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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q1General Discussion


No “buts” that I know of, just a bit of reality that hopefully will sink in to people who I believe are still holding onto JJ’s and Price’s vision of ADL which was neither realistic nor reality…albeit in hindsight. Minung takes time and money…a lot of it. Mining is not easy, nor reliably predictive. Just ask everyone who came up with cash flow models and price targets on the LDM glory hole. You don’t just throw out $5 or .50 price targets and expect that current events must round upward to meet your expectations. In fact, The exact opposite is true.


Auryn is a legitimate company with a solid plan that they are executing in a deliberate fashion. Without Auryn, MDMN would be bankrupt and all of the shareholders would be completely wiped out. Or Les would have doubled the A/S to 6 Billion and issued himself another 3 Billion shares at our expense and we’d still be hearing about his grand plan for monetizing the property (all lies of course). All of us have to realize that MDMN (read current shareholders) are not in the drivers seat - Auryn is. They are calling the shots and from all accounts, doing a fine job of it. We may not like it but we have to accept it because it is the only lifeline we have. There are no other options. If MDMN decouples itself from Auryn, we’re all sunk. The grateful tone you hear from me and other shareholders is sincere. I understand that without Auryn, the red ink in my portfolio turns into a tax write off for a very long time. With them, I have a chance at owning legitimate shares in a company that could produce copious amounts of gold and other metals for a long time. At this point, I have no other options and I’m willing to hang on to the lifeline I’ve been thrown. Or I could hop on Les’ garbage scow…but we all know where that leads.


Yes there is a huge" but" and that is what if Les does not survive this ordeal. Does that make it more difficult to clear up the mess he created, and would our attorneys have to go after his estate? That is the huge “but” I mostly worry about.

I also wonder why we have not gone after all the 3.3% owners of Auryn stock that got their shares from the Nuoco deal! Those guys should turn in their shares just like Chapin and Vittal did to MDMN. JMO


Thanks for continuing to post these L2 screens. My take on it, although I don’t use them, seems like there are more bids patiently waiting to scoop up shares … Far fewer willing to let go of shares so ridiculously cheap. My last purchase was back in October for less than a penny, and admittedly just to average down a bit. Like many others here I have been fully invested for years. Not surprisingly, I don’t need more MDMN shares! I’m sure there are many “longs” that feel the same way. Far too many productive miners out there for putting available funds into (and other stocks) with an eye to showing more immediate profits. This stock is now predominately in strong hands, IMO.

Many shareholders that have always held this stock as a speculative investment hold because it still is a speculative stock, with outstanding potential to move up from present levels … that is, if all falls into place in the next 18 months and beyond. There is nothing to gain selling at this level except a write-off. A reasonable person has a tolerable level of risk that is held to and not exceeded, hence little interest in buying from those fully invested.

Most of those traders that jumped in just to make a quick buck are now gone. Once upon a time this was a daytraders stock, as well as a speculative investment. With the declining PPS, and shareholders underwater, there used to be empathy on this forum for those that just had to sell to meet unexpected expenses of one kind or another. There are those that passed away waiting for Medinah to provide a windfall that was promised many times over, and have since, had estates liquidated. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and I truly feel for those shareholders that may currently have to sell at these levels. Hopefully, those forced to sell are very few as represented in the trading volume. It has been quite a while now since we have seen trading volume exceed more than a few hundredths of a percent of the OS. Very scant trading , especially with the current non-reporting status. For anyone selling at these levels in despair or anger, there is little more to be said. Future success moving forward for shareholders, and not looking back, is mostly up to AURYN’s expertise and MDMN’s management under Kevin, not to mention resolution of all legal matters. Holding on for better days ahead is just a fact, may there be many! GLTA


As a casual observer over the past seven years with only a few hundred thousand shares, I agree with everything you say but can’t help but see the similarities between this idea that Auryn could have bankrupted us, but out of the goodness of their hearts allowed the deal to be salvaged just sounds too similar to past comments (not from you specifically) that JJ, out of the goodness of his heart, allowed us to continue to exist as a public entity or that Chapin et al loaned the company money out of the goodness of their hearts to keep us afloat. Lets hope that we are not being led down a garden path yet again. I for one am in doubt so I choose to follow TRs advice and do nothing but wait.


While it probably isn’t fair to compare Auryn to JJ, Due to the history of this company, it is difficult to disagree with the points you made. And as Rich professed, it is always wise to exercise caution with due diligence in your investments…particularly this one.

It is unfortunate for Auryn, as well as MDMN shareholders, because no matter what Auryn does on the up-and-up, shareholders will always be suspicious and waiting for the other shoe to drop. If not for the previous misdeeds of JJ and Price, shareholders probably wouldn’t think twice about anything Auryn is doing in Chile and wait with anxious anticipation rather than suspicion and fear.

