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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q1General Discussion


“A New Begining.” Part of the “Mine Wars” franchise!


Well, Let’s go then!!! Thanks.


I’ll be looking forward to hear results from ENAMI as an early indication of where 2017 will take us.


I hope ENAIMI has started to process our ore. Any idea how long it will take Enaimi to report results. I have not a clue…


Nice $2.70 trade for 21 percent takedown to start off the new year
Congrats on big gainer to whoever did it
And to think you could have got .0047


I just hope whoever that was had to pay a $10 transaction fee.


Interesting article about copper demand


As requested:


Low day in volume only 7700 traded after a 3 day weekend. Some nice BIDS started showing up though. Let’s see if starts to move up tomorrow. Who knows we might be getting close to some Auryn news on production of the 1st test shipment


Very true, and capital loss harvesting should be over too!


Yes, but now they have to wait at least 30 days, if they have any interest in getting back in avoiding the wash rule!


Sure, and plenty of people who were clairvoyant enough to realize not much was going to happen during December sold in mid to late November and early December, so that their 30 days might be coming up real soon, meaning there might be a little spike coming up. Then again, I’m not a trader, but I do feel like I’m digging deep to rationalize a return to “fair” value …


Currently over 2 million shares high on the bid with not so many shown available near the ask.


Just got a great idea, why not Medinah buys back 1.5 B shares, while the shares are dirt cheap, and send the bill to Les, isn’t that a great idea :wink: .


I like the way you think - it would cost MDMN $7.5 Million, AND it would quantify a portion of the alleged loss (if indeed Les is held liable). If the share price ever goes up AND a judgment is obtained, do you really believe we would be able to recover anything? Les would file bankruptcy, and the debt would be discharged. Yes, I know very well what 523(a)(2) and (a)(4) actions are, as I have litigated them. Would it be worth the money to do so and simply follow him and his legatees around forever? Maybe - but only if we KNEW Les had sufficient assets within our reach. I wonder what our attorneys know about Les’ assets … if Les is bright, any assets he has are already stashed away offshore long ago.


I personally think, We will get next to nothing back, Les is an experienced con artist.


First time in a long time that I have seen buying at the ask moving the stock price up. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come. I am just disappointed they did not fill my buy order yesterday at .005.


Waiting for the funds to buy mine, hopefully, it won’t to up to fast.


It’s good to see the bid following the ask in that upward direction also.


An important read to provide a little context for what is going on at the Caren Mine. Paragraph 3 sums it up nicely. I’ll leave it up to you as to how one of these 1-in-5,000 or 1-in-10,000 companies could have the share issuance issues Medinah is sorting through. Isn’t it usually the junior explorers without any viable assets that resort to this type of chicanery? This has to be the perfect set up for the market cap of the involved company to completely DISCONNECT from the industry recognized value of its assets until some exogenous event (the proverbial 2 by 4 to the side of the head) forces it to realign.