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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016 Q3 - General Discussion (recovered)


I must admit that I’m conflicted on this issue. From what I have heard, Gary is and has been working with Auryn’s legal team, to expose the discrepancies created by Les and company. He is the first person to really catch and unravel the predatory manipulations that have been at play since the beginning. Yes, Gary has a conflict of interest and certainly has exposure ( Medinah- gold to American Sierra for starters). If he is under the control and supervision of Auryn and company and working as a 'whistle blower" great. It’s a good trade off as none of us ever got this far.
IMO-- Larry Regis tried near the end of his life, to get full disclosure with no success. Sadly, he paid a terrible price for being very naive, conned, and used by someone he thought was a friend for so many years. He believed Les, like many of us for all those years. It was just too late for him to realise what happened. Please realize the above is my opinion only, after a call from Larry several months before he died. That’s the memory I have of Larry. Always trying and hopeful. He had as much to lose as any of us. And lost.
If this part of my post is out of line, the mods can delete the post.


I agree with you regarding the help Mr. Goodin may have provided to Auryn. But, IMO, it goes not to him and his integrity and whether he did or did not know or have any part in the share issuance problems. It goes to what it looks like to the market and all shareholders. If Mr. Goodin resigns, nothing prevents him from continuing to work with Masglas/Auryn to answer questions and provide info to go after the real crooks; and, nothing prevents Masglas/Auryn from giving Mr. Goodin a pass and not forcing MDMN to go after him. Right now Masglas/Auryn controls the BOD and can decide what actions MDMN take. It goes to appearance of impropriety. It happened under his watch, period. Now he is part of the investigation. It doesn’t seem right that a person conducts the investigation of events occurring under his watch, especially when those events should not have occurred. He is in effect investigating himself. Many analogies apply, fox watching the hen house, etc. It doesn’t feel/smell/look right, even if it’s 100% above board. For example, if you were a plaintiff, would you want to have your case heard before a judge who used to represent the defendant? Or who used to be partners with the attorney for the defendant? I think you would be jumping up and down asking the judge to recuse himself to allow another judge to handle the case. Same thing here. I don’t know Mr. Goodin and I don’t know his integrity good or bad. But, IMO, he shouldn’t be part of the investigation into events in which he may have played a part.

On a related note, it goes back to what I said earlier about Masglas/Auryn coming down hard. They can go to Mr. Goodin and all past MDMN officers/BOD members and private placement parties (except the ones they suspect are the true crooks) and say “Hey, we can handle this two ways, it’s all up to you to choose. You can work with us, testify on our behalf, disclose all of your communications/documents, disgorge some profit and/or shares, and we will let you walk to go after the real crooks; or, you can refuse to cooperate, we will go after you with the same vigor as the real bad guys, we will get all communications/documents anyway through the legal process, and you will have to spend your $$ to represent yourself, and you could potentially suffer a larger loss at the end of the legal process if you force us to go the whole way. Your choice.” Once they have lined up a couple of parties who take option 1, they then have the leverage to go to the real crooks and force a settlement to the benefit of MDMN or shorten the cost and length of litigation because you have crated a slam dunk case. Not to get off track, but why do you think the Federal Government has such a high conviction rate in criminal and civil litigation cases. They rarely file charges or complaints until they have lined up the witnesses and evidence to virtually guarantee conviction or a verdict in their favor. Masglas/Auryn need to operate the same way here, IMO. They need to gather their evidence and try to get some witnesses on their side, then hammer the bad guys.


CDCH 270M shares outanding @0.013 equals a $3.5M market cap with 5% of AMC or $700K per percent of AMC.

MDMN 3B shares outstanding @0.011 equals a $33M market cap with 25% of AMC or $1.32 million per percent of AMC.

I’m guessing that CDCH is in a position to claw back 50-75 million shares or about 25% of the shares outstanding. I’m guessing that MDMN may be able to claw back 500-700M shares, a similar percentage but somewhat less. I’m also assuming that NUOCO shares of AMC may be returned to MDMN along with several other claims that magically disappeared from both MDMN and CDCH’s possession.

Based on the publicly traded breakdown, the current value of AMC is between $70M and $132M AND there’s a massive arbitrage opportunity between CDCH and MDMN (if you don’t mind the change in liquidity profile).


Thanks Peter.
Any idea why Cerro Dorado appears highlighted?
Just a lighting effect from the camera angle, or perhaps something else …

Sure would be nice to have a detailed summary in English of what Bocanegra discussed in his presentation.
Guessing we’ll have to wait three weeks until the Informational Meeting.
Since this Conference is mainly in Spanish to an International Audience, I wonder if we’ll see any increase in trading activity.

The event forms part of Explo Week 2016, organized by Chile Explore
Group, with the aim of attracting investors and promoting the
development of new mine projects in the country. The conference will
include presentations on five new mineral discoveries and 13 exploration


It looks like Cerro is the topic he’s hitting at the moment of the picture. Maybe he was listing the assets in his speech and Cerro was coming out of his mouth right then. If the picture had been taken a few seconds later, perhaps Medinah would appear highlighted. JMO


Peter, that was a bit of “tongue in cheek” about Chapin.


I think your legal treatise on the subject is interesting but disconnected with the realities of the situation.

I suggest shareholders hold their opinions close until a lot more of the facts come out during the informational meeting when an informed opinion; hence a worthwhile one can be formed and perhaps acted upon.


Do the parties who attended Chang know more than we about the value Auryn/Medinah?


Different outlet for the conference presentation coverage:


I suppose it’s because you keep pumping the “massive arbitrage opportunity between CDCH and MDMN” that I keep feeling the need to respond.

Currently the only director and corporate officer listed in the OTC Profile Data for CDCH is Patrick R. Day. His brother used to be there with him but he’s prohibited by the SEC from being involved because of past transgressions with another stock. Other directors have recently resigned. Patrick is an owner of American Registrar & Transfer Co. whose fiduciary responsibility it is to guard against inappropriate stock transactions. A duty the transfer agent seems to have failed at with Medinah’s discovering of 15c211 discrepancies. Recent discussions here have highlighted the fact that Board members of Medinah may be guilty of breaching their duties even though they may not be actual participants in a fraud. The same holds true for the transfer agent.

For now, the BOD of Medinah is sterling other than some posters feeling Gary needs to go, and some thinking he should stay. I’d be interested in hearing if anyone thinks Patrick should stay. Are you aware of any efforts or movement to make changes with the CDCH BOD? I feel a role reversal here.

I guess I’m saying there’s more to the story than the mathematics you illustrate.

Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2016 Q4- General Discussion

Actually something else …
The truth revealed:

Just the company logo :slight_frown:


Seems appropriate that Patrick Day at a minimum will have to hand over all his Cerro Dorado shares to Medinah for damages, don’t you think? :slight_smile:


I wonder how much Bocanegra spoke about Medinah directly or if any to the audience?


I think both are correct, even though Goodin brought things to light (thanks to some at Auryn), the transparency as to how/why, suddenly JJ was convinced to move forward need’s to be understood. This should be looked at from a completely biased POV… Amount, spent, shares held, shares distributed… everyone needs to go in open minded, you might be surprised… IMO

I think many insider’s would be on the defense


Actually I was referring to some else. Chapin is also in the mix but not from the beginning.


Chapin had a fiduciary duty to the SH’s.

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