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Medinah Minerals (MDMN) - 2017 Q2 General Discussion


Is Kevin still the CEO of MDMN? Anyone know how to reach him?


From the CEO

The From the CEO page will contain posts from me regarding things that are not relevant to the public nor are they considered a notification regarding corporate information. Think of this as a Medinah blog of sorts. ::: most of you will find this quite boring :::

It will also be a place where you can interact with me and help guide the conversation. You can do so by emailing me at Although I will not be able to reply to every email, I will read them.


anyone know why MDMN sybol is coming up invalid?


Works here .


It’s would be nice Geo, if they would give a sign of life.


Do you have some purpose or point to saying the same thing every single day? If you can’t handle Auryn not holding your hand, move on.


If I see you complain one time, you will know it pretty fast, I speak for the ones who are to shy to say it, that’s all, i will stay quiet, but remember my first sentence.


Every shareholder has a level of frustration. Some more than others. I don’t know much but what I do know is complaining or asking for answers on any thread will get you nothing. Kevin has been very responsive to my questions.
True to form and unlike the past his stance is, if there is news or progress that he can share we will all hear it first hand together on the web site. No more back door rumors. He is busting his ass to salvage as much as he can for all shareholders. As someone once suggested. Check back in every thirty days and/or sign up for updates from both companies. Give it a try. It might lower your blood pressure.


I still like where we are heading, I just would have liked a bit more communication from Auryn.


Welcome to .004s



dentman, my screen shows a close at .0055. a 10% gain on the day.

Ppl need to stop watching every price change for a while.

The 3 month chart has been insignificant as far as I can tell. Very little change since middle of March. Now the 3 year chart is definitely more disappointing. I’ll return in 3 more years for an update…


Yup. Jumped the gun on that one.


okay, it looks like I received and email to vote my shares. Are there suggestions on how best to cast our votes to protect our shareholder interest?

Thanks --Coz


Is it for CDCH or MDMN ?


Sorry, I posted this on the wrong board. My bad. --Coz


That’s what I thought :slight_smile:.


You need to be very patient with this stock, the silence is killing me, but I will survive :wink:.


I do not mind the waiting. But if the cone of silence continues for several more months we will undoubtedly see some selling, which will effect the share price. That will make some people including myself nervous. I was fine with no volume on Friday. I can’t seem to remember if that has ever happened before…


No volume wasn’t concerning to me considering Friday was the day before a 3 day weekend… the beginning of summer no less. With summer here and us in wait mode I wouldn’t be concerned or surprised with more days of little to no volume.