not saying Mr. Goodin did act inappropriately or violated his fiduciary duties, but it doesn’t seem too legit does it? If he resigns, then MDMN has three BOD members who were not part of the past. Then I feel the final report on the share issuance problems will have more legitimacy.