MDMN Shareholders are like a beaten and abused dog who won’t trust even the kindest new owner. At least not until that owner can prove they can be trusted. And in the case of MDMN shareholders, that may not occur until Auryn is trading publicly and all of our MDMN shares have been converted into Auryn shares. But at the same time, what is the alternative if a shareholder doesnt agree with what Auryn is doing or thinks that Auryn is scamming us like Price and JJ did? You can make your voice heard to Kevin and get answers from him. I can personally assure any investor that you’ll get the truth to the extent that Kevin is legally allowed to disclose. This was something rarely afforded to shareholders in the past. Additionally,
Kevin has an established relationship with both Medinah and Auryn, operating as CEO of MDMN and Communications Director of Auryn. There is no loosely affiliated “agent” between Auryn and Medinah gatekeeping the information flow…it comes directly to our CEO. People are obviously free to choose what and who they wish to believe. However, at some point the facts and developments will speak for themselves. I personally see these things happening, and rightly or wrongly, I have faith in Auryn and Kevin as they’ve prove enough to me to have a certain degree of comfort and appreciation to how they’ve begun to dig us out of this hole. Others may not agree and that’s their prerogative. There are still many unknowns and uncertainties that have to be worked through to get us to the point where perhaps all shareholders will see that Auryn is operating on the up-and-up. And if I’m wrong…we’ll I’m no worse off than I was when it was announced that Price had defrauded the company.


Truer words words were never spoken… great post and Spot on. I just hope everyone understands…


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Actually, now that we have explained into detail about why and where we are at it would be very charitable for you Geo-geeks aka: Richard, Mike, Doc etc, etc to remind shareholders what we do have and what we have to look forward to… Nice of Mike to point out that certain parties have been shown at the LDM … I do look forward to next update, It Should Be VERY INTERESTING :grinning:


I can only speak for myself as far as my Mdmn shares becoming Auryn shares. I’m sick of the name Medinah/Mdmn, once my shares become Auryn shares or if they do at some point in time it will be a new and great day for me. I am also waiting for the next update, hopefully it’s great news.


It is my understanding that the only change upon Auryn going public is that MDMN will own public shares of Auryn. I am not aware that each of our individual shares will be converted to Auryn public.


I’m pretty sure the plan is for MDMN to distribute out the Auryn public shares and fold up shop. Unfortunately, they can’t do that until the MDMN stock structure is resolved.

Go Robert Cooper
Go J. Stephen Peek
Go Robert J. Cassity
Go Sydney R. Gambee


Has that been announced officially?


No. Not that I’m aware of.


[quote=“zotron, post:1102, topic:1735, full:true”]
It is my understanding that the only change upon Auryn going public is that MDMN will own public shares of Auryn. I am not aware that each of our individual shares will be converted to Auryn public.
[/quote]The intended outcome of Auryn’s IPO has not been publicized or specified as of yet. The conversion of MDMN shares to Auryn shares is considered speculation at this point, though with a rather high degree of certainty IMO. As I’ve previously stated before in this thread and Ihub, if anyone can provide a logical reason why MDMN should continue to exist once all legal matters are settled and once Auryn IPOs, then I’d love to hear it. And I will ask the MDMN BOD that same question when the time is appropriate.

I can think of no common sense, logical or productive reason for MDMN to hold public shares in Auryn, adding an unnecessary layer of ownership in an entity as damaged and handicapped as MDMN is to its current shareholder base. Each shareholder can simply ask themselves the question " Would I rather own shares in MDMN and essentially relinquish control of the shares and dividends to an extra layer of a publicly traded ownership entity with a share structure and market reputation in shambles that requires paying accountants, lawyers, BOD, and other corporate expenses to remain a going concern, OR would I rather simply own my pro rata share directly in Auryn, an unblemished and newly IPOed company on a more advanced OTC
Market tier, where there will no longer be an affiliation to MDMN, greater liquidity of shares, a direct impact of news to share price, and any dividends flow directly to me rather than filtered through the unnecessary aforementioned ownership layer of MDMN?


There may be some benefits to keep MDMN alive until it becomes a clean shell company. In other words after it pays off all its debts and is cash flow positive. The first benefit is the tax benefit from the loss carry forwards and the second benefit maybe in selling a clean public shell.


Just give me shares of Auryn and let this nightmare be over! as of right now I’m in this over a decade and in the red BIG time. I have heard every friggin excuse known to man. I have seen many opportunities come and go. And then I got rob by good old LES to kick me in the nutz one more time. Give me Auryn shares it cannot be worse than what we have endured with this asshats


We are overdue for an update I understand if there was nothing going but to the contrary quite a few things going on.


The World’s leading expert on copper/gold porphyry systems should have finished his field trip to the Alto yesterday. Hard to imagine will get much from that for a long time. Any report would be highly technical and take quite awhile to produce. Even when they get the report, it maybe hold for IPO promo purposes. I am at least hoping that they can put out a quote from Dr. S. that says something like, “The Alto de Lipangue gold/copper system is one of last great undeveloped ore deposits remaining on the planet and investors should all take note!” :slight_smile:

I think with the trip complete, Auryn can now spend a little time to put out something regarding the recent shareholder meeting.

And yes, we are overdue for some sort of exploration report.